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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979) - Season 1

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979) - Season 1

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979) is a popular American science fiction television series that captivated audiences during its first season. Set in the distant future, the show follows the adventures of Captain William "Buck" Rogers, portrayed by Gil Gerard, as he finds himself trapped in a cryogenic sleep for 500 years, awakening in the year 2491.

The main cast includes Gil Gerard as the charismatic Buck Rogers, a 20th-century astronaut who becomes a reluctant hero in the 25th century. Erin Gray plays Colonel Wilma Deering, a tough-as-nails military officer and the love interest of Buck Rogers. The cast also features Felix Silla as Twiki, a small robot with a distinctive high-pitched voice, Mel Blanc as the voice of Twiki, and Tim O'Connor as Dr. Elias Huer, the leader of the Earth Defense Directorate.

In this thrilling series, Buck Rogers must adapt to the new world around him, which is filled with advanced technology, alien races, and interstellar conflicts. As he becomes acquainted with the people of the 25th century, Buck's quick thinking and resourceful nature make him an invaluable asset in the ongoing struggle for peace and justice.

Throughout the first season, Buck Rogers encounters various adversaries, including the nefarious Princess Ardala, played by Pamela Hensley, and her cunning henchman, Kane, portrayed by Henry Silva. In their pursuit of power, Princess Ardala and Kane employ impressive starships and advanced weaponry, posing a constant threat to the stability of the Earth Defense Directorate.

The show's first season is a delightful blend of action, adventure, and humor, capturing the essence of the original Buck Rogers comic strips and serials from the 1930s. The futuristic set designs, innovative special effects, and captivating storylines helped create a world both familiar and awe-inspiring for audiences of the time.

In addition to its engaging plotlines, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century benefits from the dynamic chemistry between the cast members. Gil Gerard's portrayal of Buck Rogers combines charm, wit, and bravery, making him an instant fan favorite. Erin Gray's Colonel Deering portrays a strong, independent woman excelling in a male-dominated military, providing a positive role model for viewers. The character of Twiki, with his endearing personality and catchphrases like "bidi-bidi-bidi," became an iconic symbol of the show.

The soundtrack of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979) further accentuates the futuristic atmosphere of the series. Composed by Stu Phillips, the music blends electronic sounds with orchestral arrangements, resulting in a dynamic and captivating score. The theme song, with its catchy tune and lyrics, remains a memorable part of the show's legacy to this day.

Fans of the show can revisit the futuristic world of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century by playing and downloading the sounds associated with this iconic series. Whether it's the soaring theme music, the sound of laser fire, or the voice of Twiki, these sounds can transport listeners back to the excitement and wonder of the show.

In conclusion, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979) - Season 1 is a classic television series that continues to captivate audiences with its thrilling adventures, memorable characters, and engaging storyline. The show's imaginative world, advanced technology, and charismatic cast make it a beloved part of science fiction television history. With its unforgettable theme song and innovative sound design, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century is a timeless gem that continues to entertain fans to this day.

A food disc?
A nitrogen breakdown of all the elements we've isolated so far.
A plus three factor would indicate a possible antidote, as he well knows.
About 18 kilometers in that direction.
About Kaleel. The way he exploits the nomads,
About two hours ago, same as everybody else, except you.
Adjust to 309 at once.
Adjust to 309. Do you read?
Afraid not for everyone else,
Afraid of dying for the cause, [ Hands Humming ]
After the workers say he went off to meet with you.
Ah, here come the pilots who will serve as your escorts.
Ah, yes.
Ah! He got away.
All bragging aside, I could.
All Earth's wealth...
All l want is one crack at whoever brought us down like this.
All processing and distribution is controlled and monitored by the Food Directorate.
All right, all right. You can come along.
All right, let's go. Come on! Let's go!
All right, now keep your eyes on that turkey in the back. He's the one we want.
All right, Ryma, I'm asking you for the last time.
All right, Wilma, you're next.
All right.
All your operations are carried out by people? 1 didn't know that was possible.
Always complaining, always unhappy.
Aman called Kaleel
An expense budgeted into the governor's salary.
And administer proper treatment intravenously.
And another thing. This disease, or whatever it is,
And as long as I am with you,
And basically, a tackle looks something like this.
And before we reach the combat vector,
And before we're through with them,
And by the time he had an inkling of what was truly happening, it was too late.
And consume them with the flames...
And difficult as it was for me to do, I've adjusted my input circuits...
And don't be afraid.
And don't you ever forget that.
And Earth in the 25th century is better than no Earth at all.
And get back here...
And have someone over there call me. More than half of my men are out sick and I wanna know why.
And I understand that you two have already bumped into each other.
And I'd just like to thank you all [Grunts]
And I'm telling you that if the fleet I saw back there lifts off, the Earth is done for anyway.
And I've gotta get this poison sample to Huer as quickly as possible.
And if they see you leave without me, they're going to
And in my judgment, your cadet was in grave danger.
And it's quite all right.
And Kaleel is uncertain.
And keep up this time!
And listen to Buck. He's calling the plays.
And NASA launches the last of America's deep space probes.
And not just here. We also found that all the contaminated food discs,
And one of these holes can carry us out of here. How are you gonna get up there?
And please concentrate on what you're doing.
And returns Buck Rogers to Earth...
And right down beneath the hole here.
And seeing as how you hesitate to become a member
And sells them to us.
And so few of them. Most of them are out in space.
And so he left through the window?
And suggest that Regis be returned to Vistula to recuperate there.
And that day has arrived, Colonel Deering.
And that's how you'll explain my sudden disappearance.
And therefore, a waste of my time.
And they've succeeded in setting our efforts back by days, even weeks.
And those dreadful investigators...
And where various other
And with no air defenses, how can Earth stand up to that?
And you shall defeat them!
And you, any questions Ae might have.
And you've no doubt concluded that my plan is to weaken Earth's defense squadrons...
And your children and your children's children!
And your're only seeing the outside.
Another one of Buck's colorful phrases, Twiki?
Another thing. Julio said that two of Farth's starfighters..
Any way we can raise Duke on this thing, Colonel?
Anything on the distress channel?
Approaching stargate.
Are a dead man,
Are blown out of their trajectory into an orbit which freezes his life support systems...
Are there any questions?
Are those enemies among us.
Are you all right?
Are you all right? [Buck] Of course not. He's white as a sheet.
Are you sure you feel well enough to join us? I mean, you do look awfully pale.
As I'm sure you are well aware.
As if after three successive appointments to this job,
As long as its leader exists, itis a threat,
As long as the kiss of God...
As Twiki reminded me earlier,
As yous can see, the biochemical poison that entered our food supply...
At least now we can stop any more contaminated food discs from being distributed.
At the end of this shaft is a nice, cool storage room.
Attracted too much attention.
Avery interesting notion.
Back in their starfighters very soon.
Be very careful, Twiki. It was very difficult to make.
Because I'll be leaving just as soon as the rest of the pilots arrive.
Because I'm still getting asignal on this.
Because of me, you're going to die, Wilma, maybe Rogers too.
Because of me, you're going to die, Wilma, Rogers too.
Because you also asked us to find the source...
Better hurry. I just ran into one of Julio's guards.
Beyond that, we'll be on transmission only.
Brigadier Gordon here has come out of retirement for this mission.
Bring her across this ledge...
Buck hoped that a sample of concentrated poison like this...
Buck Rogers to Farth Squadron Leader.
Buck Rogers to Squadron Leader. Rogers to Leader. Do you read me?
Buck, I've been given to understand that Colonel Deering is there. Is that correct?
Buck. Buck, you were terrific!
But a light in the tunnel, Colonel.
But Carl and I have developed a substance...
But consider the quality of leadership.
But don't you ever forget, Kaleel, that I knew the truth.
But Earth will be alerted to our attack.
But first things first. Now that Earth knows of my plan,
But for himself!
But he can mesmerize a group with just his words and his
But I doubt if he's going to have much to say to me.
But I'll find Wilma. Don't worry about it.
But I'm sure he'll come up with an antidote that will put our pilots...
But Id appreciate it all the more if next time you'd refrain from interfering...
But it's no use turning back. They're on their way to Earth.
But it's not going where it's supposed to.
But never to me.
But now Will you help me now?
But so far here in New Chicago, 25,000 cases have been reported.
But this deals directly with the Defense Directorate,
But without Carl, it does me no good.
But your computers were unable to diagnose his illness.
But, uh, let me try it again.
By Julio, by everyone.
By poisoning its members,
By the time it reaches halfway to its zenith, we'll be inside Kaleel's mountain.
By the time they do that, it might be too late.
By the way, I know where you can get a good lawyer.
By tomorrow, she will have met the same fate as Ryma, and we shall be the rulers of the Earth.
Can go right through and bring the quarterback down.
Captain Rogers and Major Danton couldn't possibly be making all that noise.
Carl here may creak and squeak and slip a microdisc every now and then,
Carrying Ryma and the woman from Earth's Defense Directorate.
Certainly. I must say, Twiki,
Colonel Deering, Major Fields, Major Danton,
Colonel Deering, this is Dr. Mallory. Colonel.
Come on now. Eat up! Eat up!
Come on, Buck. Give him a chance.
Come on, gang. We got some cleaning up to do downstairs.
Comes from Vistula and he's sent these people here as spies.
Coming up on Vistula. We're cleared for landing.
Consumed by millions of people daily.
Could you step right over here for a second, please?
Curse you, Red Baron!
Danton out. There's really nothing to discuss, you know.
Declined to join?
Deliberately contaminate the Directorate's food supply...
Did so through the packaging material.
Did you double the guards at the exits? No, there's no need.
Did you manage to come up with those going away presents for Buck and Wilma?
Did you see where he put the locking mechanism? No.
Did you tell him he worked at the food plant?
Do not harm him!
Do what he says.
Do you believe that?
Do you really wanna know, Major Danton?
Does that mean we actually have to put a ball on our foot?
Doesn't sound like the kind of man who would have followers.
Don't be afraid of him.
Don't either one of you raise even a hair.
Don't forget to write.
Don't forget, 1 helped design them.
Don't forget, drinks, 1900 hours, my place.
Don't give up yet.
Don't go away. I'll be right back.
Don't make me open my mouth just yet, Wilma.
Don't worry, Duke. we'll find her.
Dr. Huer survived the attempt on his life.
Dr. Huer will be able to relay more information to you.
Dr. Huer would have suspected foul play immediately.
Dr. Huer, you asked Carl and me to accomplish two things
Dr. Mallory has indicated that he's very close to finding an antidote.
Dr. Mallory, Major Fields just brought this in from Vistula.
Dr. Mallory?
Duke! Keep it down.
Duke's on his way. We gotta warn him.
Earth is about to fall victim to its own greed.
Eight of them against all of us?
Either they agree with me, or they don't understand a word I'm saying.
Even that boorish Captain Rogers, where have they gone?
Even those who hated you believed in you.
Even uncivilized nomads have certain rights. You can't just
Every moment...
Except for those boring systems analysts,
Excepting for these pilots, everyone else is just too ill to be of any use to you, Major.
Fifteen years ago. Fifteen years ago.
First thing I gotta do is find my way inside that mountain.
For they've been hardest hit of all. You think it's happening purposely?
For us. For Earth, it ends.
For whatever that's worth.
For your sake, not mine.
Four nine zero.
From someone that you knew was in my command.
From what I understand about Kaleel, he's some kind of a slave trader.