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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
All i hear is like yall or something
All right
Already wheres your brother in custody
Am i talking to you say yes
And apologize to anything that happened
And ill be able to come talk to you
And this is a recording
And who is this
And you're from where?
And your name again is
And your name is what
Are you asking for Mike?
Are you calling me now or is this a prank
Are you having fun
Are you in some special phone
Are you taking some kind of drugs or drinking
Are you there
Bail bonds (1)
Believe me i wish i could understand you but I'm really having a hard time (1)
Called about fifty times yesterday so
Can i get some help please
Can i help you
Can you hear maine
Can you spell that for maine
Clears throat
Come to my office
Did i say anything when i called
Did she ever go by any other first name or any other last name
Do you hear I'm talking in the background
Do you know his data birth
Do you need to find out more about this guy like his booking number s data birth
Do you remember that
Do you wanna build your brother and hes in walnut
Do you wanna give me your name and number and ill give it to the police
Do you wanna give me your number and ill call you right back
Do you wanna hang on on hold
Does he ever middle name
Dont say hello then
Excuse me
For her harassing phone calls
Four thirty five west mission
Fred the bail bondsman ultimate soundboard sound
From where
Garden prank calls from you before because I'm getting prank
Give me a call back when you know more know where your brother is
Give me a call if you find out anything more ill be more than happy to help you
Give me his name
Give me some more information
Give me your phone number
Go sit under a tree
Goodbye sir
Hang on
Hang on just second
Hang on ok
Hard maine
Hello (1)
Hello there
Herbert bail bonds
Hes not here
Hey you know what
His name is what
His name is worth
Hopefully this gentleman will make up his mind on what he wants to do
How are you
How could they possibly do this
How do you spell that last name
How long is she been in custody
How many weight
How much
How old is she
I apologize
I cant understand you at all
I did
I didn't call you
I didn't call you sir
I dont either
I dont know
I dont know about your phone are you know or any of that
I dont know if this is a prank call or not
I dont know what to tell you we accept to call the walnut jail and then see if you can find him get a better information ok
I dont know whats going on with my phone
I dont know who it is
I dont understand this
I get these calls all day long from prankster and i just got one little while ago so
I got a call from you and it was a recording and you were getting your you were in a hair salon in your hair was wet
I i dont know what that noise is
I i dont know what to tell you
I i dont understand why you're so mad at me sir
I id like to talk to kerry
I just havent been able to break away from the other person that I'm talking to you
I just talked to the jail
I just told you
I just wanted to make sure it was really you
I know you're a better gentleman in this sir
I should high
I sure would like to put it into it
I talk to a detective there over and over again and nobody helps us
I think this is a recording
I was frustrated with them
If you can figure out whos doing this we sure like to get rid of him theyve been doing this dress for several years now
Ill call you back shortly
Im a bail bondsman what whats going on here
Im afraid this is a prank call
Im answering
Im fred my ma bell bondsman
Im fred or burton I'm a bail bondsman
Im gonna have my agent john call you maybe hell be able to hear you better
Im gonna make a phone call directly to them and then I'm gonna call you right back
Im hanging up
Im not calling anybody
Im not doing anything
Im not making them
Im not understanding you when i call you your phone echoes
Im on the phone with the jail hang on
Im on youtube and they prank call me all the time
Im right across the street
Im sorry
Im sorry it happened
Im sorry one more time
Im sorry this is whom
Im sorry what
Im sure I'm sorry i i i i can
In fact i dont know whether I'm really talking to you or recording
In your name
Is is this really you
Is that his name
Is that right
Is this gregory stevens
Is this your way of getting out of your responsibilities is just the way you act
Its a great thing for me to save
Its not that its your phone
Its not us
Its this is who i think it is
Ive been ive had thirty calls today from and that I'm calling somebody I'm not calling anybody
Ive checked almost every carlos sanchez i need to know his date of birth there is too common name
Ive got your phone number and I'm gonna ring your fucking neck
Ive talked to the jailer
Jesus christ
Just fine
Just join
Just say hi fred and i will know this isnt a recording
Let me look him up here
Let me put you on hold ill be right back
Like your childish but and go someplace
Listen to this
M a l o n y
May i help you
Maybe you should be more prepared for this call
My agent john tried to call you back because i couldnt understand you sir
My apologies for taking so long
My name is fred herber
My name is fred I'm a bell bondsman whats going on here
Nine oh nine five nine five two two six four
No i did not
No they dont help us at all
Now if you dont know then then this is bs
Oh john
Ok (1)
Ok ill call you right back
Or what which is which his last name again (1)
Pardon me
S c o t t
Sixty one
So i know exactly who you are
So I'm getting pranked
So I'm gonna have to call them because their websites down
So whats going on
Spell that
Sure i dont know who the fuck you are
Thank you
Thats not maine
Thats the number of the walnut jail
The actual recording
The fbi really needs to be called on this
The last name is
The number is nine oh nine five nine five two two six four
There probably recording us right now adding to their
They are
They claim is not there
Theyre called thirteen times today
Theyre calling law enforcement in really sure and things up
This is a prank call
This is an a recording
This is fred
This is regarding
This is something they recorded on for me a couple of years ago
This is the kind of fucking idiot child to put out there
This is true
This is your son
This ship thats somebody pranking maine
Three two oh
Turn on the tv
Two years
Uh huh
We got along fine are you taking some kind of drugs or drinking