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15 covenant Capital ships holding position just outside the kill zone.
A few more seconds.
A gondola is launching from the far towers. Big surprise, it's full of covenant reinforcements.
A sermon, actually. I've been listening to him since we landed. So far it's the standard Covenant liturgy, but I'll translate if he says anything interesting.
After that stunt on the Cairo, I know you're not afraid of heights.
Ah, now I see there's a submerged section that connects these towers to the outlying structures.
All right, let's see where this elevator goes.
All right.
All zero their locations. You neutralize the guards quietly.
Almost have it.
And people say I've got a big head.
And that is the end of that.
Another phantom on approach.
Another whisper, Sir. Near IO. We have probes in root.
Apparently these are the Prophet hierarchs, private quarters, their inner sanctum.
Apparently, regret jumped the gun when he attacked Earth. He's asking the other prophets to forgive his premature arrival, arguing that no human presence was foretold.
Artillery disabled sergeant's landing zone secure for the moment.
Ask yourself this question. Is what I'm doing right now helping Cortana keep this station from blowing into tiny, tiny bits?
Bad news. The Phantoms are turning around. The fleet is preparing to fire on our position. We need to get out of here.
Blink if you can hear me, chief.
Boy, are they in for a big surprise.
Brood and elite ships are engaging one another all around high charity.
But was it a temple or a university? I can't say.
Careful, chief, that shadows gun packs a punch.
Careful, chief. That elite was an ultra. And those pilots are no pushovers either.
Careful, we're coming up on another structure.
Chief borders.
Chief over here next to the bomb.
Chief, come to the lower level.
Chief, leave me.
Chief, let's go.
Chief, there were no humans on board. It was filled with flood.
Chief, we don't have much time.
Chief, when you get to Earth, good luck.
Chief, you're going to have to board the scarab.
Clocks tickin chief get down here.
Come on, chief.
Come to the middle level, chief.
Concentrate on the Wraiths. They're the biggest threat.
Could we possibly make any more noise?
Cut the chatter. We got trouble.
Don't make a girl a promise.
Don't worry, he can pick me up later.
Don't worry, you can pick me up later.
Down here, chief.
Easier said than done, inbound Phantoms chief.
Excellent truth is broadcasting on the move. It'll make him much easier to track.
Find a hole. Stay put. We'll come to you.
Fine. I won't watch meet you at the bottom, OK?
Flood controlled drop ships are touching down all over the city.
Flood spores have contaminated the city's life support infrastructure. The filtration systems are overloading.
For a covenant construct, it's unusually formidable.
Forget about the flood. You've got to get aboard.
Get in close and do whatever you can.
Get inside the temple and kill regret before it can stop us.
Get into that structure and find the controls to extend the bridge.
Get to the conduit. I'll keep it attached to the ship as long as I can.
Go back out the way we came in.
Go it'll be easier to track truth if I stay in the network.
Go on through.
Go. It'll be easier to track the index if I stay in the network.
Good. Still no word about in amber clad and the covenant
Good. The bridge is down now about those raths.
Great journey. Doesn't he know what these rings do?
Hailing no response.
Hang on to your helmet.
Hang on, I'm picking up two more transponders.
Hang on, this will just take a minute.
He's on that carrier and he's calling for help.
Here comes our ride.
Here, chief, jump in.
Hey, wake up.
His throne is shielded. It's deflecting everything you throw at it.
Hold here until the Pelican arrives, chief.
Hostile reinforcements coming down the lift.
I can't go with you.
I don't think it saw us that or it doesn't think you're a threat.
I guess so.
I have to stay here, chief.
I knew the covenant was good at repurposing Forerunner technology, but this is amazing. They've been using the Forerunner ships engines as an energy source for the city.
I know what you're thinking, and it's crazy.
I like crazy.
I need to stay here.
I saw it too. It looked like a temple.
I wish I had time to decipher these inscriptions.
I'll disable this lift once you reach the top. That'll slow them down, I hope.
I'll do what I can to slow the launch sequence, but there's something inside the ship of presence that's fighting back.
I'll reverse this. Grab, lift, drop down, try to cut him off.
I'm running out of options, chief. I can't stall the launch sequence much longer. The next lift will take you up to the conduit. Hurry.
I'm sorry, were you trying to kill something?
I'm working as quickly as possible.
I've been analyzing the Covenant tactical chatter. They're surprised. Confused. I don't think they expected us to be here. Not you and me. All of us. Humanity on earth.
I've got a fix on truth just outside this tower, chief.
I've intercepted a secure transmission from Regretz carrier to something called high charity. It seems to be a formal apology to the prophets of truth and mercy.
I've lost control of the conduit. It's breaking away from the ship.
If he does, I'll detonate in Ember Claude reactor just like we did the autumns. The blast will destroy this city and the ring.
If he leads the Covenant fleet to Earth, they won't stand a chance.
If I were a megalomaniac, and I'm not, that's where I'd be.
If it makes you feel any better, I'm locking the doors behind you. Should keep some of the flood off your back.
If the speed of the flood spread in this tower is any indication, it won't take long for it to overrun the entire city.
If this thing goes off, I am never talking to you again.
If we're going to catch truth, we'll need to take a shortcut straight through the mausoleum.
If you Crouch, the water's deep enough that they won't be able to see you.
If you hit the activation switch, it should drive itself.
If you know you can't keep it.
Ignore the brutes, get into the conduit.
It and all the rest of the covenant in the city center, if they reinforce the gravity lift, we'll never get inside that ship.
It can't go any further this way. We have it trapped.
It is. If activated, this ring will cause destruction on a galactic scale.
It turns out regret isn't just a prophet. He's a hierarch, one of three prophets that preside over the Covenant High Council. In his sermon, he keeps asking for the blessings of truth and mercy. Th...
It's a forerunner ship, and truth is heading straight for it.
It's an amber clad.
It's berserking.
It's more of a sit back and enjoy the ride sort of thing marine.
It's odd the covenant know we made landfall, but they don't seem to consider us a very serious threat.
It's safe, really, just step in.
It's the commander and Johnson.
Its armor is too thick, even for a Gauss rifle. We'll have to do this the old fashioned way, chief. Tear it apart from the inside out.
Jump in chief now.
Just a friendly reminder bomb.
Just a little more time.
Just one question.
Just so you know, there are quite a few elites guarding the bomb. You may need to get creative.
Just step onto the pad, it'll move you forward automatically.
Keep clear that beam. I don't think you'll survive a direct hit.
Keep moving. Let's find our way back to the surface.
Let me get these doors.
Let me get those doors.
Let's clear a landing zone.
Let's get moving before we're spotted, all right?
Let's get the index and find a way out of here before things get really ugly.
Let's go Johnson and the others need our help.
Let's head across the bridge and deal with those wraiths.
Let's push on. We need to find an access point to those structures in the lake.
Let's wait for our warthog, unless you really want to walk.
Listen to this. Your haste has jeopardized the fulfillment of our covenant, threatened our grand design. That you shall be spared a public display of our contempt is thanks only to mercy and his wi...
Listen up, Marines, the Chiefs hunting a prophet, and you're going to help him kill it.
Look on the bright side for now, they seem much more interested in killing each other.
Looks like a landslide has blocked the main passage. We'll have to find an alternate route.
Looks like we're going down.
Malta, what is your status over?
Me inside your head now.
Mind the bump.
More guards get ready.
No time to admire the view. Truth's Phantom has reached the forerunner ship.
No, I don't want to chance a remote detonation.
Not a lot of time on the clock, chief.
Not a very original plan, but we know it'll work.
Not much further now.
Not to worry, it's pretty sloppy stuff. I guess they never expected a hostile intelligence to penetrate their network from the inside.
Odd, I know, but it does help explain why they came here with such a small fleet.
Oh, I don't think so.
One more group of Marines to go chief.
Out there look more ruins.
Over here, chief.
Over here, chief.
Pelican inbound.
Perfect. The Covenant have already cleared away inside.
Phantom stay out of sight.
Phased spatial relocation. The same technology the monitor used on the 1st Halo. Seems the prophets saved the best toys for themselves.
Power restored. Go ahead, chief.
Pretty much.
Pure speculation, mind you. I need to make a thorough survey to be sure.
Put me down on one of the pedestals near the door.
Put me down on that camera.
Quick board his throne.
Quick, put me down on that hollow projector.
Registering all hostile vessels inside the kill zone. 13 cruisers, 2 assault carriers. I'm going loud.
Regret is a name Sergeant, the name of one of the Covenant's religious leaders, a prophet.
Regret. Regret. Regret.
Regrets Carrier just received a response from high charity a very well encrypted message from the Prophet of Truth.
Regrets giving a speech? A sermon, to be exact. So far it's the standard Covenant liturgy, but I'll translate if he says anything interesting.
Right this way.
Second squad, this is Cortana. What is your status over?
She's crashed into another tower ahead of our position. I'll keep trying to make contact, but I'm not registering any human vital signs.
Sir, borders have breached the fire Control Center. They have a bomb.
Slipspace rupture.
Slipspace rupture. It's in amber clad.
Slipspace ruptures directly off our battle cluster.
So far so good. We're approaching the main temple now.
Stand by while I break the lock.
Stopping truth. That's all that matters.
Take out the gunner.
Take out those turrets, chief.
Talk to me. Should I start CPR? What's going on?
Thanks for the tank. He never gets me anything.
That bridge is the most direct route to the city center.
That creature beneath the library that Gravemind used us. We were just a diversion in Amber. Clad was always its intended vector.
That explains why there were so few ships in his fleet, but it's odd a prophet would have such bad Intel about his enemy's home world.
That explosion came from inside the Athens, same as the Malta. The Covenant must have brought something with them, a bomb.
That is another Halo.
That prophet truth, he has the index. You've got to take it from him.
That structure in the center of the city.
That thing, that brave mind, it used us. We were just a diversion.
That's all of the Marines, chief. Good work.
That's quite a welcome party.
That's the largest covenant fleet I've ever seen.
That's what I thought, he said.
The amount of flood biomass is increasing exponentially. There are reports of infestations in every district.
The controls to extend the bridge should be in this structure.
The Covenant fleet has launched multiple waves of phantoms, too many for me to track. We don't have much time.
The Covenant has control of the bridge ahead.
The covenant holed up in the middle of this structure. We need to clear them out.
The Covenant just destroyed two of their own ships, and I'm hearing reports of small arms fire throughout their fleet.
The Covenant just destroyed two of their own ships, and I'm hearing reports of small arms fire throughout their fleet. It's a mutiny.
The covenant must be trying to regroup. Don't let them.
The faster you can kill those brutes, the better.
The first carrier completely ignored us, Sir, blew through the maltas debris field and headed straight for Earth.