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A nitrogen breakdown of all the elements we've isolated so far.
About Kaleel. The way he exploits the nomads,
And they've succeeded in setting our efforts back by days, even weeks.
But a light in the tunnel, Colonel.
But I'd appreciate it all the more if next time you'd refrain from interfering...
Carrying Ryma and the woman from Earth's Defense Directorate.
Deliberately contaminate the Directorate's food supply...
Did you tell him he worked at the food plant?
Don't forget, drinks, 1900 hours, my place.
Don't make me open my mouth just yet, Wilma.
Good. The Directorate, however,
Governor, it is all right
How can a contaminant get into our food?
How you hate to admit knowing no more than I do. I do not.
In a freak mishap, Ranger 3 and its pilot, Captain William "Buck'"Rogers,
In football, the quarterback is the brains of the operation.
In my day, we used the strategy of a popular sport called football...
Kaleel! Kaleel!
Leila, help me. Leila, for God sakes, help me!
Look, if what Wilma tells me is true, we're in a lot of trouble.
Major Fields can do it. I'll see you in a few minutes.
No, not anymore.
Of course not.
Oh, I see.
On ancient sports.
Please.Just come down to the hospital research lab.
Saroyan's son has arrived.
Scout 3 to Leader. I'm under attack by pirates. Request assistance.
Should the contamination you're looking for start to enter your systems.
Somebody come! Please!
Tell me something I don't know.
The Computer Council has ordered that a definitive statement to the general public not be made just yet.
The entire planet is devoted to growing vegetable protein.
The only one with any sense in that family is his son, Regis.
Then you'll help me get rid of Kaleel? I'm certainly gonna try.
Well, not quite yet. Dr
While others reap the benefits of our world's lush glory!
But considering the mood he's in... I understand.
I didn't think I'd like the company. In fact, speaking of fancy flying,
Uh, Buck? Yes?
Why don't we take a little break? Oh, okay.
[ All Laughing ] Football?
[ All Scream ]
[ Beeping ] And, oh, of course, Carl
[ Buck ] Leader, this is Earth Recon 1.
[ Carl ] Nitrogen breakdown commences order of various components..
[ Crashing ] What in the world was that?
[ Dr. Huer ] Could you be ready to leave at 0700 tomorrow? Mm hmm.
[ Wilma ] And you could send us along as an honor guard.