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Aint got time to bleed2
Alien arghh
Alien auh
Alien auh2
Alien burn
Alien death before dishonor
Alien go go go
Alien hahaha
Alien heading out
Alien its about time
Alien lock and load
Alien my pleasure
Alien no mercy
Alien on the move
Alien search and destroy
Alien taking fire
Alien time to die
Alien wanna play with fire
Alien were under attack
Area secure
As you wish
At once
Blow them up
Cover me
Death before dishonor
Enemy down
Enemy spotted
Fire in the hole
Go go go
Got your six
Heading out
Here i am
I need a medic
Im hit
Im on fire
In position
Keep em coming
Lets get some action
Lets go
Lock and load
Need medic2
No mercy
On the move
On the move2
On your guard
One shot is all i need
Ready for action
Reporting for duty
Requesting support
Stick together
Take cover
Taking fire2
Target acquired
Target eliminated
Throwing grenade
Unit ready
Wanna play with fire
Were under attack
What do you need
What is it
Yes sir