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The Beastmaster (1982)

The Beastmaster (1982)

The Beastmaster is a fantasy film from 1982, directed by Don Coscarelli. This action-packed adventure follows the journey of Dar, a young warrior with the supernatural ability to communicate with animals. As Dar seeks revenge against the sorcerer Maax, who massacred his village, he embarks on a quest to rescue his kidnapped family and save his world from evil.

Starring in this epic tale are Marc Singer as Dar, the courageous Beastmaster, Tanya Roberts as Kiri, his fearless love interest, and Rip Torn as Maax, the malicious sorcerer. Together, they bring this enchanting tale to life with their remarkable performances.

The Beastmaster (1982) captures the imagination with its breathtaking landscapes, astonishing animal stunts, and compelling storyline. The film's gripping soundtrack, composed by Lee Holdridge, adds depth and emotion to the thrilling scenes.

Immerse yourself in the world of The Beastmaster by playing and downloading these captivating sounds. Experience the power of Dar's connection with animals, the clash between good and evil, and the triumph of love and bravery. Let yourself be transported to a realm where heroes rise and evil falls in the face of courage.

A freak who speaks to animals.
All right. I'm coming.
Along with the fiendish witchwomen.
And Aruk will be mine again.
And if anything should happen to me,
And it is you who should be king.
And Kodo.
And leeches.
And now I have strength.
And podo.
And someday you will find out why.
And someday... You'll find out why.
And you may search for your destiny in the valley of Aruk.
And you will all perish by his hand!
Ar demands the life of an unborn.
Ar is not yet satisfied.
Ar wants this stranger.
Ar! Ar! Ar!
Are more than enough to crush Maax.
Around here.
As a gift from your devoted servant.
As long as Zed lives, he remains a symbol of our strength.
Be quiet.
Beastmaster, follow me home. We need your help. The attempt failed.
Besides, he already has the strongest right hand...
Branded with the sign of ar, and sacrificed.
Branded with the sign of Ar, and sacrificed.
But he's well.
But if we show no fear,
But they won't escape me this time.
But till then, this mark... will be your guide.
But, father...
But, sir, all pilgrims share a deep love of life.
But... We will end our humiliation.
Can make Ar look upon you as his children again.
Come back here!
Come on! You two got me into this, now get me out.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come. Inside. At least let me offer you a meal.
Come. We have much planning to do.
Couldn't you just fly back and tell him you couldn't find me?
Cover the moat!
Death guards. This way.
Does he have any chance of finding rebels to help us?
Don't move.
Don't worry about them. They'll catch up. Come.
Down, now!
Especially their own.
Even that's impossible now.
Even though I cannot see,
Extreme torture transforms the man into a wild beast.
Face the animal on his own terms,
Fanatic. Take him away.
Faster! Cover the moat!
Father! Father, run!
Fight to the top!
Five women in white,
For the blood of our children.
For the new king.
For three years since we fled Aruk,
Forget it.
Go crawl down a hole with your animals.
Go practice your heathen religion in The Outlands with the barbarian Juns.
God Ar.
Good bye, dar. Be careful.
Has returned to fulfill the prophecy.
He and his monsters must die.
He has already saved your life.
He is a friend. He is the beastmaster.
He left this for you.
He will not stop me from freeing my father.
He won't have the use of his left hand for a while,
He's gone.
He's ordered you out.
Here we go.
His son disappeared.
Hold back from Ar what is his,
Holy ar.
Holy Ar.
Hook the horses up!
How about a little help?
How is he?
How is it that you've come to travel with these animals?
Hurry, men! Hurry!
I am a slave! What would you have me do?
I am called Seth. This is Tal.
I am Kiri. Slave to the priests of the temple of Ar.
I am sacco. I will be forever in your debt.
I can't leave without my little ones.
I could have you put to death.
I defy this false prophecy.
I have a feeling he might.
I have been told you are planning a child sacrifice.
I have just come from Aruk.
I have my eyes.
I have something for you.
I met a slave girl near a temple.
I must find her.
I must know.
I need no coward by my side!
I reject your pity.
I said a slave girl.
I see through their eyes. They see through mine.
I shall wait for you on the north side.
I think he's gonna help us.
I will not allow the sacrifice of an innocent.
I, too, am on my way to worship at the temple of Ar.
I, your high priest, demand your children...
I'd always been told that my ability with animals was uncommon.
I'll accept this as payment.
I'm Dar. I'm no threat to you.
I'm indebted to you.
I'm sure we'll see each other again.
I'm the last.
I'm very busy.
I've never see a... pilgrim...
I've seen what they can do.
I've sworn revenge... and I'm following.
If I don't, my family will be put to death.
If they're out there, he'll find them.
If we're lucky, the Juns will fail this test.
If you like that ring, keep it.
If you succeed in killing Maax and the priests,
In Aruk, no one will remember your name.
In my village of Emir,
Is he yours?
It almost worked.
It is my duty.
It is now time for him to free his father... the king.
It must be cut from its mother.
It must be cut from its mother.
It was you who was firstborn.
It'll be all right.
It'll kill anything it meets.
It's fixed.
It's Kiri.
It's me.
It's open.
It's your decision now.
Jealous Ar.
Keep hidden.
Keeper of Aruk,
Kill him!
King Zed's wife.
Let's get out of here.
Life is a circle.
Lighten the load!
Look for our enemies, the Juns.
Lord Zed, we must run. Maax knows our plan.
Maax has total power.
Maax shall die.
Maax will pay for what he has done.
Maax, high priest of the city of Aruk.
Make way!
Many years ago, Maax killed my queen and took my unborn son.
Master? Master?
My cousin... Kiri.
My friends, the journey to Aruk is a treacherous one.
My friends.
My leg!
My little light is alive! Alive!
My loyal warrior, we will attack the city before dawn.
My son?
My sword and my kapa will be your trusted companions.
My village, Emir, was destroyed by the Jun horde.
No one will challenge him.
No, he is a freak.
No, we must flee!
No! No, this comes from no slave girl.
Not her! No! Stop!
Nothing's too good for Kodo and Podo.
Now he breeds us...
Now he will pay.
Now they will drain his blood and damage his brain...
Now, you run ahead.
Now... who are you?
Obey my command, and Ar will continue to protect you!
Oh, no, not you.
Oh, no! The gate's closed.
Only the blood of this child...
Only the blood of this child...
Please, you must come with us.
Please, you must listen to him.
Protect Emir, your home.
Pull for your freedom!
Pull! Pull!
Put to death.
Put your hearts into it!
Quiet. We're about to enter the city.
Raise the gate!
Rings, trinkets, stones.
Ruh. Your name is Ruh.
Run! Run!
Sacco, where are we?
Send your cousin over to ask me.
Seth, look.
Seth, look.
Seth, you will take 15 warriors and attack the main gate.