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Uncle Roger Soundboard

Uncle Roger Soundboard

Uncle Roger is a 2021 British comedy-drama film directed by Stephen Merchant, starring Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith. The film follows a young woman who invites her boyfriend's mother, Uncle Roger, to come and stay with her and her boyfriend, leading to an exploration of cultural differences and tensions.

Are you gonna die from chicken rice? That's very sad.
Bye, bye.
Hello, my name is Uncle Roger.
Hi uh.
Hi Uncle Roger won the Super site.
How can the chicken lay egg? That is Rooster?
How do you make male chicken lay egg?
How you go about your life. I only have 9 toe that is very sad.
I'm so proud of myself.
Is your Kung Fu that good? You can give chicken a sex change.
No spicy white. Ohh, sorry.
Oh my God.
Oh no, here we go again.
One more pun and Uncle Roger gonna suicide.
She draining rice with colander high.
Siri, you mean eat out at restaurant or you mean the other eat out? Because Uncle Roger loves both.
That is male chicken.
This kitchen pretty nice. Got a lot of orange, orange. Uncle Roger, favorite colour.
Vegetables taste like shit anyways. Don't eat vegetables.
What the hell?
Why all this Kung Fu Dragon Ball bullshit?
Why you don't order drink? You thirsty, you choke on your rice. How you what you do?
Yeah, your your parents never teach you.
9 total people are the worst people.