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Uncle Buck (1989)

Uncle Buck (1989)

Uncle Buck is a beloved American comedy film directed by John Hughes. Released in 1989, it tells the story of the lovable, unconventional, and somewhat bumbling Uncle Buck (played by John Candy). When his brother and sister-in-law leave town, Buck is tasked with babysitting his rebellious teenage niece, Tia, her younger brother, Miles, and their younger sister, Maizy.

As chaos ensues, Buck's unique style of parenting provides laughter and heartwarming moments. Alongside John Candy, the film stars Jean Louisa Kelly as Tia, Macaulay Culkin as Miles, and Gaby Hoffmann as Maizy.

For those who want to relive the hilarious moments and memorable dialogue, you can play and download the sounds of Uncle Buck (1989) right here.

A friend. And, yes, she is a girl.
A little fiive wood.
A little thirsty.
A lot of people hate this hat. The sight of it angers people.
A second party out of state paycheck, will I?
A situation may come up.
A sixth grader chased me with his bike and I was running.
Ah, yeah!
All right? Come on, please.
All right? That looks nice. Give me your arm.
All right. I will help you because there's kids involved.
Am I bleeding?
Am I giving you a hard time?
And a lock.
And a zipper like that...
And about to drive a loved one home.
And enthusiastic.
And have a rat gnaw that thing offyour face.
And he's really got a great sense of humor.
And honest and forthright.
And I did.
And in some way I'm trying to manipulate you and control you...
And in that time, I've seen a lot of bad eggs.
And it wasn't for tires, sweetheart.
And rent a foot disease.
And she promised me she was going to look afteryou guys this evening.
And the dog threw up on the couch for about an hour.
And the two new ones. They're
And what we've taIkedabout thepast weeks.
And you thought
And your sister have to...
And, frankly...
Andabout those two dimpIes onyourbuns.
AndFeIix is what we caIIedyour
Andthestockmarket has its best weeksinceJuIy.
Announcement here. There's going to be a delay on the clown.
Another drawback is that I'm a big drooler.
Are they sweethearts or what?
Are we going to Indianapolis?
Are you deaf? I said I wasn't hungry.
Are you going to tell my parents about everything that's been going on?
Are you Mother Cabrini? You never touch the stuff?
Are you supposed to marry her?
Art Linkletter was right. Kids do say the goddamnedest things.
As you've probably noticed from the indications on the door.
At Ieast I'm Iearning a trade.
At my age, that doesn't make for a lasting relationship.
At this hour, that's a good sign. We're all set.
Bag, bag, bag.
Because ofthe beautiful horses...
Because they're aIIgoodkids...
Because tomorrow, we go to the track...
Bob? Bob who?
Bobby! Hang on a minute.
Boy, I haven't seen those kids in a while.
Boy, that's funny.
Brought to you by Kobolowski Tires.
Buck is not the kind of guy I feel comfortable leaving my kids with.
Buck, I know you think thejob is pointless...
Buck, I love you.
Buck, this is Bob.
Buck's a charming man who wants to remain a boy forever.
Bug picked up Tia?
But as far as you and I are concerned...
But my problems with Buck go deeper...
But since she's not here, do you have plans?
But they can bring their sleeping bags. We'll have fun.
But you can't drive.
But you can't drive.
Buy you a beer? You must be a college student.
By the way, I have told you I loved you...
Bye bye, hon.
Bye, Chanice.
Call me.
Call the Nevilles.
Can somebody get that, please?
Can we get something straight?
Can we put our personal problems aside?
Can we trust him?
Can you help me?
Can't you ever take a hint?
Captivates Manhattan...
Chanice KoboIowski.
Chanice, honey?
Chanice, I'll be honest with you.
Chanice, I'll be honest with you.
Cheerleader probably.
Chicken shit! You're dead!
Cindy said it would only be a couple ofdays?
Cindy's father had a heart attack tonight.
Coffee drinker, huh?
Come here, hon.
Come here!
Come on, get out.
Come on, here we go. Take that!
Come on, it ain't gonna bite.
Come on, man. I'm going to sue you and your whole family!
Come on, you son ofa bitch, open up.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on! Do I have to talk dirty to you?
Come on. The dog is watching. What are you doing?
Coming through. How you doing?
Consider this, Buck. With this score, your whole year's covered.
Coveryour ears. Just do it.
Crowded, huh?
Cute kid.
Daddy and I are.
Dahlgren is my maiden name. Frost is my married name.
Damn kids.
Did you do anything to Bug?
Did you ever have anyone embarrass you like this?
Did you have a few drinks this morning?
Did you hear me?
Didn't we talk last night about this?
Do I have to do everything around here?
Do you know how many big white houses there are on this street?
Do you know how whipped an engine has to be to blow that loud?
Do you know what I'd like you to do?
Do you mind?
Do you want knots in your hair? Cut it out.
Do you want to leave a message?
Does anyone have a special story to tell about something that happened?
Does anyone in this house know how to keep a promise?
Does your mom know you drink coffee?
Don't start getting down on why we moved.
Don't walk away. Chanice!
Don't you have a favorite doll or something?
Drag them down andconvince them they're nogood.
Easy. Easy.
Eight more. Come on.
Everything will be fine. I've been bound up lately.
Everything you said would happen happened.
Excuse me?
Fine. I'm earning my keep. Uncle Buck's got me bustin' my hump.
For eight years you have been making plans and breaking plans.
For example, someone's been drinking...
For example, someone's been drinking...
For the best in tires, see Chanice Kobolowski.
For what it's worth, I'm sorry.
Forget that we were perfectly happy.
Four or fiive.
Geez! Are you drunk?
Get him out.
Get in the house where you belong. Come on!
Get in your mouse and get out of here.
Get ready. Here I come.
Get used on your parents' time.
Give it a push. That's it.
Give me a week to think about it. I don't know how long I'll be here.
Give you more time to relax. All right?
Gnaw on her face in public like that again and you'll be one.
Go ahead, call the school. I won't be here.
Go on, shoo! Shoo!
Goddamn kids!
Good bye.
Good day to you, madam.
Good night, sweetheart.
Good night, Uncle Buck.
Happy birthday!
Have a bad day today?
Have you seen a guy named Bug?
Have you seen the Bug around? No? I'm looking for him.
Having a good time?
He can't get the goddamn washing machine to work.
He doesn't have kids. He isn't married. He doesn't even work!
He eats once a day.
He really has changed since he's been here this week.
He really has changed.
He says it's a boat race, very easy money. He owes you and me.
He says to show up an hour before post time and he'll give us the tip.
He's a little out there, but he's responsible and he's family.
He's all talk.
He's coming in for the Winter Million at Burlington Park on Friday.
He's cooking our garbage.
He's okay. He's getting better. Thanks.
He's responsible, caring...
Her mother set up this conference with you.
Here it is!
Here we go. Do you have to go to the bathroom?
Hesays hard work wiIIput hair on my chest.
Hesendsyou big hugs andkisses.
Hey, come back here with that!
Hey, give me that!
Hey, nice music.
Hey! I'm not sorry, all right?
Hi, Chanice.
Hi, Chanice. This is Terry.
Hi, honey.
Hi. I'm Chanice Kobolowski. I'm Uncle Buck's friend.
Hi. It's me.
Hire him on a part time basis or whatever.
Holy smokes!
Honest? Why was your uncle microwaving your socks?
Honey, he's 40 years old. He knows his way around.
Hop in the back. Get your belts on.
How are you?
How are you? E. Roger Coswell.
How could I do it foryou? We don't have kids.
How many times a day do you feed a dog like that?
How many times a day do you think he eats?
How many times have they had you here since we moved?
How you doing? Anybody seen Bug around here?
How you doing? Excuse me.
How you doing? Never seen you here before.