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LeeIsCool1 AKA BigManLee AKA It's Big Lee

LeeIsCool1 AKA BigManLee AKA It's Big Lee

The soundboard of this fantastic hard-working British YouTube personality.

A couple of stuff. And then? Just chilled out.
A rule complaint, Tweety. But I just didn't think.
A way out to go into town. A couple of stuff.
About. Ohh man that is just. Spectacular really is.
Alex, I'm gonna try and work out all night.
Alright guys, there's a bit of a sudden.
Always living that wind in.
And apparently what we're going to do is we.
And drive because, well, it's simple as. As you know.
And drive um. Yes, I needed a game.
And everyone was busy or didn't want to come out.
And I think someone also left in a comment I'm.
And it has come that time to end of log in.
And it's a bit windy today I was, as you know, but.
And killing everyone who wanted to chill.
And obviously it's called aloe Vera.
And on if I'm gonna mostly do is just get.
And Outlaw, you know, because when I got back from.
And Siegel. Alright, man here. Alright. So time.
And so looks pretty cool. So we're gonna try.
And that long the beach, and I'll just do it.
And the first five clips I get back I won't get.
And then hopefully I can start.
And then we'll also try that, bill.
And uh, yeah, that's it, right? Just got to keep and I was.
And we probably jumped out once if there was watched a few.
And we're just seeing a seagull. Well, as you.
And when I'm trying to analyze it and I don't, I didn't.
And with the red one, yeah, because it's right now, I like.
As far explain that can only you, said man.
As soon as this gets sent back, I've already.
As you call it night life, you know. Music and not.
As you can see on the road. We hope it's not big.
As you know, I've also done a bit of cut.
As you say he. Well, as you said, and you can.
Back at that point, I would shoot for one. Yeah, I think it looks nice.
Back from town, you know, I thought we're still.
Back home now. Yeah. Just don't want Ziggy's loss.
Bing and so, yes, and I will let you guys know.
But if I am 6 and I add 7. I am one.
But yeah, though I ain't got a clue, I really AM. Right.
Can go. Hello mate, how you doing?
Can you in? Whatever. But yeah, so like I'm back.
Channel in Queens channel. One of the laughing like well I'm not gonna my laughing like 5 first class so flight faster cause. Because that's the thing I'm like. Ohh. I do not know that. Yeah, so we...
Chat with the lads and yeah, we'll just see what happens.
Close for myself and yeah, that's it. That's all.
Close. I'm just gonna get a couple.
Clothes and. Yeah, that's it. Really not asked the most.
Cortana. No, actually, don't tell me, tell me more.
Couldn't we open one and so and then let's go.
Division I will really miss it, but. You know.
Don't ask me to read it again. I've already done this. Man, I ain't got a clue.
Don't get what we need. Get some new clothes.
Don't try that. I would really recommend.
Eclipse. Right guys, I'm in bed. I am. Really. Really tired so. I'm not gonna ramble on. You guys.
Enjoyed today's look? Get a big thumbs up.
Example and ******* things, right mum.
Explain zig on the back garden.
Finished. If it's not too late, then I might go and chat with.
First one was right for like for the adding up and that alright.
Food. Hey, yo, hey.
For the bad, I mean, Mom has just one. Shane just found this.
For the day and ohh yeah, I'll show you the bath.
For the last 6 and onwards and over as you.
Front rendered. Well, call Long story short, East.
Full Android this is shit this.
Girls were gonna do try not to laugh.
Go shopping as well while I go and get my clothes.
Go to the bench.
God, really, you've gone so much.
Going out, you know, pretty good ones.
Good Lord, then. Then I will and only thing I can.
Good morning, bit of a breeze about this.
Good morning, guys. This is a good.
Gorgeous morning poke. Can't even hear because of the winds.
Gorgeous morning.
Groups across. I like that. I'm not sure about the colour, yeah.
Guys and I will see you tomorrow, so goodnight.
Hate the subscribe button? Please hit this.
Have challenges which never ever fails keon's.
Have enjoyed today's log as much as.
Have you seen on my video on my channel?
He did enjoy smash. The form smashed a form.
He said he's got some planned out we can do.
He's looking in one eye.
He's the same one, but. I want to open the window.
Hello guys as you can see I am on my way.
Here's your supper, pal. Right, I'm just.
Hi guys, I'm on my way back out. Bought my way to.
Hi, got it all out the packaging. That's it there.
Hope it's not Bill but. Will keep you there.
Hope you did enjoy it. Thank you for what?
Hope you're gonna keep him viewing me if you want.
Hoskins over there with his dog.
How long? I've got this. I've got pot. This would work.
I ain't got that has literally stopped me. I don't actually know.
I can say is what I recorded yesterday.
I didn't know about the colour. You know about this one better than red one, so.
I don't want to scare him off.
I get it, you know. Doing research I found.
I got got to do and yeah when I finished.
I just found this Riddle, but she wants me to.
I just got. Oh, that looks nice. I'm gonna get.
I need not only thing I am saying. Right and.
I was doing like this set with his phone which is.
I will see you tomorrow, so.
I wonder when you have to tell everyone else.
I would open that window straight away. Ohh.
I'll get them back. I've recorded, recorded over.
I'm 11. Alright.
I'm doing yet it's kind of an old game.
I'm going to call him Bill Tweety. Do not wait.
I'm going to give you them, so I'm gonna give them.
I'm going to open it and show you guys right guys.
I'm gonna name you. Tweety.
I'm gonna show to him, Mom. I can't. Don't. Yeah.
I'm just gonna go to sleep because there's.
I'm not really sure what we've got.
I'm not sure about that but. Yeah. So when I.
I'm not sure how I'm gonna open this, but I.
I'm not. It's been long in town but.
I've already done that. Start from 012.
I've got a clue. I'm gonna try and work. It did that you like.
I've just got back home again and I'm sorry I didn't vlog.
I've probably enjoyed doing it. I mean, I don't really.
If I am five, yeah, and I add 6. I am.
If you can see whether the freaking.
If you know, I really got any new summer club.
If you think you know what it is, I ain't got it.
If you've already taped over like 5.
In the comments if you want to put all the clips.
In this vlog, but just let just let me know.
Is spent acula.
Is the just like general stuff there?
Is. But yes, this is my hotel room.
It's awesome, but yeah, bathroom. Basic stuff, really.
It's me, human.
It's nice, yeah.
It's not. It's nothing. I bought some.
Jill so yeah, I'm just gonna on the way to meet.
Just anything that were got a being.
Just close this down. It says 12345.
Just out on Zacky's last walk before we go.
Keep on watching, keep on leaving comments, you guys.
Knows. Bill hasn't been back for a bit.
Life 5 clips have recovered if you want to upload.
Like I only have to open it there because I couldn't really open it.
Lot of them. So I'm gonna leave this up to you.
Love it, love it. And it is. A Hard Rock, rocky and dry.
Me falling all over it is about let me just.
Miss. About this camcorder. Is the night of.
Monday so goodnight guys. And stay cool.
More tempted to open whenever I know. Freaking go.
Mostly do. Not sure about the color, no. You look so nice. All right guys, I have just got home from town.
My bag and yeah the view or is 1020 or.
My old.
Need last? Alright, well, you went social.
Need to put this and she wants me to put this.
No expenses, so got a new hotel. So this is the.
No, just one, but yeah, that's one. You can pick this one up there, yeah. What do you think? Gosh, nice.
No, no, no. Alright then, right so. Riddle go on. What is it?
No, no. I think I see you. Morning, pal. Right, guys.
Not now. Tell me when this fog is uploading.
Not really good. Trying not to laugh, so we'll just let you know.
Nothing really important, it's something I need.
Obviously it's because it's well too.
Of course, a couple of scary videos.
Of toxic box came in but I just thought.
Off for the bit and take the rest of the SD lads.
Off the memory card I thought I left it.
Ohh again I'll do it again and put it in this.
Ohh you looked very good. Not what you looking for.
Ohh, obviously something I never ever fails.
OK, so. We're walking so far, Rome and the bus I could catch.
OK. Right.
On there, that one, yeah. And that one and what I'm not sure about the colour on this one.
On video they were like ohh mainly why? That was yeah, yeah, it was long, you know, so.
Or if you want to talk, Lord, you know the clip.
Or what's your to pick the that green one or the?
Or, you know, if you can meet me and I would.
Ordered a new one. Um. This time instead of just.
Outdated. This drink is so gorgeous if you want.
Pinball. Small games can be good.
Planned. You know, Polish. Like going to chill out and.
Plus what before we go to bed. Here's your son.
Prelate. So if you didn't join.
Pretty good, but I'm gonna go upstairs, plug in the PS.
Pull summer clothes. I think Mom's gonna go shop.
Push up and I'm sure Mom and the teachers are.
Put again tonight everything I can do.
Quick I caught that so I don't really have to.
Really do much just went to. Town to get.
Really. Thought you have enjoyed it and. Yeah, I'm.
Reckless polite doesn't mean it's for York.
Recommend it. It's healthy, which is good. And I know.
Recording today. So the cliffs that have already.
Recovering equipment. And it says if.
Right guys, I've got a problem. Umm.
Right now that I like that ohh it's got.
Right. I was just about to go upstairs to go to bed.
Right. What is Mencarini phone? No, we're not good.
Shut up.
So 11:00 o'clock hands just a beautiful.
So and I'm not find out till Monday so.
So how far? So yeah, it's really gorgeous.
So I've got. Well, that's it, you know, leaving the.
So it is and don't worry. You know, as soon.
So when this is uploading right, she can tell.
So yeah, we'll see what happens.
So. No, not far until this blog is uploading. So when?
Some new claws, and that's mostly get some new.
Some new clothes. Just got some new stuff. You.
Straps across the yeah, that one there.
Stripes on look see stripes.
Thank you. Do you want me to upload the clips I've?
That guys, I've just gotten to bed. I hope you have.
The bathroom. OK, that's not that's just switch for the bathroom.
The bus arc could catch that gets me home.