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Adventure Stories Book 2.
Adventure Stories Book 3.
Adventure Stories Book 4.
Adventure Stories Book One.
Adventure Stories.
After completing adventures, you can see movies.
All I do know is that once our land was just like yours. Then. Water fell from the sky for weeks on end. Our land grew wet and soggy. Strange creatures began to make their home on what was once a d...
And where there's water, there's probably green Moon must be right over this hill. I told you this would work. We'll be heroes. We can just hear the grown-ups now, yes. My goodness, how in the worl...
Are Earth shakes dangerous?
Book 2.
Book 2.
Book 3.
Book 3.
Book 4.
Book 4.
Book One.
Book One.
Bring some friends.
Can Sarah be stubborn?
Can sharp tooths be mean?
Choose a background for this page.
Choose a background to go with your sentence. Click on the one you like.
Choose a character to go with your background, then press OK. All your favorite Dino pals are here.
Choose a sentence for this page.
Choose a sentence to begin your story. Click on the 1:00 you want.
Choose some creatures and things for this page.
Chopper, wait, please look up about what happened back there. She really loves you, Yeah. What you say, anyway, she told me.
Christmas, 4th of July, Halloween, Easter.
Circle, star, square, Pentagon, triangle, hexagon, diamond, heart.
Click on the book on the left to read a story, or the book on the right to make your own story. Have fun.
Click the book on the left to read a story, or the book on the right to make your own story. Have fun.
Congratulations, you discovered all the sounds and all my hidden friends.
Congratulations, you discovered all the sounds and all my hidden friends.
Congratulations, you made it home 1st and won the game. Come back and play again soon.
Congratulations, you matched all the shapes and sounds. Come back and play again soon. I'll be waiting.
Creatures are happy.
Did little fitly a girl dinner he liked.
Do Dinos hatch from eggs?
Do Dinos like to play?
Does Little Miss his mother?
Does Spike have a good appetite?
Does Spike talk?
El nylon.
Everyone was happy.
Everyone was upset.
Everything is changing.
Exploring is fun.
First one home wins.
First, choose which one of my friends you will help pop to safety. Just click on Ducky or Chomper at the bottom of the screen.
Flying things, growing things. Jumping things, creeping things.
Girl. Girl. Siri, you are a good green fruit ginger. You are. Let's eat.
Good adventure stories.
Good choice.
Good choice. OK, that looks great. OK, clear. Great. You're almost done. Color black and white. Pick one of these four backgrounds, then press OK Choose a character to go with your background, then...
Good job. You did great. Let's try round two. There are four different creatures here.
Grandpa. Well. Hello there little foot. Hello yourself, Grandpa. How are you feeling? Oh, much better. I think Little foots, Golden Flowers are working. Does that mean Grandma and I won't be leavin...
Great ducky Chomper. Keep trying. You can do it.
Great going. Let's play round two.
Hey Mike, stop it. Nice try Spike, but Petrie get three star first. All of a sudden me not feel so hungry. Hello.
Hi, welcome to Adventure Stories. Here you can read and write stories about your favorite Dino pals. I'll show you how step by step.
Holidays, Dino Invitation, Thank You Friendship, Birthday, custom card, Mother's Day and Father's Day.
I am so hungry my tummy is rumbling. I hear it. That is not my tummy. That is a shame. Ohh no it won't work.
If you want to go back and change your creatures and other things, just click the three arrows at the bottom of the screen.
Is Chopper a leaf eater?
Is Dookie a flyer?
Is Little Foot brave?
Is Petri a sharp tool?
Is Spike Ducky's real brother?
Is the Golden Knight flower a healing flower?
Is the Great Valley a nice place to live?
Is the sinking sand a safe place to play?
It was a great day.
It's a beautiful day.
It's lava.
It's Little Foot Grandfather. Why?
It's little for a boy dinner.
It's looking good.
Jazz, ambient, samba, piano, reggae. Musical sounds, nature sounds, drumming sounds, mystery sounds.
Jj amb
Jj rag
Jj samba
Keep going. That's funny. Nice matching.
Key. Wait a minute. Is that you, Sarah? Ohh OK Sarah, you asked for it. Cheap. He. Hmm.
Let's eat lunch.
Let's get together today.
Let's help each other.
Let's meet a friend.
Let's play a game.
Let's take a nap.
Little food, come and see. Wow, pretty is. Is this it, Ali? Yes, Littlefoot, The Valley of Mist.
Littlefoot, Sarah. Becky. Patrick. Spike 12345. Mystery spot. Trivia Question. Question. Yes. No. Yes. Yep. Yep. Yep. Ohh. No, you got it right. That's right. Ohh. Well, sorry. Ohh. That is not right.
Meet by the water.
Millions of years ago, the Earth was a very different place. The great land masses were ever moving and shifting. And they were covered with exotic plants like nothing we've ever seen.
Move your cursor over the rocks to find all the fun places to go. Each rock will tell you the name of the adventure. When you want to choose one, just click on that rock. It's easy. After completin...
Ms2 rd01
Ms2 rd02
New book.
Next page.
Nice matching. Let's play round three.
No, you. No.
Now choose Color to print in color or Black and white. If you want to color your card yourself then press OK.
Now choose your players. Click on the characters you want to play.
Now let's add your name to your card. It will go on the back of the card. Type the letters of your name on your keyboard. Ress OK when you're done, if you make a mistake, ress clear.
Now pick one of these four backgrounds, click the one you like, then press OK.
Now you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to jump left, right, forward, and back. It's easy, but watch out for dangerous sharp tooth.
Ohh no game is over. Come back and play again sometime.
Ohh. What's your problem? Sharp tooth that swims? Are you crazy? Sarah.
Our sharp tooth always nice.
Our tree stars Yummy.
P. P.
P. P.
Page 1.
Page 2.
Page 3.
Page 4.
Pick some creatures and other things to go with your sentence and background. Press the button at the top when you're done and you can create the next page.
Play story.
Pp all
Press the button at the top when you're done and you can create the next page.
Read a story.
Select the number of players by clicking on the numbers on the dial. You can choose up to five players.
Sharp Toothed Gulch Musical shapes, Prehistoric Pinball, Living Valley, Jungle Jam, Going Home, Adventure Stories, Creature cards help credits exit Movie Cave.
Some eggs are missing.
That was fun. Now for round four, the final round.
The earth is shaking.
The game is over. Come back and play again soon.
The gang is hungry.
The sun is shining.
The valley is full of trees.
There are eight stories here. Choose one to read, then push play.
There is so much to see.
There's a tree we can hide under. I do not like it here. Ohh no no no no. What's that? I think it might teeth or knees?
To start over, click on the New Book button at the bottom of the screen.
To write a new story, press the New Story button at the bottom of the screen.
Try a different music piece.
Use your mouse to click and drag an item to the center and click again to place it. You can move it later if you want.
Was there life long ago under the water?
We can hide here.
We discovered a path.
We found an egg.
We gathered tree stars.
We got tired and went home.
We had a party.
We had fun.
We made it.
We played all day.
We said goodbye.
We'll play hide and seek.
Welcome to Creature cards. Here you can make fun cards for all Occasions to give to your friends and family. Move your mouse over the eight types of cards to find one you like, click on one to choo...
Welcome to Jungle Jam. Here you can make music to wake up the jungle. Find out where my friends are hiding. First, click a rock at the bottom to select a piece of music. There are five different mu...
Welcome to Musical Shapes Part one. Match the shapes and we'll all start dancing to some fun music. Use your mouse to drag shapes at the bottom of the screen to a matching shape on the sidewalks.
Welcome to Prehistoric Pinball. Here are some hints that will help you get started. Use the M for the flippers on the right side and the Z for the flippers on the left side. Hold down the space bar...
Welcome to Sharptooth Gulch. I'm Littlefoot and I'm waiting for my friends to join me. Ducky and Chomper still haven't made it. You can help one of them Crossover. It's dangerous, but I know you ca...
Welcome to the Going Home adventure. Me and my friends are a long way from the Great Valley, and you can help us get back home safely. Here, you select one of us to be your player, then spin a dial...
When you complete all four matches, you go on to another round until you've completed 4 rounds. Then you can play Part 2 and have fun with even more shapes and sounds.
When you get a bonus ball.
Write a story.
Write a story. Read a story. Next page. Play story. Play. Start.
You did it. You matched all the shapes. Now let's play another musical shapes game.
You finished a story. Press the play button to play your story.
You get another turn. Click the dial again to spin.
You made it. I knew you could do it. Now we're safe.
You. Yeah, buddy.
You're almost done.
Your card is printing now you can color it, bold it, and give it to your friends or family.
Your card is printing. All you have to do is fold it and give it to your friends or family.
Your Own Stories, Book 2.
Your Own Stories, Book 3.
Your Own Stories, Book 4.
Your own stories? Book one.
Your own stories.
Your own story.
ええ? うんうんうんうん。 うん。