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But I wanna get up close well use your telescope boy bring him right up to your eye
Do me a favor go on out and get married and have a lot of babies but stay out of the newspaper business
Ellen will you please stop being a woman
Holy smokes wasting my time listening to this mad woman
I read about an experiment once kept germs away from a kid raised him pure and scientifically first time he got out in the rough he caught cold and died of pneumonia
It's a beautiful miracle a miracle that can only happen right here in the good old u s a and I think it's terrific
Look i'll have you understand I built a television transmitter in '38 before you even knew what television was yes but did it work I don't know I never did get to finish the receiver
Old buzzards like me live forever
Packs everything including a gun
Show me an american who can keep his mouth shut and i'll eat him
Shucks I knew ohm's law before they even passed it
There's cruelty and hatred and tyranny in the world you can't make believe they aren't there
Well boys you can chalk up another one to the pontius pilates
What we need is fireworks
When the old boys wrote those words 'life liberty and the pursuit of happiness ' they sounded mighty nice but they wouldn't have been worth a plug nickel if somebody hadn't made 'em stick
Why that gold grabbing dame would double cross her own mother for a handful of chinese yams
Will he stop not unless he's got something to brag about
You stay away from that set now and stay away from those wall plugs don't monkey with electricity unless you know what you're doing
You're a nice guy john I like you you're gentle I always like gentle people me i'm hard hard and tough I got no use for hard people gotta be gentle to suit me like you for instance