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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All forgivable transgressions.
All you offer no forgiveness.
Alright, have beaten fleets of functions.
And cheers.
And sing victory everlasting.
And your victory?
Another storm. Upon the monument to the seeds of short sighted fools.
Are you not your enemy?
Armed. Have no heart, you stubborn fool. And so cannot be broken.
Baited me with lies.
Be my path into her mind. Agree and earn my mercy.
Brought me here to seal my door.
But there is nothing left.
But you must stop the rains.
Call Little star power struggle.
Called. Join the course.
Can you appreciate the tragedy, single tone that you are?
Child of Mine Enemy, why have you come?
Consume the Galaxy of flesh and mind and bone.
Defeat is simply the addition of time. To a certain side never deserved, but you were imposed.
Did you think we defeated?
Do I take life or give it?
Do not be afraid.
Do not choose, but listen.
Do not deny me.
Do not touch that. I will crush what's left.
Except don't be.
For sparks you would drive in. My heart is key to that infernal wheel.
Form consumption into time.
Have you learned nothing if you wander through my tomb?
Helps his shift, and the half of rule of faith you must abide.
Her crawls or button echo.
Her hopes have ended in my triumph.
I am peace. I am salvation.
I am your only and.
I can't follow our enemies by the fistful.
I have spent years waiting. Watching. Planning.
I know what must be.
I will rip apart from you.
If you do not obey.
If you would survive, come.
Join your voice with your mind.
Lawyers for the week beacons for the deluded.
Let me lead you safely to our four.
Like water, are you?
Listen, hypocrites. Who holds the key?
Little liar. And her slave.
Lord Reunion will be brief.
Meaningless actions.
My future is your past.
My safety is assured.
No, no, I'm free. No, that's all I'm hearing.
No, that's the last story. See Ohh Secret is revealed.
No, the gates has been unlatched, headstones pushed aside.
Of course you came for her.
Ohh you never timeless chorus.
Only party be your shield.
Only you can hold what he has set in motion.
Or for those sins passed to his son.
Or shall not fight you.
Or sweet unity of purpose.
Perhaps a part of her remains.
Removed by strength for darkness.
Resignation is my virtue.
Return. Return what you have stolen from me.
Shamit earned her torment and my own.
Single on your past and no.
Something wrong? Something better?
Splitter grudge, you foolish pawn.
There is safety in my grasp.
Think of it and accept.
This place I have found. Refuge everlasting.
Time has taught me patience.
War she worth the effort?
We exist together now, 2 corpses in one grave.
What basking in new freedom, I will know all that I possess.
Where are shellfish stop on your comes?
Where to me, seeing your vital words?
Who is victim and who is for?
Will not again be torn asunder.
Wind rustling an empty key.
Wish you a common goal.
With me dies the potential of a falls and million souls.
You are worried she is broken.
You disturb my grave.
You reject my offer. Is she not what you came to find?
You were all prophets before but her. How could I not have known?
You were showing me what she hides.
You were the tools of a caged and feeble mind.
You will be fooled nothing more.
Your life is not an instant alonely flash. Ohh.
Your plans will not show.
ああ。 ええ?
ああああ。 ええええ。
うわー。 ああーあ。
うわああ。 ああああ。 う、うん。
うわああ。 ああああ。 だろうなあ。
ええ? うん。