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Married with Children - Season 3

Married with Children - Season 3

Married with Children, a popular television sitcom that aired from 1987 to 1997, entertained audiences for eleven seasons with its hilarious portrayal of the dysfunctional Bundy family. Season 3, which premiered in 1988, continued to captivate viewers with its blend of outrageous comedy and biting sarcasm.

The main cast of Married with Children – Season 3 included:

1. Ed O'Neill as Al Bundy: The lovable yet disgruntled shoe salesman who constantly finds himself stuck in unfortunate situations.
2. Katey Sagal as Peggy Bundy: Al's lazy and extravagant wife, known for her iconic red bouffant hairdo and her never-ending pursuit of leisure.
3. Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy: The beautiful yet dim-witted daughter who often steals the attention with her stunning looks.
4. David Faustino as Bud Bundy: The crafty and sexually frustrated son, perpetually unsuccessful with the ladies.
5. Amanda Bearse as Marcy Rhoades-D'Arcy: Peggy's best friend and next-door neighbor. Marcy is known for her feminist activism and her antagonistic relationship with Al.

Season 3 of Married with Children introduced several memorable episodes that have become fan favorites over the years. One iconic episode from this season is "The Naked and the Dead, But Mostly the Naked," which aired on April 10, 1988. In this hilarious installment, Al accidentally ends up posing for a nudist magazine, causing chaos within the Bundy household.

Another noteworthy episode is "Her Cups Runneth Over," which aired on February 7, 1988. In this comedic gem, Peggy finds a job as a bra model, much to Al's chagrin. The situation spirals out of control when Peggy becomes a local celebrity, amplifying Al's humiliation.

Married with Children – Season 3 also showcased engaging guest appearances, adding an extra layer of excitement to the series. Notable guest stars in this season include:

1. Ted McGinley as Jefferson D'Arcy: Marcy's second husband, who becomes a prominent character.
2. Tricia Cast as Beth: Bud's crush and love interest in several episodes.
3. Jan Hoag as Fluffy: One of Peggy's eccentric friends who often causes trouble for Al.

The delightful mix of clever writing, memorable characters, and talented performances made Married with Children – Season 3 an instant classic. With its unrelenting mockery of the idealized family unit and sharp, often controversial humor, the show distinguished itself from other sitcoms of the time.

If you are a fan of Married with Children – Season 3 or want to relive the laughter, you can now play and download the sounds from this iconic series. Whether you want to hear Al's trademark catchphrase "Let's rock!" or Peggy's shrill laughter, these sounds will transport you back to the Bundy living room. Immerse yourself in the timeless hilarity of Married with Children with this exclusive collection.

So, don't miss out on this opportunity to relish the wacky antics of the Bundy family once again. From Al's countless misadventures to Peggy's idleness and the sibling rivalry between Kelly and Bud, Season 3 is sure to provide hours of entertainment and laughter. Whether you're a long-time fan or just discovering the show, these sounds from Married with Children – Season 3 are a must-have addition to your collection. Play and download them now to fully indulge in the hilarity of this beloved television series.

A "faking you out of your jock."
A $100 bill!
A 60 year old man
A bald head says, "good in bed."
A beautiful beaded evening purse
A big one, with my name on it.
A bra with its feet on the ground.
A bunch of boring bankers.
A cheerleader.
A close family member?
A cool mill.
A couple of times before.
A cup of coffee.
A door high enough so you can crawl under without paying?
A family that doesn't respect me,
A fat ghost.
A Ferguson says, "I'm a toilet.
A Ferguson, the king of bowls.
A Ferguson, you say.
A five, six, seven, eight.
A Ganaywick sister has me!
A ghost town.
A good place to start
A great meal out of this money.
A guy gets a little knee to the groin,
A hairy child put a reflector by his head
A happy Tater Totting, fish sticking man.
A hundred bucks!
A job.
A lawyer takes 30 percent.
A list of idiots like that
A little differently in my present state of mind.
A little is all I've got.
A little sooner,
A little, "Hey, Bruno, look at this."
A long distance phone call?
A loser?
A man who likes girls but hates women.
A man's home is his castle.
A milk carton with a tree growing out of it.
A million cars on the road,
A million dollars, Al.
A million dollars, Marcie.
A million dollars?
A mission to accomplish.
A mother with her children.
A Mrs. Marcie Rhoades.
A Penthouse, a night light,
A quart of Chin Away,
A real man,
A real man's bra. [LAUGHS]
A runny nose and a bad back.
A sea breeze.
A senior citizen's bus pass?
A seven.
A small fortune,
A toilet bowl like my dad had.
A total and complete loser.
A trap door!
A week ago I had 10 pairs of socks.
A whole city that curses the day I was born.
A windfall, just like the gypsy said.
A wolf. [SNARLING]
A woman's orgasm is brought on
A wretch of a human being?
A.k.a. Peggy Pundy.
About 28 days from now?
About 28 days from now?
About his stupid record
About like this?
About that Pippi Longstocking girl.
About the man who's stalking my husband?
About the White Sox.
About this tall.
About what happened this afternoon.
Accepts me for what I am,
Actually, I was wondering if you could do me a favor.
Actually, it's an interesting phenomenon
Actually, uh, we're up from Chi Town.
Actually, uh, we're up from Chi Town.
Actually, your father doesn't earn enough
Affection is just a hammerlock away from sex.
After Al learned that a man with $20
After all, if it wasn't for me,
After all, you have to do something
After last night's feast of the three legged chicken.
After taxes, we get squat.
After that,
After you overflowed the toilet.
Again and again,
Ah ah ah. Not so fast, Al.
Ah, books are for idiots.
Ah, but she hasn't tried Francine's of Hollywood
Ah, don't worry about it.
Ah, go ahead. Give me the test.
Ah, here it is.
Ah, I see a death.
Ah, it's next door.
Ah, it's the freeway ban that really hurts.
Ah, Jesus.
Ah, look at that...
Ah, Peg,
Ah, Peg, this is just like being in a real theater.
Ah, Steve, gee. Must be my lucky day.
Ah, there we That's me, Dad.
Ah, we were always gonna.
Ah, what else could happen to me?
Ah, what the hell, light up.
Ah, what the hell? Everybody eats!
Ah, what the hell.
Ah, yes,
Ah, you know how
Ah! Here we go.
Ah. Feeling better, honey?
Ah... Look at her, Marce.
Ahem. Ahem.
Al and I both agreed to.
Al Bundy.
Al Bundy. Of course!
Al doesn't mind spending $500 on his wife.
Al ducks behind a tree.
Al is gonna be a Patty girl.
Al Jolson's Greatest Hits.
Al loves that toilet bowl more than he does me.
Al sweated Elvis.
Al told me I'd find you here.
Al wouldn't eat unless his food was warm.
Al, Al!
Al, can I ask you something?
Al, can I talk to you for a second?
Al, can't you get rid of them?
Al, come up here and hold me.
Al, do you know what this means?
Al, have you seen my ashtray?
Al, honey,
Al, honey, get up.
Al, honey, how can we afford a new bathroom?
Al, I am really upset with your wife.
Al, I can't bear this burden alone.
Al, I don't see any area marked off for a sink.
Al, I got some bad news.
Al, I just saw Elvis.
Al, I know you were at a funeral and all,
Al, I made more than you losing a tooth when I was a kid.
Al, I saw Elvis.
Al, I was never in a fight.
Al, I'm feeling a little fevered.
Al, I'm serious.
Al, it doesn't matter
Al, it is 7:30 in the morning.
Al, it's my birthday.
Al, just let me start at the beginning,
Al, just take the book back.
Al, look at our little girl.
Al, maybe it's not too late
Al, my mother saved the curls from my first haircut.
Al, she dances like a horse.
Al, she's failing again.
Al, take me.
Al, that's not nice.
Al, we are living like Okies.
Al, we hardly do anything together anymore.
Al, we've got to do something.
Al, what are we gonna do?
Al, why don't you
Al, you are a total disgrace.
Al, you don't think I'm getting old, do you?
Al, you were looking for a brain.
Al, you're just being paranoid.
Al, you're not supposed to drink it,
Al, your dog burst into our house
Al, your dog went on my carpet.
Al, your life is pathetic.
AL: * Moon river *
AL: Bless you!
AL: Damn it!
AL: Get off of me!
AL: Have a nice time.
AL: Later, Kelly.
AL: My record is going to hell.
AL: Now, that's a man's flush.
AL: Now, was that sex, or was that sex?
AL: Ooh! [THUD]
AL: Peg,
AL: Peg, I stepped in the garbage can,
AL: Peg, who's the cop with his pants on backwards?
AL: This him?
AL: Well, it's about time.
Al? Al Bundy?
Al's aim isn't very good.
Al's armpits are the doorway to another dimension.
Al's bowels are draining the very lifeblood
Al's dead.
Al's mother just threw up in the dip.