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SoundBoard For Apex Legends

SoundBoard For Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale-hero shooter game developed by Respawn Entertainment. Several characters from the Titanfall series appear either as minor characters or playable Legends. A mobile version of the game designed for touchscreens titled Apex Legends Mobile was released in May 2022 on Android and iOS.
See also: Apex Legends Global Series, The Game Awards 2019, Moist Esports, Apex, Titanfall, Erika Ishii.

3 words win and win again.
3D easy. You lost this one.
A deterministic end will find you below.
A lot of people run from something that's not after them, but for you I was.
A match like this has much more than shooting a gun.
A piece of advice. You'd be tougher to kill if you weren't so boring.
A victory I would be grateful for.
A win don't come. Is it for you?
About the beginning draws a better end.
Access denied
Advancing on them over there.
After this we should hang out.
Ah yes, Gibraltar wins again.
Ah, I gotcha.
Ah, it's your time.
Ah, that was all I needed, brother.
Ah, this is my favorite part.
Ahead we talk on victory and selatra.
Alfred the enemy over there.
All aboard the OX train.
All good for the fighter honors me.
All good with me.
All it takes is a single spark.
All right, let's do this. It'll be fun. If not, well, you know, we all make bad choices. You live. You learn.
All right, pal, let's go change your life.
All that matters is being the last one alive.
Amateur hour is over time for the big leagues.
And afraid of you, you'll hear me.
And I tell her he sounds like music to me.
And now you will understand why you fear the dark.
And that was intense. I'm going to go run a victory lap.
And that's what you get for trying to outrun me.
And what's at the masquerade if I were you?
And you lost this time.
Another day, another Rd.
Another trial, another test subject.
Any last words I must know?
Anyone want to Take Me Out, come find me. I'll buy the drinks.
As a smudge and bins out before us.
Awesome battle. Maybe next time.
Bad effect on target Rook.
Bang for your life is good for both of us.
Be careful, I don't wear all this gear for nothing.
Be honest. You knew this would end here.
Because of wind caused some victory.
Being fundamentally better sours the taste of victory.
Better find me before I find you.
Big dams are coming for us.
Big, small don't matter. You're just target practice to me.
Blessings are upon me and brethren.
Bob, brother. See you later.
Bow Wow is everything. You only think you have it.
Break a leg. Mine are made of steel.
Bright, is it over for you?
Bring it and just share will be waiting for you down there.
Brother, this just wasn't your fight.
Brush it off. Your last is 1.
But that would be proud of me.
By the time you see me coming, I'll be going and you'll be gone.
Called my goggles set on that area.
Can't stop, won't stop.
Cancel that.
Cancel that.
Cancel that.
Cancel that.
Cancel that.
Cancel that.
Catch me if you can.
Challenges, you better watch out for me.
Champion challenger means little if you'll die.
Check out that giant banner of me. Wow. Awesome.
Checked and ready.
Clips are what cities using their hair. This is called a magazine.
Close combat gets messy.
Come and get it.
Come get her.
Come get some, move it, or die.
Come on, friend, time to win.
Come on, step up.
Come on, use your head.
Come on, we got this. We got this.
Come on, we've got work to do.
Come on, you can't forget this face. Look at it.
Consider your circuit book and get it.
Contact with our style.
Controls the charge, controls the arena.
Death finds a way.
Death is a paradoxical quest. It ends, but never truly begins.
Death is just the halt of electrical impulses to the brain.
Death is not mercurial. It's patient.
Death keeps chasing me, but I keep him in my rearview.
Death stalks the ignorant. Intelligence will guide us to survival.
Defending that location.
Did you have as much fun as me? Hello.
Did you like my moves? My grapple is very useful.
Did you think the trigger would pull itself?
Didn't expect to see me up here. Did you say never do?
Display scene activity.
Do not regret. Stay hip. Good faith.
Do not trust what you think you know long Chang and Jason Rajamaha.
Do you feel that adrenaline surging through your veins? No, just me.
Do you know how many millions of times I've done this?
Doing it again, buddy.
Don't be fooled. I'm a man of science.
Don't be shocked. I know what I'm doing.
Don't beat yourself up. Leave that to me. That was a joke.
Don't blame yourself, blame me.
Don't blame yourself.
Don't blame yourself. I deserve the credit.
Don't blame yourself. You got a whole squad that failed.
Don't blow a fuse. Get it?
Don't bother trying to find me, I'll find you.
Don't bring a pistol to an artillery fight.
Don't confuse my kindness for weakness.
Don't go well, I tell them to go.
Don't knock yourself I put my time in long ago.
Don't let your wounds and your faith.
Don't look for sympathy. You won't find it.
Don't matter who you are back in the world, you're in my house now.
Don't rush to your ends. I linger on those final moments.
Don't take it personally. They would have gotten to you one way or another.
Don't worry about my legs getting tired. I made sure that will never happen again.
Don't worry, I got a prosthetics guy who can replace, well, everything.
Don't worry, I would have gotten you either way. Sector sagged.
Don't worry, I'll defend over.
Don't worry, I'm just perfect.
Don't worry, it's easy. Bleed pat and keep moving.
Don't worry, there was no way out of this.
Don't worry, you won't be the only person I beat today.
Down low? Too slow.
Down mass I want.
Drop shocked and rocked. Say hello to the four oh first.
Dude, you should totally go respawn so we can do that again.
Each choice changes everything.
Each one gets me one step closer to what I want.
Electricity, I get people, I don't. That's how I got here.
Electrons are the same but repel each other. You and I are no different.
Enemies over there, I'm going to attack.
Enemy overdo.
Enemy spotted way out there like little cucarachas.
Enemy spotted.
Entropy is the natural order of the universe.
Even gunpowder needs a spark.
Ever get the feeling you're not alone in the room? You're not.
Ever heard of a stock barrel stabilizer? How about skills?
Every day is a new victory.
Every decision counts.
Every decision counts.
Everything's going to be great. At least that's what I keep telling myself.
Excellent time to destroy more opponents.
Except it I'm here, you're not.
Except the process, it is after all well tested.
Excuse me inspecting that area for lute.
Face death with dignity. Or don't.
Fear has ruled your actions today.
Fence them in, fence them out.
Few. Nothing more than a name on a list waiting to be crossed off.
Finally, fighter the end is decided.
Find me and we will battle.
First one through the doors, usually the first one in a body bag.
First you lose your cool, then you lose your head.
First, there's looting. But then comes my favorite part, the screaming.
Focus. That is how I defeated you.
Follow me if you want to attack over there.
Follow me if you want to win.
Follow my path to win.
Forget I said anything.
Forget that.
Forget that.
Forget that.
Forget that.
Forget that.
Forget that.
Forget that.
Free tip, just try a little bit harder you almost had.
Friends, I'm going to look over there.
Fuses set and capacitors charged.
Get a good look. It's the last time you'll see me.
Get ready for a Late Show.
Get ready for a world of hurt.
Get ready to stitch him up.
Get ready. I'm coming for you, friend.
Gibraltar is covered for you.
Giving up, there's nothing I would do.
Go on. It's OK to be afraid.
Go towards the light.
Going to do some looting over there.
Going to examine that area.
Going to explore here.
Going to explore here.
Going to explore over there.
Going to explore over there.
Going to guard that spot?
Going to race hell over there. Who's with me?
Going to spy on that area.
Gonna attack that spot out there.
Gonna check for Lucia.
Gonna defend this area. They'll run when they see me.
Gonna do some looting there.
Gonna go over the kill over there.
Gonna go over the kill over there.
Gonna hold that position over there.
Gonna lay some lead downrange.
Gonna lock down that area.
Gonna Recon that way.
Gonna watch this spot. No one's getting by me.
Good choice for me.
Good fight, good fight.
Good initiative. Bad judgment. Try again.
Good luck brought us.
Good luck. Have fun. Don't die.
Good match.
Good squad means good wins means good times.
Good work. Let's remain friends.
Got a feeling hostels have been there.
Got a feeling? Gonna watch that spot?
Got an opening attacking him.
Got one spot.
Got you.
Grand chapter stop me.
Grapple locked and loaded.
Grappling makes things much easier. Try it sometime.
Great moves friend. Sorry you lost.
Great will eat your mortal sorrow.