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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All right?
Alright you coming over.
Alright, I can make some phone calls.
Alright, I guess you he's a white guy, right?
And how would I won't know anything about that?
And I don't want you too, but.
Are you are you on your way here?
Are you getting you? Try calling them?
Are you I thought you want me to give him ******* while you were screwing my *****
Are you my mother? Everybody's coming.
Are you sure? Crazy world.
Belong, go that way.
Bring Jessica Holden argument door.
Call Joe Mama. Come on over you come over and where is the party?
Come on over.
Come over so we can ******* suck. Really, you ain't coming over.
Creating 6 Ivy Rd.
Do you have any idea who you talking to?
Do you want to phone?
Do you?
Enjoy jerking off.
He got a German over and you guys coming over here with this.
He uses stop sign and I mean right perfect morning.
He was earlier. If you went home.
He's a little one.
Hello Tyrone.
Hey Jessica.
Hey, how you doing man?
Hey, Uh, you know Jessica?
Hey, you know Tyrone?
Hi, how you doing Jessica?
How are you? You won't know you video or something.
How big are your own bigger? You know both.
How big is **** ****
How big is I won't stick.
How many guys you want me to take care of?
How you doing man?
How you doing now?
Hurt you and Tyrone come on over seeing what but now are.
I ain't been no federal prison man.
I don't know about Richard Place goes that way or not I don't know nothing about that.
I don't know baby.
I doubt it. You got no money.
I guess I'll only get him in here before.
I guess we could write about anything you want you, dear.
I have no idea.
I just got.
I thought you guys really here by now.
I thought you want me to give him a ******* while you were screwing my Sandy.
I thought you were coming over here tonight.
I want you come deep inside of Maine.
I would say summer dresses with you.
I'll tell Natalia's me over here.
I'm here in my view Rd.
I'm just a mile run Rd for men.
In my what?
Is very important.
Lee said that.
My *** boy.
Oh my God.
Oh you wanna **** him?
OK, well if you want some come on over just going with she would happen.
Or if you had some amazing Rd.
Our argument all right now.
Page on hold.
Play you you wanna suck out Mr **** or something.
Please search the song in the Italian sausage.
Please, how old are you doing?
Robert do fine.
Robert knows where I was only.
Robert new card.
Robert, come, Robert showing it on the phone.
Rubber do fine.
She's 15 years old.
Similarly, saying the words you say honey sold out, what now?
So very much.
So you and Jessica were gonna come over.
Sorry if you don't want my Richard, you stay on that road. He is in his top side and I'm right there in the corner.
Sorry, wait a minute. What are you saying about Siri again?
Tell Jones
The money.
The title want to do with you.
They wanna meet you over here.
This one.
Tyrone white guy.
Very good.
Want to come over? Come over now.
We going talking about.
What am I gonna do The Who?
What are you doing ******* her? She's been ******* you.
What are you guys just come on over?
What did Tyrone?
What would you like me to do?
What you want me to you gonna bring Robertson found over 2.
When is the gonna be here?
Where you at?
Where you guys at I need directions.
Which is which is the Virgin. He say he saved himself for you.
Who is Jordan over here? With here our we gonna do.
Why don't you ask him?
Why don't you come over and see for yourself what I can do?
Why I'm going to big baby?
Why is explain to me when you get here?
Why we all need to get together and figure out what we gonna do?
Yeah man, this is my name is Ellen Jones.
Yeah, you coming over here.
Yeah, you work that our Richard.
You be gentle with Maine.
You coming over real ******* Search in Edgewood.
You don't want directions how she'll be here in a minute.
You gonna make me.
You gotta pull up in my mouth.
You said you wanted to **** me in the same with her strap on for you *******
You wanna lick my *******
You wanna pick Richard up thing? Do whatever you version one do we gotta do that?
You you are you coming over with Jessica or what?
You you gonna come by here tonight.
You're gonna **** me in the *** lately.
14 inches