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The Golden Compass (2007) Soundboard

The Golden Compass (2007) Soundboard

The Golden Compass is a thrilling fantasy adventure film released in 2007, based on the novel of the same name by Philip Pullman. Directed by Chris Weitz, the film takes viewers on an exciting journey through parallel universes and introduces them to a fascinating cast of characters.

Set in an alternate reality where humans' souls exist outside their bodies in the form of animals known as daemons, the story follows the young and courageous Lyra Belacqua, portrayed by the talented Dakota Blue Richards. Lyra resides in a world ruled by a theocratic organization known as the Magisterium, which seeks to control knowledge and suppress free will. When Lyra's best friend Roger (Ben Walker) mysteriously disappears, she embarks on an incredible adventure to rescue him and unravel the secrets of a mysterious substance called Dust.

Joining Lyra on her journey is Iorek Byrnison, a massive armored bear, voiced by the legendary actor Ian McKellen. Iorek becomes Lyra's steadfast ally and helps her navigate treacherous terrains and confront formidable adversaries. Nicole Kidman delivers a captivating performance as the enigmatic Mrs. Coulter, a powerful and influential woman who becomes an intricate part of Lyra's fate. Daniel Craig also shines in his role as Lord Asriel, Lyra's rebellious and charismatic uncle, who unveils shocking revelations about the existence of other dimensions.

With stunning visual effects and a mesmerizing musical score, The Golden Compass immerses viewers into a world teeming with magic, mysticism, and political intrigue. The film skillfully blends elements of adventure, fantasy, and mystery to create a captivating experience. Fans of the novel were delighted to see their beloved characters come to life on the big screen, while newcomers to the story were enchanted by the film's rich and imaginative universe.

The Golden Compass, with its stellar cast and captivating storyline, garnered both critical acclaim and commercial success upon its release. It was praised for its breathtaking visuals, thought-provoking themes, and the exceptional performances of its cast. However, the film also faced controversy and criticism from religious groups due to perceived anti-religious undertones, ultimately affecting its reception and sequels.

Despite the mixed reception, The Golden Compass remains a beloved film for many, attracting an ever-growing fan base. Its imaginative world, complex characters, and engrossing story make it a must-watch for fans of fantasy and adventure. The film's success also led to the production of a video game adaptation, allowing fans to further engage with the story and its mesmerizing universe.

If you're looking to relive the magic of The Golden Compass or experience it for the first time, you can easily access and enjoy the film's sounds, music, and dialogue. Simply visit a reputable online platform where you can play and download the sounds of this enchanting film. From the tense and suspenseful moments to the beautiful and awe-inspiring landscapes, the sounds of The Golden Compass will transport you into a world filled with wonder, danger, and unforgettable characters.

So, gather your daemons and embark on an extraordinary adventure through parallel universes with Lyra Belacqua. Discover the power of Dust and unveil the mysteries hidden within the Magisterium. With its captivating storyline and memorable characters, The Golden Compass promises an unforgettable cinematic experience that will leave you yearning for more and eager to explore the realms beyond.

A golden compass
A little
A miscreant and a liar.
And Dust
And I am an armoured bear.
And it showed them all that ws hidden.
And now I'm giving it to you.
And now they've given Asriel all the funds he needs.
And she was free to do as she wanted, that..
And that
And that child.
And that's my final word on the matter
And there'll be more fighting...
And what does she keep in that room?
And when Mrs. Coulter got a hold of you, well...
And while you're at it, you must learn to control your dæmon
Animals have fled.
Are those birds?
Billy and Roger!
BOTH: Aaaaah!
But we Gyptians...
But what are you doing here?
Can you see anything?
CHILD: Aah! Help me!
Come on!
Cook. He says that's why your uncle left you here, to make you a lady.
Course, that ain't my normal occupation.
Don't. Please, it hurts!
Dust is none of your business.
FARDER CORAM: I thought they was all taken by the Magisterium.
FARDER CORAM: One thing I do know, Lyra...
Farder Coram?
Fight well, Iorek, my dear.
For keeping watch on me and all.
For you poisoned the old king...
From the falling stars that land in Svalbard.
Have been hurt worse than most...
He will be arrested for heresy and sentenced to death.
He would have been a king if the other bear hadn't defeated him.
He'll never try it on anyway
He's much too wild.
I am an exile.
I am employed, by the townspeople.
I have had an audience with the bear king himself...
I have received your news..
I humbly beg the College Council to fund such ajourney.
I know it's difficult to understand, but it's for their own good.
I knowwhere she's going.
I promise.
I will not have my niece slithering round like an alley cat.
I wouldn't recommend the Tokay, gentlemen. It's corked.
I'm glad I've lived long enough to see you...
I'm leaving immediately
I've got to go to my father and bring him the alethiometer.
In a mean, petty way...
Iorek Byrnison, help me!
Iorek Byrnison's his name
Iorek Byrnison's, Your Majesty.
Iorek, listen. Don't fight these men.
IOREK: Flying to war
IOREK: Run, Lyra!
Iorek! Iorek!
It can't be the normal sort
It is yourwar too, whether you know it or not.
It tells the truth.
It's all bigger and scarier than we ever thought.
It's an alethiometer.
It's an hourglass.
It'sjust a little cut.
Just been hired on by these gentlemen..
Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut.
Kingdom of the ice bears.
Lee Scoresby.
Let's go get 'em, Lyra.
Lizzie. Lizzie Brooks
Lord Asriel, is that light rising up from the man's body or coming down?
LYRA: A witch?
LYRA: Don't know.
LYRA: Faster, faster!
LYRA: He was a prince.
LYRA: Iorek!
LYRA: That's...
MAN, OUTSIDE: Head for the ice lake!
MAN: Charge!
MAN: Hurry!
MAN: I think you'll be pleased with our progress.
MAN: Wait up, Johnny!
Maybe we're supposed to take it to him.
Must've seemed such a puzzle...
My lover.
Nobody can make me a lady.
Not by me.
Now, I know you do not always understand our need to educate you...
Now, if you'll excuse me
Of course not.
Oh, Lyra.
Oh, Pan, what have I done?
Oh! [Panting]
One compass remains, however..
PANTALAIMON: Don't show it to them.
People without dæmons. That's impossible
ROGER: Aaah! You'll never get me!
Run! Run!
Serafina Pekkala?
So am I.
Some of our ancestors made
Soon to die?
That may be
That must be an interesting story.
That's what the smell is
That'sjust one of her stupid guest lists
The alethiometer says they'll hurt Roger.
The Magisterium has authority everywhere...
THIRD MAN: We'll need two more of them
To abandon his plan.
To discover the source of Dust, I intend to travel to these worlds.
Trouble, with a bit of luck
We dæmons use it to see the truth in our own eyes.
We have a busy few weeks.
We shall have to watch ourselves, Stelmaria.
We'll take you someplace safe
We've always tried to acquaint you with the truth
What a funny old tin. Did you
What are you doing in Trollesund, Mr. Scoresby?
What are you doing, Lyra?
What have you been doing?
What terrible thing?
What they done ain't right, I know.
What's wrong? Wh wh what can you see?
Where's his dæmon?
Where's your dæmon?
Which one's her room?
With your bare hands.
WOMAN: Joe! Oh, my precious!
WOMAN'S VOICE: Are we going to see the child?
You can even send him a photogram.
You'll never see them again.
You're Ma Costa.
You've seen an ice bear?
Your mother didn't die in an airship accident as you were told.
[All shouting] LYRA: Go, Roger! Run!
[Crackling] [Sobbing]
[Distant door opens] [Gasps] Oh, no!
[Growling] [Hissing]
[Growls] Mm?
[Grunting] [Panting]
[Iorek roaring] [Bears roaring]
[Roaring] ASRIEL: Aargh!
[Shouting] [Screams]
[Snarls] Lyra, this way!
[Sobbing] Lyra
It's Dust. MAN: Dust?
Lord Asriel? Morning, Hunt.
MAN: Mrs. Coulter! SECOND MAN: Get her up.
Nonsense. It ain't nonsense.
Nothing. Good.
This way. Get out! Get out!
What would the quarrel be about? Nothing less than free will
You, Lyra. LYRA: Why me?
You've sent her? Yes.
[All chuckling]
[All shouting]
[Bells chiming]
[Bells chiming]
[Boys shouting]
[Boys shouting]
[Children chattering]
[Gunshots, screaming]
[Indistinct chatter]
[Iorek growling]
[Lyra gasping]
[Men muttering]
[Men screaming]
[Metallic whistling sound]
[Panting] Ah!
[People clamoring]
[People whispering]
[Rattling and hissing]
[Screeching sounds]
[Shouting in foreign language]
[Snarling and barking]
[Sobbing] We'll bring 'er back.
[Speaking in Samoyed]
[Speaking Samoyed]
[Train rumbling loudly]