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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Al The Drunk Megaboard Soundboard Sound
Al The Drunk Megaboard Soundboard Sound
Al The Drunk Megaboard Soundboard Sound
Al The Drunk Megaboard Soundboard Sound
All right?
All right?
Already answered that.
Alright buddy, what?
Alright hello.
Alright you coming over.
Alright, bye.
Alright, I guess you use a white guy, right?
Am I what?
And so I don't want to be with you.
Are you a cop?
Are you are you on your way here?
Are you coming back on my joy you dumb *****
Are you gonna find out how bad picture I am?
Are you I thought you want me to give him ******* while you were doing my *****
Are you lonely?
Are you not drink?
Babies computers. It's called the soundboard. To record, you know what you say, they use 3 way call Marshall.
Boy, what a man you are.
But somebody doing that 3 way calling you, but they they recorded me talking and then the other night doing that **** ****** ******* with you. I can't hear no one will bring in.
Call me in the morning when you get up. Call Felicia make a report.
Call nobody night.
Call you.
Can you please turn my big my ****** *******
Chinese symbol.
Come and knock on my ******* door by.
Come and knock on my balls.
Come and knock on my door yeah, yeah yeah come on, bring it over.
Come on over in my ***
Come on over.
Come on Rose and **** Me ****** ******
Come over so we can ******* suck. Really, you ain't coming over.
Come over to my house, turn off.
Coming back from my door bringing preach with you, you dumb similar best they give you Blacks whites I ******* kill you.
Coming back in my dorm, other parties.
Coming back on my door and bring a priest we don't need last place I'm gonna kill you.
Crazy Mark only friend in Maine.
Created by the road.
Do you ******* self with this week?
Do you have my phone number? You must learn my address.
Do you like doctor size of my little finger, your ******
Do you need the lick me right there? We did last time you were over you.
Do you want to phone?
Do you?
Don't ******* redneck piece of ****
Dumb ****** ******
Enjoy jerking off.
Every ******* becoming coil I'm getting is being recorded by the phone company right now.
Every month.
Figure out your son.
Forecast for Wednesday police report right.
General Kearney.
Give me a call when you get up in the morning and I'll walk up and get cigarettes on you.
Give me your badge number. Let me write all this stuff down, officer.
Go **** your mother. You dumb *** ** * *****
Go **** yourself.
Go ahead and you ******* balls. Come back on the door you want. Talk to me.
Go back to sleep. I'm trying to.
Go right now.
Go to Mama. Come on over you, come over and where is the party?
Going to Joliet, IL? You gonna need a gentleman named Jerome.
Good buddy, I don't need no hey.
Good morning coming to bring my door step.
Good morning number for Maine.
Good morning, come knock on my door ************
Good, how are you?
Good, how are you?
Have a nice day.
Hawaii called nobody.
He was earlier. If you went home.
Hello ****** ****** You keep down.
Hello Tyrone.
Her Jessica.
Hey I know Jessica.
Hey, call nobody. You don't sound of a *****
Hey, coming back on my door you know my name. No, you know we sure you know where I live.
Hey, how you doing man?
Hey, I really mean for him police report last night, but there's never want to learn about these phone calls.
Hey, why don't you ******* coming back on my door you dumb ******* *****
Hi Jessica.
Hi Richard.
Hi, how you doing Jessica?
Homecoming already got your number in your location.
Hoping hope.
How are you right here in love in my ******* face?
How are you wish you to call you? Try that 8777 number.
How are you you wanna make a video or something?
How are you? My love everybody's coming.
How big are your bigger? You know both.
How big is **** ****
How do you know Maine?
How do you know Maine?
How do you love me?
How do you say I won't stick?
How many fingers see some of your ******* One point.
How many guys you want me to take care of?
How you doing man?
How you doing now?
Hurt you and Tyrone come on over seeing what about now are.
I ain't been no federal prison man.
I am holding body over long. Somebody is using one of them, conference line calls or using the computer or something. I will be on my phone except 911 to report. Always threatening phone calls. Hav...
I am not calling 911.
I called you earlier.
I called you here.
I can hear you now.
I didn't call nobody.
I don't drink.
I don't know barbecue place goes that way or not I don't know nothing about that.
I don't know how many think you get up there.
I don't know you need some kinda help.
I don't know, maybe.
I don't wanna do this if you're falling Maine.
I don't want no man is something that they don't do that **** right that way.
I don't want you some jeans inside Maine.
I doubt it. You got no money.
I got girls, I got plenty of ******* girls.
I guess we could write about anything you want you, dear.
I have no idea.
I know these guys are using computers. You know the call everybody.
I made a police report about you and your ******* phone calls.
I need a girl with the change.
I never killed over the American soil.
I only know Goldman strain.
I think you should out of your mouth and ******* start talking so I can understand you.
I thought you guys are gonna be here by now.
I thought you were coming over here tonight.
I will give a damn where the hell you are, right? You know who I am? You know my lady friends name you coming back on my door you sorry I speak and I'll tell you what when your priest with you why?
I will put ** **** ** your mouth.
I would say summer dresses with you.
I'll find out who you are, where you live before you find out wireless.
I'll tell Natalia's me over here.
I'm going back to sleep.
I'm gonna poop and obey.
I'm here in my view Rd.
I'm in North Carolina.
I'm just a mile run Rd for men.
I'm sick of everything, but I don't need this ********
I'm sorry I don't poop on people.
I'm telling you the truth.
I'm using somebody else. I will. I think there's somebody else online, Richard.
I'm working there ****** ******
I've got a little ****** ****** Show me going die with.
Is only called Maine.
Is there?
It seems like you thought in the Italian sausage.
It's more stolen.
Jam O'Connor
John O'Connor
John Seymour
Just like love food, please address.
Leave me alone.
Let's see you.
Let's start over again. Identify yourself included.
Look up blue ice on the phone company every incoming calls to this number are being played.
Look up, you have to know how to use a gun.
Maybe I can help you a yourself.
My F boy.
My mother died in childbirth.
My mother is dead.
My name is Earl.
My name is L Jones. On that research I rewrote.
My name is well Jones.
My name is what?
My phone menu dumbfounding obituary calling Maine.
No **** you.
No fingers bigger in your ******* ****
No matter where you now, why you go on Main?
No, I don't wanna **** nobody from my girlfriend I want **** you.
No, I really want he's come knocking on doors 378 inch cock with you.
No, I'm not avoiding reality or you.
No, thank you.
Nobody did hear the Coles number we want. Who are you talking about?
Oh my God for my ******* door with some place.
Oh my God.
Oh no more work for nobody.
Oh yeah, I know what it means to kill somebody. So what that ******* means. ****** ****** adore bringing preach with you something little bit they give you back twice. Oh yeah yeah, like my door.
Oh, I can make some phone calls.
OK, well if you want to come come on over just going she would happen.
Once you go **** your mother.
Once you kiss my ******* ******* sticking tongue up there, you piece of ****