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Horizon Soundboard - Apex Legends Soundboard

Horizon Soundboard - Apex Legends Soundboard

Horizon is a Legend released in Season 7. She can be unlocked by using digital currency. Offensive Legend who is useful for directing her teammates or enemies toward a certain location. Her Gravity Lift tactical can be used to help herself and her squad reach higher places, while her Spacewalk passive allows her to start moving earlier after a long fall. Astrophysicist Mary Somers is hired to find a solution to a cataclysmic energy crisis. Mary promised her son Newton she'd return safe and sound. But time moves differently on the outskirts of a black hole, and she was 87 years too late. She joins the Apex Games as Horizon, master of gravity, just in time for the next season to debut on Olympus - where her old life once was and where she had promised to return.

Ah, well that was a little careless of ya, love
Be right with ya dears
Better luck next time
Between friends, dear, ya always struck me a wee bit dim
Come on little newty
Dinnae fear, for now ya face the other side.
Dinnae take it personal dear. I’ve got me a promise to keep
Don't make that face deary
Don't watch me newt
Don't worry pet
Don’t go makin’ that face at me. You know full well you signed up for this
Don’t worry, pet. Me and n.E.W.T’ll have a wee teensy bevvy in your honour
Everyone forgets to look up
Fear not, love. I’ll inform your next of kin
Feeling means you're playing love
Here now, let me help you over the horizon
I mean, can ya really call it a god complex if i actually do have the power to flatten an entire galaxy in my backpack
I'm literally carrying a singularity
I’m awfully sorry, pet, but just what exactly was your name, again
I’m not tryin to say you weren’t a challenge, but this one time i kinda bested a black hole, so…
In the name of science
Just a wee bit of a beatin’ before breakfast, lovie
Let's have a wee play of physics shall we
Now how are we supposed to test our equipment if people keep expiring on us, n.E.W.T
Och, but you were so close, darlin
Och, dinnae worry, petal. I won’t tell anyone about this
Och, no did that hurt darking
Och, no, don’t feel so bad. I can tell you tried your best
Off for a laugh are we
Oh dearie, it just wasn’t your day
Oh love, what made you think you’d walk away from this
Oh no
Oh shush now, dear. It wasnae in vain. You’ve helped me and n.E.W.T. Get a little closer to home
Oh well, doin’ your best is what counts, right dear
Oh what did you think would happen
Oh yowdy
Oh, hush now, don’t say a word
Perhaps the better choice for you might’ve been a wee day in the library
Repulsors check stabilizers check
Respect a bold choice
Right dears
Safety first dears
Science doesn't sleep
Science time
Shh, rest now, love. Ya earned it
Sometimes participation is the most important thing
That wasn't a bad effort
There’s a vast and densely populated universe between how good you think you are and how good you actually are
Things look to get troublesome
Time for a bit of a float
Time for a cup of tea
Time for bold action
Well that was a classic case of foolish right there, i’m afraid
Well what were you doing, traipsing around with your kilt over your noggin
Well, i guess you picked the wrong time to blink
Well, i suppose i would have underestimated me, too
Well, someone’s a wee bit crabbit
When you're a master of black holes
You know science isn't exactly an excact science
You look a right jobbie
You lot are
You ready for a wee adventure newt
You’re lookin’ a bit peely-wally there. Can i suggest a nap