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Casablanca Soundboard

Casablanca Soundboard

Casablanca, directed by Michael Curtiz, is a timeless classic film released in 1942. Set during World War II, it tells a gripping story of love, sacrifice, and redemption. The film stars Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine, a cynical American expatriate who runs a nightclub in Casablanca, Morocco. Ingrid Bergman portrays Ilsa Lund, Rick's former lover and the wife of renowned resistance leader Victor Laszlo, played by Paul Henreid.

The film's plot unfolds in Casablanca, which serves as a haven for refugees seeking to escape Nazi-occupied Europe. Rick's Café Américain becomes a focal point for various characters to converge, and their lives become entangled in a dangerous web of politics and personal struggles.

Casablanca is known for its memorable quotes and iconic moments. "Here's looking at you, kid" is Rick's famous line to Ilsa, capturing their bittersweet love story. The film also features the classic song "As Time Goes By," performed by Dooley Wilson in the role of Sam, Rick's loyal friend and pianist at the café.

Despite its release almost 80 years ago, Casablanca remains a beloved masterpiece that continues to captivate audiences today. Its excellent direction, compelling performances, and timeless themes have solidified its place in cinematic history.

You can still experience the magic of Casablanca by watching the film or immersing yourself in its evocative soundtrack. The charming and charismatic performances by Bogart, Bergman, and Henreid bring the characters to life, making them unforgettable.

The chemistry between Bogart and Bergman is palpable, creating an intense and emotional connection that draws viewers into their turbulent love affair. The complex relationship between Rick, Ilsa, and Victor unfolds beautifully, exposing the depths of sacrifice and the power of selflessness.

The supporting cast, including Claude Rains as Captain Louis Renault and Sydney Greenstreet as Senor Ferrari, add depth and intrigue to the film. These talented actors add layers to their characters, making them unforgettable and integral to the overall narrative.

The Casablanca soundtrack is equally memorable, featuring timeless songs that enhance the film's atmosphere and emotion. From the melancholic "As Time Goes By" to the rousing "La Marseillaise," the music adds another layer of depth and sentiment to the story, transporting listeners to the tumultuous times of wartime Casablanca.

To relive the magic of Casablanca, you can play and download these unforgettable sounds here. Immerse yourself in the powerful performances, moving music, and unforgettable quote. Discover why Casablanca has remained such an enduring and cherished film for generations.

Casablanca, with its stellar cast, brilliant direction, and unforgettable soundtrack, is a masterpiece that has stood the test of time. Watch the film, listen to the music, and let this timeless classic transport you to the romantic and dangerous world of Casablanca in the 1940s. Experience the unforgettable love story and the power of sacrifice that continue to captivate audiences to this day. So, don't miss the opportunity to play and download these incredible sounds and embark on a journey back in time with Casablanca.

Casablanca Rmx 2012
A franc for your thoughts
All right, at a quarter to 5.
All right. I Will.
And it'll make me very happy if she loses.
And that'll give you grounds to make the arrest.
And the honor of having served the Third Reich.
And was, even when I knew you in Paris.
Are you one of those people...
As a matter of fact, I wanted to give you a word of advice.
As I suspected. You're a rank sentimentalist.
As leader of all illegal activities in Casablanca...
Because it cannot possibly profit me.
BERGER: Such a bargain. But that is your decision?
But I will if you take one more step.
But not everybody could get to Lisbon directly.
Carrying Charges, my boy. Carrying Charges.
Certainly, Rick, anything you say.
Champagne cocktail, please.
Does it got a wild finish?
Everything is quite all right.
Have a drink?
He certainly didn't come here to Witness a demonstration of your efficiency.
He never drinks with customers. Never. I have never seen it.
He was sick. He needed me.
Henri wants us to finish this bottle and then three more.
Here's Looking At You #casablanca #humphrey bogart #ingrid bergman #heres looking at you #so long #goodbye #bye bye #ciao #adios #farewell #going away
Here's looking at you, kid.
Here's looking at you, kid.
I don't interfere with them, and they don't interfere with me
I expected no less, Captain.
I heard a story once. In fact, I've heard a lot of stories in my time.
I hope you're more impressed with me now.
I knew you wouldn't have left Paris, and the Gestapo would have caught you.
I know what you mean. But I've Spoken to Ferrari. You'll still win at roulette.
I Still Love You #casablanca #humphrey bogart #ingrid bergman #adore #devotion #true love #passion #devotedness
I take that as a great compliment to Sam.
I think I'm entitled to know.
I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship #beginning of a beautiful friendships #bffs #best friends #new friendship #rick blaine #humphrey bogard #casablanca #friends
I was frantic. For months I tried to get word.
I was with them when they blundered into Berlin in 1918.
I wonder if you know that you're trying to escape from yourself...
I'll be expecting you.
I'll have Sam play "As Time Goes By." I believe that's your favorite tune.
I'll make the arrangements now with Laszlo in the visitor's pen.
I'll stay here and keep on trying. I'm sure in a little while...
I'm leaving Casablanca on tonight's plane. The last plane.
If I Gave You Any Thought, I Probably Would #humphrey bogart #insult #not worth thinking about
If something should keep us apart...
If that plane leaves and you're not with him, you'll regret it.
If we stop fighting our enemies, the world will die.
If you will come...
Ilsa, I don't wish to be the one to say it, but it's late.
It doesn't matter. There is no exit visa for him.
It is good to see you again, Major Strasser.
It is my duty to see that you stay in Casablanca.
It's been a long time
It's not particularly my beloved Paris.
It's the new German 77th, and judging by the sound, only about 35 miles away.
It's too dangerous to let him go, it may be too dangerous to let him stay.
Just a moment.
Kiss Me As If It Was The Last Time #casablanca #humphrey bogart #ingrid bergman #kiss me #passionate #smooch #embrace #endearment
Maybe I won't have to. A bribe has worked before.
Might obtain exit visas and scurry to Lisbon.
My dear, perhaps you have already observed...
My husband is with me too.
My watch stopped.
No one could take your place if anything unfortunate...
Now, if you'll...
Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world...
Play it sam, play as time goes by #play it sam #play as time goes by #ilsa lund #ingrid berman #casablanca
Put them on the table.
Richard, they'll find out your record. You won't be safe here.
Rick is completely neutral about everything.
Round up all suspicious characters and search them for stolen document.
Round up the usual suspects #usual suspects
Sad and Alone #casablanca #humphrey bogart #dooley wilson #sad #unhappy #loney #depressed #gloomy #glum #blah #down in the dumps
Sam, I thought I told you never to play...
Sam. SAM: Yes, boss?
Serves me right for not being musical. [TIRES SQUEALING]
Shocked #gambling #hypocrisy #captain renault #claude rains
Shocked, Shocked I tell you #shock #gambling #surprised #stunned
Signor Ferrari is the fat gent at the table.
So Yvonne's gone over to the enemy.
Some of them have been waiting years for a visa.
STRASSER: And mademoiselle?
Suppose we do.
Surely the Reich doesn't admit that possibility?
Thank you, thank you.
That I wouldn't advise you to try to invade.
That is the reason we permit you to remain open.
That was some going over your men gave my place.
The last man I want to see in America.
The Nazis have chased him all over Europe.
The other alternative?
The problems of the world are not in my department.
The Rick I knew in Paris, I could tell him, he'd understand.
The scum of Europe has gravitated to Casablanca.
Then release him.
They put it on the bill, I tear up the bill. It is very convenient.
This cafe is closed until further notice.
This is the customary roundup of refugees, liberals...
This place is full of vultures.
Very lucky, huh? Two thousand, please.
Waiter. I'll be expecting some people.
Was that cannon fire or is it my heart pounding #casablanca #heart pounding #heartbeat #flirt #romance #skipped a beat #love
We are very honored tonight.
Well, after tonight I will be through with the whole business.
Well, our friend outside will think we've retired by now
Well, that's the way it goes. One in, one out.
What kind of a man is Captain Renault #bogie #men #captain renault
Whatever I'd say, you would carry on.
When I was sick in Marseilles for two weeks...
When you get there, ask me.
Who cannot imagine the Germans in their beloved Paris?
Would you take it?
You better wait in my office.
You Despise Me Don't You #humphrey bogart #peter lorre #insult #no attention #despise me
You haven't any proof, and you know it. This isn't Germany or occupied France.
You must know it's very important I get out of Casablanca.
You said it.
You said the enemies of the Reich could all be replaced.
You'll have your visa in the morning.
Again? This is no ordinary arrest.
Boss, ain't you going to bed? Not right now.
Boss? Yeah?
But everybody's having a good time. Yes, much too good a time.
Come up here a minute. Yes, I come.
Fine, but I'd like to buy your cafe. It's not for sale.
For how long? Perhaps an hour. Perhaps a little longer.
Good night. Good night.
How's the jewelry business, Berger? Not so good. Check, please.
I don't think I can remember... If she can stand it, I can.
It shall not happen again. That's all right.
Monsieur Rick? Yes?
Occupied France? Under safe conduct from me.
This is a job for Signor Ferrari. Ferrari?
This is the end of the Chase. Twenty thousand francs says it isn't.
This time they really mean to stop me. Victor, I'm afraid for you.
Tomorrow at 10, at the prefect office. We'll be there.
Why there is no other man in my life? Uh huh.
You want my advice? Yes, please.