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About tick tock, tell me something your mum doesn't know that I like cock she deaf or not, I knew that from over there. You could say it to your ex. What would it be?
Ah, go. We're going there live.
All my life for the bitches. You want to shrug me, shag me. Get your fucking bed. What's your name? My name is what do you like about Preston? Absolutely nothing. I pulled zero women with that. It ...
Alright, let's go. Something like that, everyone. Your name.
Alright, see you later guys. Bro, is this she misses? Yes, this is she's my beautiful cat. Tell me something she doesn't know.
Alright, sounds little. What's your name? I'm here. Where you from, Abby Billington.
Also, one hour lay down. Get him fucking up too. 4000 Preston. What's worst thing you've ever done at a party, shadow? Do you think the earth is flat?
Alter whenever it gets faster. Checking out for the Liverpool master. I'm a raver. Drug Craver made me a line I'll sniff like later while wanted the girls and their back turn it around there to giv...
Always good down there, though. It's fucking not. Burnley is a blessed place to be.
Always I was doing. How you doing?
And don't be shy. What's your name? Where you from? You'll go viral.
And everyone was drinking and I'm gonna show it back saying she was looking for me. I went back and I'll meet you there, bear face off.
And I didn't. Ohh so iPhone chewy gummies pocket that old chestnut ohh so it would make you did it. Yeah fucking tea leaf. Tell me something your mom doesn't know that shaped in her bed.
And I'd bear to drink and I'd literally falling asleep in some gaffes here. I literally woke up, I was sleepwalking and I pissed in my mate's garage all over his new TV. Yeah, ohh fucking pissed of...
And it landed in the back of my head, turned inside. Let me stop.
And kind of just pull you to one side and actually a few questions. How do you like it? How many poos have you had today, one?
And then I picked them back up. So then in morning she woke up with shit on the BBQ and then the skids in the knickers.
And they all right if you wanna go on.
And they come with the balls are pinstar, but my man's wearing a jacket that's got Insta.
Angelina rollheiser? Angelina rollies. What are you gonna do for the UK? Nothing. And expect that from this issue that what was your worst chat up line.
Are you doing? You're up. How you doing?
Around town, me and my crew, freezing cold, stood in the queue. If you if you back that thing up, I'll push up on it.
As you know. Don't get him. See, you're a good criminal. Then you write him back. You get away with it.
Back off, go any golden Virginia. Unbelief. Unbelief. That's the one. Unbelief, unbelief. Ohh can I get a higher? Good on you get up there. Can you run fast? Can you run fast?
Baghdad. No. Is he yours?
Because I run this town on you. You're on this side. You couldn't run a bus. The ground. OK, why are you single?
Been a pleasure to Ah, Wow, I wouldn't put you out.
Begging it whoa, whoa, whoa. You just really got hit by a fucking car.
Believe me, I know. If that. Dev. What's your name? First. Hi. Time shoelaces. Ohh you're a cop. Oh Oh my God. When I was 16. Are you scared? Drinking like boys and do do stupid shit. Oh oh. Ohh no...
Big messy you don't know about me spit bosses primary. Ohh.
Body on the road make a big boy playing in the street gonna take off well Sunday. Ohh baby work that magic. Ohh my miss over there point coming to them. We're entering town. You've got me feeling l...
Boom, boom, boom. So race on prestonian mate.
Boy yeah, guess. Ohh, yeah. Tell me something your mum doesn't know. Tell your masters, our mate. Stop it. What's the best Preston North End player? I mean, I mean what's best? Blackpool player, ob...
Bro, what? What do you want me to say to that? What do you want to say, Sir?
But are you guys gonna smash it? I'm a sexy Cortana. If you could party with any celebrity impression. Yeah, work it, baby.
But fucking. Well, I.
But you also don't. Fucking getting Cassie. Nice. Nice to meet you. She just went to spud me. Check us out. Peter King. Fire scran. Come on, you know we don't mess up. What do you like about Preston?
But you haven't get 4 coronas there.
Can I have a little question for you? Will you fuck off? No.
Can you know get you know, get it out, get it out. Wigan Town, Wigan town. Ohh baby work that magic. Why are you all kicking off for?
Can't tell me, what's your name? Johnny. Here. Where you from, Johnny? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. From Burford. And yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Where's Barry Fordham? Yeah, yeah. It's always out of ...
Cash, cash converters, cash converters.
Chachamaru. There.
Check it off and get flicked down below so it now looks like a granddad's nose. Looks like your granddad's nose. Yeah, he's going. He's going. He's.
Clinton break it down, thinking making the new sound.
Cody, what's your name? Say your tegan. Bradley what? Tegan what? What's worst thing you've ever done?
Come on lol my God when she get off my go sick right? Tell me something that your mum don't know. I smoke weed. Tickle, tickle.
Come on, get in. What she got it for? I'll chase you, mate. You'll get, you know.
Come on, look. Come on. Don't be shy. Show us your pie.
Come on, where's your lovely spirit? He's stealing. He's stealing.
Comma age you can look at did you get yeah. When you got some in town. Space tonight. Hey baby dude. Ohh if you be like this is fucking Millie makes dog. No this is ohh I don't go to church. Ohh yo...
Comment below if you think I'm going to get banged out on one of these episodes. God you get your lease song, you get your cellar Rabbi comma wife beater ohh fatality and see finchy.
Cracker mahagan. What? What we did? Yeah. I've been on TV though the same. Don't get folk. Where you from? Corby chain. Fuck off. That's exactly where I'm from, mate. Why have I not seen you about,...
Darwin here. What you doing out on the boat for or I'm not going to migrants to get some food and going back to record some guitar, say guitar again. Guitar, guitar. What's the worst thing you've e...
Delicious. Ohh delicious is it? Well on a scale of 1 to garlic bread how good is it a soliday? Soliday. Would you go would you go again? Yeah. Ohh Miller. What's the worst club in Preston without a...
Deltek gloves, gloves. Clean ones. Gloves goes cleaner. Yeah, yeah. You never fucking relate. Ohh do my mate. Let's prove. Yes bro. I don't believe you've done anything wrong. It's my favorite comi...
Did you come back? Come on then. What you doing? Ohh have you got any hidden talents Jimmy?
Did you get? Yeah. Is he?
Did you just post your girlfriend and not tell me you're guaranteed?
Do it. What's your name?
Do you mind being on camera? We don't film people.
Don't ask me about pick up lines because I'd rather be pinned down and picked up.
Don't ask me about pick up lines because I'd rather be pinned down and picked up.
Don't want to Maria? Ohh. Do it now then. If it come here. Let's see it. Let's see how you do it. Yeah, go on, come on, come on, come on. Go on then. Gold. Gold.
Dude dude dude dude ohh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Well, you said no, no, not well. What's the world? What's the world?
Electricity. What's this? Why have you run off? What have you done?
Emotional damn it. Six months later I didn't. I didn't shake her but she was still wanting my Dick and saying she missed it and I was best one she's had. So fuck off. Ohh. But live in Burnley town....
Fall in the fire brigade. No the the worst thing you've ever done.
Feeling I've just seen you know, I've just seen you.
Fish meat. I get up my then, Jim, see you.
Fuck him in, chop off your knees. Buckle, man. Fuck him in. Chop off your knees. Do basic trees. Make me laugh forever. I wanna really, really was really, really, really really.
Fuck off. Get back. That's exactly where I'm from.
Fuck up for you for for that will go for man. What's it called?
Fuck you. Place your small videos. Students. God, he's got hair fever. Well, go, go, go, go, go, go go. Good. Yeah. Actually not moved up. If you, if you, if you back that thing up, I'll push up on...
Fucking are you doing?
Fucking drug tomorrow. Have you ever been caught sniffing your mum's knickers? No. You must be fucking good at it.
Fucking top lines. We are Celtic supporters, faithful, faithful.
Get off my website, you fucking knob head. Ohh for girls in Blackpool. I'll suck your fingers, mate. Look. Yeah, I don't even have any nails, so it's gonna be an easy one. Right. Yeah, on one SEC.
Get off the mum John, she's just got off yours. That's nice. Ohh what's your favorite music tech house? Ohh see you into a bit of Patrick shopping Patrick topping.
Glad. Wanna go because we're getting shite.
Go and get him.
Going on, what's got these old?
Gonna play again. What's your name? Is it Leon? Yes. Catch up, bitch. I got you going. Where you from? Sean originally. Originally my mother. I'm gonna bring you out. A guy.
Gonna put you in a fucking bin.
Got for me with that robbed. What brings you out tonight?
Got it. What are you doing? Yeah, I've been on TV. They're the same. Don't get full.
Grace, we're gonna have to move on. It's been a good night. I'll leave it. Fuck off. I'm trying to be funny. We'll see you on the next episode. Keep in touch. I haven't dropped waiting back over, s...
Guys, anyone else wanna go to project? I love Zach Bailey and coming from Pokémon cards. Because is that Suzanne Doyle?
Have some fun. Get a few drinks. You know, just enjoy myself. Speaking to mark a bit more, just enjoy myself, sure. From South Shields. What's the worst thing you've ever done? I wouldn't dare tell...
Have you been out on the night? Out? Because I'm a grass. Do you want?
Have you ever been caught sniffing your mum's knickers? No. You must be fucking got it. Ohh. What's worst thing you've ever done? Stabbed me man. Alright. She alright though? No, she breathing. Bah...
Have you got any hidden talents here?
Have you seen have you seen this guy's mom? Is what his mum's mum? Have you seen this guy?
Have you, have you family? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It's sound.
He threw it is that way. You've got a quiff. No, not not even. He threw it. Yeah, I dashed it. Him. He threw it back at me.
He threw it. Is that why? You've got a quiff? No, not not even. He threw it. Yeah, I dashed at him. He threw it back at me.
He's a pussy, man. It looks like he's he looked like he could not skin off rice pudding. Oh. Oh, yeah. Since you've been gone. Would you kiss him? Jesus Christ, man. Burnley. Y'all Burnley. Bad boy...
He's being a dickhead. Ohh. Do my mate. Let's move. Yes bro. I don't believe you've done anything wrong. You doing that? Coming. My favorite coming, man. Why? Johnny. Well, what's wrong with you? I...
He's stealing. He's stealing. Just seen you.
Heading towards is like getting fucking absolutely fucked out, dude Preston.
Hey it's been a pleasure to Ohh wow Ohh so.
Hey, big up, massive big up yourself. Well, what's that just dropped out your pocket?
Higher the kiss the sisters around there and she is. I've got a sister. But no, you don't kiss. Got six fingers off. Oh my God.
Honest man in Burley dating weird. Yeah, damn weird. Damn weird. Police are chasing car full of plaques. Not gonna go jail now. Fuck that. Not gonna get Bill. Man's not a rat. Took a few losses, bu...
Honest. The one the one who's your ID. I run this, you run, you run. This time you couldn't run a bus. Ohh. What's the worst thing you've ever done at a party?
Honest. The one. The one. I'm a prostitute. You're not a prostitute. Yeah. Ohh. Ollie Ollie.
Honey, not gonna go cash converters a lot.
How many days for the day?
How you doing? Cracker mahagan, Polish.
How you doing? Cracker. Mahogany Polish.
I didn't put ohh so I put chewy gummies pocket that old chestnut. Ohh. So it was me who did it. Yeah fucking Taylor leaf.
I guess I'm guessing, yeah, get some Knick knacks. Because you're kicking, you're stealing.
I know everything. You're the idiot if you think you do. Have you ever spat in someones ship? No. Liar. Yay. That's how we do it. That's disgusting that. Tell me something your mum doesn't know. I'...
I love you. Please come back to me, please, and I can let my nose go on.
I love you. Please come back to me. Please tell me. Tell me something. Your family doesn't know I'm gay. Ohh. Someone. Someone put on Facebook. What I'm saying I'm not mellow for you. Well where do...
I prefer it that way. I love cause you're all snakes. Yeah, but what if you've got a big. It's not your sister. This is it. Yeah. Yeah. But don't worry, we're not gonna. We're not blocking. Oh. Oh....
I'd arrest him and arrest him. He's been known for fucking violence on robberies, murder. Anything you want, mate. I've got a girlfriend at. I've got a girlfriend, right? Yeah. On Snapchat is I've ...
I'm from fucking Kobe. You from where Kobe came.
I'm from Glasgow. So please fuck off that dude. Dad. Hey man, I'm fucking 30. Look, you look like Lewis Capaldi. You're not the first person that said that. Gives us some. Paternal. You shagged the...
I'm from London. Where are you? What's your name? Did you come to Arsenal? What's worst thing you've ever done at a party? But Michael the arse by accident kept Lewis. Ooh baby, weren't that magic....
I'm in town, Ohio. What's your name? Alan Taylor. Where you from? Both W Wales. Tell me the worst thing you've ever done at a party.
I'm missing, but well, then all you're doing is old.
I'm not telling you, Julia Preston. Yeah. Ohh yeah, it's the best prestonian. Yeah bro, he's a paedophile. I'm off the deep. Hatches are Devin. Where's worst place you ever woke up?
I'm not. I'm not sure. I'm curious. Ohh is it? How many is it for you? Let's go and ask him.
I've done a lot of shit. Yeah, man. You can tell by the accent. What worst thing, though.
I've got a Jeep yo-yo Punjabi ice cream that tastes like shit of shit that tastes like ice cream.
I've got a Jeep. Tell me something she doesn't know. I would want to marry her. Do it now then, if it come here, let's see it. Megan Marie Ramirez, would you marry me? I fuck you. Need some cat? Lo...
I've got an IT on hey, don't let.
I've got an IT on hey. Why? Tell me something your mom doesn't know. She's dead. Ohh. It's Richie shoedog. Rishi shulak. What are you gonna do for the UK? Nothing. And expect that from Mr Sunak. Wh...
I've never my fucking Celtic fucking fucking top line. We are Celtic supporters faithful favor.
I've shagged about 50 birds. What's up? No.
If you could say anything to your expert right now on coming, what will it be? Your mum's a slag. Ohh. Look, you don't mean nothing. Yeah look, take her out. Over and out. Over and out in time. Nam...
If you steal his criminal, you're a criminal, yeah. Does he know you there?
In the streets of Darwin. Could we get a bit closer, guys? What's going on?
Int town 92
Is as well. Going out, you might get yourself through. Don't. My favorite sex position is no, I don't. Crying alone in bathroom. Your dad's got hairy balls. Fuck you, eggs.
Is birds 4.
Is he should be guy yo jumping on Mike and the best MC celery cool master from Burnley said listen yes and two to blow. You know I'm not a fucking performing monkey, sharmel me, Diggy people. You g...
Is it shows your guns? Wow. Call the vets the Swansea sick.
It landed in the back of my head, turned upside. Let me see it.
It was it. No, it was a family friend. Ohh. So we weren't related. Sure. Gucci. Gucci. Yeah. Yeah.
It's a load of fucking shite. Kinda just put you to one side. And actually a few questions. Yeah. How do you like it? If you could picture these, if you could pick any fruit, what would it? So if y...
It's quite long from now. Like I said, no.
It's still a steel taxis for a living, you steal taxis.
Jackhammer. We on, we on anyway well.
Jemc do MCMC for come here. Ohh you starting on me then I'm about to watch your head off. Ohh man do a ball. No.
Jesus. Yeah, John. My guy single. OK, I'm taking. I've gotta go. I didn't hear that. What sex line number? Why are you here?
Just catch a bit stronger somebody. Yeah, some.
Just catch a bit stronger. Somebody said yes, some.
Just making a documentary on a crackhead. Inside in his sound.
Just making a documentary on her crackheads. No, I'm joking.
Just one, yeah. But it will come out, come constipated. No, no, go to the what's that game called do?
Just one, yeah. But it will come out, come constipated. Stay away. Away, away where, Rocky. So what brings you here tonight?
Just roll up the bit on that, Dave.
Just stop dancing. If you could say anything to your expert right now on coming, what would it be? Your mum's a slag.
Kelly and chips before ohh eat. But we're gonna play a pastor, Mike. Where, where, where you all from?
Kobe, he's my fucking what? What? Not my fucking fault, you didn't. You just brought out a fucking.
Laughing. No weed on a tree. What? I bet I can make you say yes or no, right? Yeah. What you been drinking? Strong stuff. How strong is it? Ohh, not strong enough, but strong.
Let me think I know. Enable shoving it. Not today, actually by a minute ago.
Let's see, it's in there. Let's see. That's your way for one. Right.
Like he's a fucking team. Ohh my big mentor left. Do you wanna do a line with me? Nothing, mother man, for you. Why did you never tell me why you have an orgasm? She goes ohh like bothering you whe...
Like, no worries mate. Thank you for having us.
Lock it up smooth, criminal.
Lock it up. Hey, look you lock it up. Lock up.
Look one of about 10 in Romans coming from Pokémon cards. Because you get on this end, right? What's your name? My name is Josh. Josh. Josh, right, Josh.
Look, dog Jacob. Yep. Well, you from dog?
Look, don't say hello to come here. Come on, let me show you on.
Love you Nelly. I need you.
Man. And. Fred.
Megan Marie Ramage, would you marry me? How do you say I, I. Shut up. There you go. What do you said no, I said yes. You say yes. Give her a song. Then give her a song.
MGMC for coming oht you starting on me then I'm about to watch your head off. Ohh man dude ball noob.
Money if you have to watch your mum and dad have sex for the rest of your life, or join in once and get it over with, a brilliant questions what would you do?
Muffin man did Tanya. But I'm single. You get me your soul. Obviously, you know, I mean, where you from? I'm from originally from ****stan. Great. Yo, you know what is? You know what time it is? It...
Mushola. Last thing you've ever done at a party? Snorted Moss. Or a bong? Ohh. Sex doses? Bit weird guys. Bit weird. Enjoy yourself. How do you know me? Ohh, we're inked out. I know you as well.
My guitar. So you could say guitar. We got take guitar so I ended it. Guitar going you guys just you right is what I like to score. We get our.
My guy, my guy. What she get off my guy sick.
My name is Liam. Ohh. My name's Liam and we're in town. Ohh. Yeah. Join in with you about anything. Tell me something your family doesn't know. I'm gay. I've had a I've had a Willy up my bum before...
My skin tone.
My video mate. Are you living life right now? You're well, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Give us a ooh, baby say ooh no say ooh baby weren't that magic?
Nice Emma piss. Is that an Angelina Jolie? You're the one that I want.
Nice one, not so good, but is there any servers on that?
Nice. Ohh.
No cash. You can't come back on. It's going on, lads. He's out kicking off for walks. We should sort it out. OK. Should we sort it about a threesome? Honestly. Honestly. And your mum don't know? No...
No chip off my shoulder. Ohh, what's up to you? If you had to choose Rangers or Celtic, I am not getting involved with that, will you? Rangers.