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For you at.
Hi, call nobody.
I called you.
I hasten sheer.
I wonder if I I'll take you out.
Is this so?
Let me write that down.
Let's do it.
My name is Richard Hanson.
My pay one *** **** thing I'll stop your ****** ******* brains out.
No, you call Maine.
Oh, come on.
Open up my *** **** foot up your *** **** as you bump.
Q You *** **** dog and burn your ************* house now.
So you think you're standing?
This rich
Well, I'll give you know my address and I'll blow your *** **** brains out.
Yeah, I like you see it and you got damn face. I'll see it in your *** **** face.
Yeah, you call Maine you stupid *******
You don't call my *** **** house.
You feel this cameo *** **** ice over here. How key.
You're a liar.
1564 Abbey Road.
1564 Ivy Rd.