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Horizon Zero Dawn Soundboard

Horizon Zero Dawn Soundboard

Horizon Zero Dawn is Guerrilla Games' first intellectual property since Killzone in 2004. It is the first game in the Horizon series and was released for the PlayStation 4 in 2017 and Windows in 2020. The game engine, Decima, was developed for Killzone Shadow Fall and altered for Horizon Zero Dawn.
See also: Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy, Guerrilla Games, Lance Reddick, Horizon Call of the Mountain, and Ashly Burch.

Are You Gonna Shut Your Mouth?
Behemoth SFX
Bellowback SFX
Charger SFX
Control Tower SFX
Corruptor SFX
Deathbringer SFX
Fireclaw Frostclaw SFX
Get Me Through This Door
Grazer SFX
Have You Been Drinking?
Hey My Eyes Are Up Here
How Nice Of You To Finally Drop By
Rockbreaker SFX
This Isnt A Goddess Its A Door
Thunderjaw Walking SFX
Trampler SFX
What Sort Of Assistance Did You Give Them
You're An Idiot Dangerous Idiot But An Idiot
You're Moving Down The World Not Up