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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Al The Drunk Soundboard Sound
Alright hello.
Alright, closes what?
Alright, so we'll bodies like Oh yeah, you and your ******* people, shrimp or cold.
And I'm not talking you keep down.
Are you coming back in my glory? Done shows a *****
Are you not drink?
Call nobody night.
Charlotte symbol
Come and knock on my ******* door by.
Come and knock on my balls.
Come and knock on my door yeah, yeah yeah come on over ****** ******
Come and knock on my door, ************
Corrosion **** Me ****** ******
Crazy more calling me friend in Maine.
Don't ******* redneck piece of ****
Every ******* becoming climbed in is being recorded by the phone company right now.
Forecast for Wednesday the police report alright.
General Kearney.
Give me your badges only. Let me write all this stuff down, officer.
Go **** your mother. You dumb *** ** * *****
Go ahead and you ******* balls and come back on the door you want. Talk to me.
Good buddy, I don't need no AA.
Good, how are you?
Hey come and knock on my door you know my name you know what you know mature, you know where I live.
Hey, call nobody you don't have a big.
Hey, I really mean for you please support last night and there's never want to learn about these phone calls.
How are you right here, including my ******* face?
I am holding body overlong. Somebody is using one of them. Conference flying calls or using the computer or something. Well, nobody on my phone except 911 to report always threatening phone calls. ...
I don't call nobody.
I don't drink.
I got girls, I got plenty of ******* girls.
I need a girl with the change.
I never killed over the young American soil.
I said take this **** out of your mouth.
I'll find out who you are, where you live before you find out wireless.
I'm in North Carolina.
I'm telling you the truth.
I'm worse than their ****** ******
It's good.
John O'Connor
John Seymour
Join Yes, some more. Check **** **** Little Liars.
Keep talking you dumb ****** ******
Kiss my *** you ******* ****** ****** ******
Leave me alone.
Let's face it out of your mouth and ******* start talking so I can understand you.
Let's start over again. Identify yourself included.
Look up blue ice on the phone company. Any incoming calls to this number are being played.
My mother is dead.
My name is Earl.
My phone ring you don't send me the picture calling Maine.
No fingers bigger in your ******* ****
No your ******
Nobody down here to college number we want who are you talking about?
Oh my God for my ******* door with some place.
OK, let's say the word you ******* saying.
Once you go **** your mother.
Once you kiss my ******* ******* sticking tongue up there, you piece of ****
One now *******
One way remaining 4.
Only love long distance dialing on my phone.
People playing the ******* girl in a coffin bye.
People said.
Phone coming already got your number in your location.
Please call at all.
Please send me jacking **** **** Why you talking to me?
Promo find out who the **** you are you are. You ****** ** friends right?
Put your ***** inside your ****** ******
Quit calling me.
Sergeant Johnson
She's ******* dead. You dumb *** ** * *****
So do I will beat the snot out of him next time?
So I think you should I remember.
So say your prayers to God for you come and do that.
So you want *****
Sounds a bit.
Suck **** **** ******
Sugar Creek, Mo.
Sure who.
Sure, you blew up the paper bag. You dumb *** ** * *****
Thank you love your mom. ****** ******* Grow some balls and coming back on my door.
Thank you my address. You got my phone number.
Thank you, thank you, said are you now?
Thanks for you.
That feel good.
The ****** ******* ****** ******** ****** ******* redneck piece of ****
They say you'll ever hear his shot that killed him.
Think central banker out of your ******* mouth so I can understand you.
Turns out alone ****** ****** Somebody gonna die with me.
Twinkle ******* come.
Wait, come over to my house and back on my God shut off.
Wait, you're not on my door, you dumb *** ** * ***** She goes dial 1 poisoning.
We talked on the phone how many place in this car?
Well, find out who **** you. What Sagan pieces yes.
Well, posedion don't you understand?
Well, you can't even ******* come Kenya.
Well, you got here in your *** yeah make you ******* call soon phone huh?
What are you ******* stupid?
What are you? what I ******* want.
What bag?
What do you say about Phil Davis?
What do you want now or?
What do you want so I could show it off?
What is your real phone? Call me some some stupid ******* computer.
What now you piece of ****
What the **** are you calling?
What the **** are you saying? Thank you. Fill out your love.
What you can't figure out how to load your gun?
What's your real name?
Where is called nobody.
Where there was your marry, you talk about it some.
Who are you calling?
Who are you coming? Dialect voices in my ******* yard.
Who did you call?
Who do you call?
Who do you want?
Who is this?
Who is this?
Who the hell are you talking to?
Who the hell are you?
Why don't you ******* **** ** **** you ****** ************
Why is she calling Maine?
Why were you here? *** **** phone you *******
Why would I need an AA meeting?
Why you don't call nobody?
Why you like ******* guys in the *** you ****** ************
Why you think entire ******* ******* **** or something?
Why you think of think aloud to big thank God.
Yeah, from saving main coming back on my ******* door you're very good.
Yeah, I only had the police here once tonight. I had a beer when it's likely phone call.
Yeah, so he's bringing my phone. I keep answering it.
Yeah, you think don't you understand, yeah.
Yes, a good boy. What you want now.
You are addicted to Gonzaga.
You can quit calling me. That's what you can do for me.
You can.
You found a compromise or with a bad series young like terrified himself.
You gotta drink your own ******* tongue.
You gotta hear you're coming back on my door and see what ******* happens. They're gonna come to your house for her rationally.
You know my phone number. You will say my address.
You know who I am coming back on my ******* door you piece of ****
You know you love it.
You not sure amazes.
You rely.
You still work.
You wanna **** Maine?
You're calling me, right? So nobody.
Your ***** ****** ******* ******
Your ****** what you want now?
Your computer says is being traced. Right now he sounds a bit.
Your life really worthless.
Your phone companies placing your phone call right now.
Your voice rather they see yourself in the ******* head. You got a gun. Shoot it.
**** ** sucking **** ******* quiz.
**** you and yes.
**** you gay.
**** you.
**** you.
******* shoot yourself in the ******* bag. Put yourself out of your misery.
******* with my *******