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Desk Set Soundboard

Desk Set Soundboard

Desk Set is a 1957 American romantic comedy film directed by Walter Lang and starring Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn. The screenplay was written by Phoebe Ephron and Henry Ephrons from the 1955 play of the same name by William Marchant. The film was released as His Other Woman in the UK.
See also: Resolute desk, Western Electric hand telephone sets, Help desk, Telephone, Sue Randall, and Partners desk.

I'll have to call you back with that information.
The detective concluded without further investigation that the victims had died of strangulation.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there.
There she is. She's our trademark. She's been with the company since it first started 36 years ago.
Wait a minute, you forgot this.
Well, I guess I better put my clothes on. I left him in the bedroom.
Well, just hold on. Hold the phone. I'll get that for you.
What about my galoshes?
What did you want to see her about it? Maybe I could help you.
What's going to be a Midget golf snack bar?
Who made him a vice president? Kathy Kath? You?
With or without people.
Would you mind spelling that please?
Would you stop fussing that budget for a minute and answer a question?
Yeah, sure I can. You got a pencil?
Yes, do that next time.
Yes, I love it. If it didn't work here, I'd pay to get in.
Yes, yes, I have that right here. Certainly it's no trouble.
You can calculate rapidly up to 13 anyway.
You didn't make another date, I hope.
You don't care whether you impress people or not, do you?
You gotta drink a little something for those hiccups.
You Remember Me, don't you?
You see, I've only ever been to White Plains three times in my whole life.
You too know each other, don't you?
You waited seven years.
You're one of the leading exponents of the electronic brain in this country, and the inventor and patent holder of an electronic brain machine called emrek, the electromagnetic memory and research ...
You're right.
You're welcome.
Your phone peg.