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Georges St Pierre Soundboard

Georges St Pierre Soundboard

Georges St-Pierre retired as the reigning Welterweight Champion in December 2013. He held the record for most wins in title bouts and the second longest combined title streak in UFC history (2,204 days) He won the title twice and the interim title once between November 2006 and April 2008.
See also: Matt Serra, Firas Zahabi, Tristar Gym, UFC 63, UFC 158, and List of UFC champions.

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Before every fight, before every hardcore training session, I was afraid. Afraid to be humiliated, afraid to disappoint my mentor, and afraid to get hurt. At first after observing other fighter. I ...
But it's it's like the WWE when we're not in WWE.
Do you think you could beat a Connor or a Khabib today if you did go six months training and they did as well? Why? If I have the the the same, the motivation to do it? Yeah, believe so. Even at th...
Hello. Not impressed by your performance?
How do you like the new Reebok uniforms? Well, I I don't. I I like the Under Armour much better.
I see a tall guy coming at me and he asked for you beg for money. Down my window. This guy swears it's true story. He's the guy that used to bully me in school.
I sorry I'm late. I had to get some stitches. You know, they they give me some stitches, but I wanna have they wanna miss this.
I think a lot of people would be curious to see a fight between you and Khabib. What do you think about all these conversations coming up to see the two of you guys fight? Well, it's a. It's always...
I thought everybody cares about me, nobody cares about you, nobody cares. Only a small percentage of population. Nobody gives a damn. And even if they do what? You make a mistake, you you zig when ...
Like, hey Travis, why don't you relax? Cause we're here from planet fucking whatever it is the the information was flowing faster because there was like boom right away. What? I think you get it. Y...
Man I I wouldn't I wouldn't like to do that fight again. Ohh so sorry to I don't wanna swear on TV. Sorry for that. Martial art is not about who got the big the the biggest balls or to speak. Sorry...
Michael bisping. Michael Bisping was also one that was a good at getting under people's skin, right? Right, good, yeah, somebody said here, he admitted. They imitated you. Do you know how to imitat...
My first fight ever, I get paid $1100 because my opponent did not make the weight. Otherwise I would have probably made even less because I got 30% of his purse.
People step, they retired and they tried to come back. A lot of the people, they fall into drugs because I wanna catch up to that. They want to feel alive again. So they want, they need that sensat...
The first time I wanted to that I that I heard about mixed martial art is I was at my friend's house, he rented a DVD and right away when I see him when I got inspired and I wanted to become like h...
The sun is setting every day, every evening, but don't forget it. Rise every morning as well. Stay positive for my friends.
Water is wet, fire burn, and I'm going to beat Michael Bisping.
Welcome to Doctor Paul's tick Tock corner. I'm the Internet doctor Paul.