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The Last Dragon (1985) Soundboard

The Last Dragon (1985) Soundboard

"The Last Dragon" is a cult classic film released in 1985, directed by Michael Schultz. This martial arts musical extravaganza is a unique blend of action, comedy, and music, making it a true gem of its time.

The film follows the journey of Leroy Green, played by Taimak, an aspiring martial artist who dreams of becoming the ultimate master. In his quest for enlightenment, Leroy encounters the beautiful singer, Laura Charles, portrayed by Vanity. Their paths intertwine when Laura is pursued by a ruthless gangster named Sho'nuff, the Shogun of Harlem, played brilliantly by Julius Carry III. This larger-than-life antagonist is a force to be reckoned with and adds an extra layer of excitement to the story.

As Leroy's journey continues, he seeks guidance from a wise old martial arts master named Sum Dum Goy, portrayed by Thomas Ikeda. Through his mentor's teachings, Leroy learns the importance of confidence, self-belief, and finding his own unique style. The Last Dragon showcases legendary martial artist Bruce Lee's philosophy of "no way in, no way out," emphasizing the importance of self-discovery and individuality.

One of the most memorable aspects of this film is its catchy and infectious soundtrack. With songs like "Rhythm of the Night" by DeBarge, "The Glow" by Willie Hutch, and "You're The Last Dragon" by Dwight David, the music plays a crucial role in bringing the story to life. These iconic tunes perfectly capture the energy and spirit of the 1980s, adding to the overall enjoyment of the film.

If you're a fan of "The Last Dragon" or simply curious to experience this cinematic masterpiece, you can easily play and download these sounds. Immerse yourself in the thrilling martial arts sequences while grooving to the infectious tunes that defined the era. Whether you're a lover of action, comedy, music, or all three, this movie has something for everyone.

"The Last Dragon" has remained a beloved cult classic for over three decades, winning the hearts of audiences around the world. Its blend of martial arts, music, and comedic elements continues to captivate viewers, making it a must-watch for fans of the era. So grab your popcorn, prepare to be dazzled by the unforgettable fight scenes, and get ready to experience the magic of "The Last Dragon" for yourself.

A girl could do worse than to have her own real, live kung fu master.
A new journey which you must make alone.
A true master would use this to hold up his pants
Ain't no masters here, dude.
All right, I'll catch you later at the rehearsal. All right.
All right, then. Then I'm going with you
All right!
All right!
All that yoga. Hi, my name is Johnny Yu.
Am gonna win.
And now, for my video hot pick of the week...
And the Leroy Green I'm looking for...
Are you actually gonna fight them?
Arkadian is a heavy dude who wants to have this videotape...
As soon as the chick gets here, we leave, okay? Okay
Beautiful! Beautiful!
But here's one for now.
But my show is booked solid for the next four weeks.
Chow mein for brains, kung fu head!
Come on, tough guy.
Come on.
Crunch, seats.
Drown him, for Christ's sake! Will you drown him?!
Eddie Arkadian!
Eddie, you're not gonna do what I think you are?
Get him the hell out of here! Get him out of here now!
Get up, Leroy
Give it to him.
Give me that thing!
Go on, go after a goddess if you want to, but let me tell you something
Go, go!
He can't help you? Of course he can help you.
He cannot even draw
He does not even have a paintbrush
He is a computer.
He is here in New York.
He is the one.
Here are some quarters.
Hey, check this out!
Hey, man, you blind, man? The book says Little Joe!
Hey! Hey, Leroy!
Hold it. I'll take care of it.
Hothead needs cool water.
How about it?
How did you know...
I can't come now.
I can't hear you.
I don't believe it.
I don't know. I guess so.
I don't know. I only do what I'm told. We try for perfection!
I humbly apologize for my ignorance, master.
I mean, that deejay lady, she's never gonna play our stuff anyway.
I need a drink. Why don't you come inside?
I seek only wisdom of the master.
I'm gonna get you, Leroy...
If she likes him, he must be doing something right.
If you carry me all the way on your back and rap.
In his butt.
Is gonna make Romeo seem tongue tied.
Is Mr. Leroy here?
Isn't that nice, Sophia?
It is a celebration.
It is pit... It's just pitiful.
It seems that everything is safe now.
It's not for me. I said, it is for my friend
It's pitiful.
Just direct a your feets a to Daddy Green's pizza.
Keep your money.
Kissed his shoes and everything
Laura, this guy plays rough.
Leroy wouldn't even know what to do with that
Let him go.
Let me say it so he can understand it, Jim.
Let you order à la carte, huh?
Let's get the hell out of here!
Let's go.
Like, hasta la pasta, you know?
Listen, I'd like to report a mugging
Look at you. You're a mess.
Make sure you take out for the table.
Man, if anyone asks you, you ain't my brother, okay?
Maybe I'll take you...
Maybe you just don't understand him.
Miss Charles, there is something you may be able to help me with
No, no, no. We all just look alike.
Nobody does what he did to me and lives! Nobody!
Not the ending I had in mind, but it's a great finish.
Now, I know you're gonna love what I've got to show you at the studio.
Now, if you will excuse me, my plane leaves shortly.
Now. Now.
Oh, my God, my table! What are you doing?
Oh, shit!
Oh, that's all right.
Oh, what are you, nuts?
Oh, yeah, I do it too.
Oharra's treachery has disgraced the house
Okay, come on
Okay, I'll try. Tell me about it. What is it?
Okay. That's it, that's it.
Played in the worst way. Come on, Laura.
Put me down.
Ready for commercial
Richie. Where'd he go?
Sal got sick
Save it! Save it.
See only that which can be held in their hands.
She's the video rock queen, but I, Eddie Arkadian, am the video game king.
Sho'nuff is the master!
Shogun is the master!
Show him, show him!
So come and join us because the winner...
So you're just gonna have to wait.
Stop right here.
Teach me something
Telling you, Pop, the boy is off it.
Thank you, everybody, and welcome to Seventh Heaven.
That is it, stop.
That's my babe.
That's not even mine! I don't own that!
That's Saturday at 5:00...
The art of making love.
The guest list has been compiled..
The secret awaits eyes unclouded by ambition.
The sign outside says this here school is for instructions in the martial arts.
There is one place that you have not looked.
There must be another door.
There's gonna be a serious case of chop socky justice coming his way.
Thirty seconds, Laura
This is theater!
This way!
To find the solution to a problem...
Watch out the target don't shoot you down.
We could make money! You get foreign rights..
We've been looking all over for you. You're late.
What about you? Are you okay?
What happened?
What it is? What it... What it look like? Do it.
What's that?
When I say:
Which is what you're gonna do if you got half a brain.
Who is the master?!
Who's gonna stop me?
Who's the master?...
Who's this? We didn't order out.
Why don't you just call a cop, okay?
Why should you get double...
Will get a Seventh Heavenly evening out on the town with me.
Yeah, really. Just a little shaken up, I think.
Yeah, where do we sign up?
You also told me, Keep it. It comes in handy. Remember?
You gotta know the moves, baby. You know, the moves
You know, to tell you the truth, Eddie, I'm really getting tired of all this.
You see...
You see...
You sure you're all right?
You were really something, boy.
You're a bunch of wusses, you know that?
You're weird, man, really weird.
Your delusions of grandeur about love with her is just a wet dream.
Am I saying it right, my man? That's good. That's good.
He likes this girl. Yeah?
Hello? Bodyguard?
I have this. What you got?
I'd love to show you some moves. No, no, no.
Laura! Oh, Laura, sign here! I love you, Laura!
Leave him alone! Please, Mama, hold it! Wait a minute!
Looking for me? Yes.
Looks terrific, sweetheart. Yeah?
Now, boss... Boss.
Please, don't do that! You stop it!
Please! We love you! We love you, Laura!
Right on! Right on.
Soul brother! All right.
Take a hike, cool breeze. Yeah, baby.
There was nothing we could do. Her bodyguards.
What you looking for? For the master.
You mean Junior? Yeah.