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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Bucky 149
Bucky O'Hare, we are much obliged. You have saved our planet and our tribes.
Bucky, I have a fix on the distress signal.
Complex and the evil toad empire is planning to enslave the entire universe. Their most ruthless weapon is the climate converter.
Could work, Jenny. What have we got?
Get Me Out of here.
How can they do such a thing?
I feel this signal coming from the asteroid belt.
I never thought you could be this clever, but let's see what you found balls are made of. What's up for all?
I've warned you, Bucky O'Hare.
Mission accomplished.
No, it's not too late, rodent. The old mouse is still alive somewhere on the planet, right?
No, Lord. The slithering deck of builds pumps. Look at him, mateys.
Nothing in the universe will be safe from those wart brain toads. Attention all hands, battlestations. Let's croak some toadies.
Nothing personal. You got what was coming to you.
Oh no, they're forcing the slaves to build 1 here too.
Ohh God banana oil them lousy tortures. Keep coming, captain. What are we gonna do?
Our atomized Member must and mangle their mammal bones.
Please go to the planet right and save our tribes.
Thank you so much. In return let me help you.
They've gone too far. No fly sucking, slimy, croaking piece of sludge toad is taking over planet Punk.
This can't wait. I'll pulverize you into pieces and pitch you into hyperspace.
We gotta help the others too.
We meet again Captain Bucky O'Hare.
We've got to return the planetary life force to each planet.
Well, we managed to stop the climate converter.
What's the planetary life force?
Yeah, come on me bucko, let's go fight awards off a few dozen more than fly munchkin toadies.
Yeah, Marshall is a useless bungler. Time is not on our side.
Yes, rodent, but there are many planets out there that have been polluted.
You are in the kellens of code Borg. I'll skin your eyes, filthy mammals.
You'll be sorry. There'll be another day for mashing you furballs.