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Little Shop of Horrors Soundboard

Little Shop of Horrors Soundboard

Little Shop of Horrors is a cult classic musical film that first graced the big screen in 1986. Directed by Frank Oz, the movie is a quirky blend of comedy, horror, and romance. With its eccentric characters, catchy songs, and a man-eating plant named Audrey II, Little Shop of Horrors has captivated audiences for decades.

The film boasts an impressive cast, led by Rick Moranis as Seymour Krelborn, a timid and lovable florist assistant. Ellen Greene portrays Audrey, Seymour's beautiful but mistreated love interest. The supporting cast includes comedic legends such as Steve Martin as the sadistic dentist Orin Scrivello, and Bill Murray as the masochistic dental patient, Arthur Denton.

At the heart of the story is Seymour's discovery of a mysterious, bloodthirsty plant that he names Audrey II. As the plant grows, it becomes increasingly demanding, prompting Seymour to provide it with more and more human sustenance. Audrey II's insatiable hunger leads Seymour down a dark and hilarious path, filled with murder, deceit, and ultimately, love.

One of the highlights of Little Shop of Horrors is its memorable soundtrack, composed by Alan Menken. The songs, with lyrics written by Howard Ashman, are a delightful mix of doo-wop, rock, and Motown-inspired tunes. The toe-tapping numbers, including "Skid Row (Downtown)," "Suddenly Seymour," and "Mean Green Mother from Outer Space," have become beloved classics in their own right.

To fully immerse yourself in the sounds of Little Shop of Horrors, you can find and download the original soundtrack online. These songs will transport you back to the streets of Skid Row, as you witness Seymour's struggles and Audrey II's devious plans. Whether you're a fan of musicals, horror films, or both, the Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack is a must-have for any music library.

The enduring popularity of Little Shop of Horrors led to numerous revivals and adaptations over the years. It began as a low-budget 1960 film by Roger Corman, then was adapted for the stage in 1982 by composer Alan Menken and playwright Howard Ashman. The success of the musical prompted the 1986 movie version, which introduced Little Shop of Horrors to a broader audience. Its mix of dark humor, catchy songs, and memorable characters continues to entertain and delight audiences to this day.

So, kick back, reminisce, and let the sounds of Little Shop of Horrors transport you to a world of carnivorous plants and unexpected love. Play and download the soundtrack to experience the magic of this beloved musical time and time again.

A child of the street Here on Skid Row
A date gives you a corsage, not a multiple fracture
A lot of folks deserve to die
A phenomenon, I might add, that has made you...
Again, this date?
Ah, consider yourself very, very lucky.
Ain't he havin' some fun now
Ain't he havin' some fun now Yes, ma'am
Alley oop Haul it off the stoop
And get me some lunch
And he's havin' some fun now Now
And if he does this to me when he likes me, imagine what he'd do if he ever got mad
And New York
And now it's suppertime!
And now, Wink Wilkinson's Weird World, with your host, Wink Wilkinson
At least we got each other, right?
Audrey, don't you waste another minute thinking about that creep!
Audrey, that's all behind you now.
Audrey. Audrey, where did you get that shiner?
Aw, give me a hand, would you? Ha, ha.
Better change your tone
Better take a tip, boy
Bid the gutter farewell and get outta here
But heartache and hurt
But the old Chinese man sold it to me anyways...
But whatever they offer you Don't feed the plants
Come a, come a, come a
Don't need no twist of lime
Don't you move a thing
Down the street for you
Everybody calls him 'Doctor, ' and he's not really a doctor."
Everything you did to her boyfriend.
Falls off the motorcycle!
Finding jerks Who would feed them their fill
Gee, I'd like a Harley machine
Give me a chance.
Gonna trash your ass Gonna rock this place
He sometimes sells me weird and exotic cuttings..
He's a havin' some fun now Oh, boy
He's father, he knows best
Hello, Seymour!
Here we go!
Hoo, hoo, whoo
How 'bout that Audrey?
I can grow up big and strong
I don't know anyone who deserves to get chopped up and fed to a hungry plant!
I dream we'll go
I knew you lay down here on your pathetic little cot..
I know I know that my momma's proud of me
I know things were bad
I remember the first time I went to a dentist.
I saw you chopping him.
I think it's suppertime
I wanna show you something.
I was walking in the wholesale flower district that day.
I'll help him clean it up before any of the customers get here
I'm bad
I'm beggin' you sweetly
I'm sorry, doctor! Oh!
I'm your willin' slave
I've given you grow lights And mineral supplements
I've given you southern exposure
If we fight it We've still got a chance
In the Gutter.
Is here to provide me
It's clear you suffer from a low self image
It's not a question of merit
It's suppertime
It's suppertime
It's true
Just give me a few days to heal, okay?
Keep the Creature They don't mean shit
Little red spots on the concrete outside.
Little shop Little shop of horrors
Little shop Little shop of horrors
Little shop Little shop of horrors
Look, you're a plant. An inanimate object.
MAN: Oh, my God!
Marry me, Audrey.
Mean green mother from outer space
Mean, green, bad
Mm, aw, oh!
MUSHNIK: Seymour, what's going on down there?
Must be blood.
No, no way, no how
No, you never did
Nothing in his news but gloom and doom
Now please
Oh, Audrey, I'll give you a wonderful life with no plants, I promise.
Oh, hit the dirt, baby
Oh, I've got to get ready! Heh!
Oh, Momma.
Oh, oh, no Oh, oh, no
Oh, oh, oh, please
Oh, pod how you tease
Ooh, ooh, she shoo bop Shoo bop
Or a guest shot on Jack Paar?
Patrick Martin
People tell me there's not a way outta Skid
Please whatever they offer you Don't feed the plants
Poor All my life I've always been poor
Scissors. You got a lot on your mind
SEYMOUR: He didn't have anything unusual there that day.
SEYMOUR: I could have sworn it hadn't been there before.
SEYMOUR: So I was just about to, you know, walk on by
Sha la la, la la la, la la la Doo
Shang a lang Feel the sturm and drang in the air
She said My boy, I think someday
She's gifted, but quite elderly. People think she shouldn't be working.
Shoo! Shoo! Move! Move!
Snip da doo
So get off my back And get out my face
So go get it! Whoo whoo whoo
Some fun now Hot damn
Somewhere Somewhere in heaven above me
Somewhere that's
Stupid woman! Christ, what a frigging scatterbrain!
Sure do I'll drink it straight
Take a breath and look around
Tell the world, baby
Tellin' you you better
Thank you!
That's when my momma said
The Gutter. It's a nightspot.
The jobs are really menial You make no bread
The weather today will be partly cloudy with a chance of rain. Sorry about that
Then he lit a fuse and give him room
Then we could afford to get out of here, couldn't we?
There's plastic on the furniture
They are?
Those men said Seymour Krelborn's Gardening Tips...
To get you to thrive
Treated me kindly
Trust me and your life will surely Rival King Tut's
TWOEY: He knows just what you've done
TWOEY: You've got nowhere to run
Uh huh!
Uh, you better hold the phone
Unh unh uh!
Unsuspecting jerks From Maine to California
Wait a minute, wait a minute! That's not a very nice thing to say.
We snuggle watching Lucy
We're closed.
Well, that's an unusual story, and a fascinating plant
Wha...? What don't I mean? I'm through. Forget it.
What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do?
What if your husband were to walk in?
What is it you need?
When suddenly, and without warning, there was this:
Which was essentially to
Who wants their teeth done By the Marquis de Sade?
Would it be so terrible if something had happened to him?
Yeah, he's a havin' some fun now Oh, boy
Yeah! Yeah, come on! Yeah!
Yes! Yeah.
You betcha butt You betcha
You better step aside
You can keep the Thing Keep the It
You disinfect terrazzo on their bathroom floors
You don't know what you're looking at
You don't know What you're messing with
You ever seen the results of a neglected mouth?
You know I don't come From no black lagoon
You know the book doesn't lie
You say that ain't fair You say that ain't nice
You sure do drive a hard bargain.
You wanna save your hide?
You'll be a success
You'll find a way
You'll water me and care for me
You're a monster, and so am I
Your temperament's wrong for the priesthood
Aah! They're right inside
And then at 5:00 you head By subway
And though it may cause my patients distress No, no, no.
But it's true, isn't it? No!
But whatever you do... Yes?
Dessert? I tell you, son, it's a cinch to get ratings.
Everybody go away! Leave me alone! Seymour!
Feed me! Does it have to be mine?
Just sign this release. Need a pen?
Let's go. I have a history of dental problems.
Look out, look out Look out, look out
No thanks. Suit yourself.
Nurse! Hmm?
We don't? I'm thinking...
Well... Oh, it's all right, Seymour.
Yeah, yeah Makin' all the guys on the corner turn green
You need blood and he's got more than enough I need blood and he's got more than enough
You'll be a dentist You'll be a dentist
...about this particularly amazing agricultural phenomenon.
...and every other Sunday off
...and it should be setting around 6:29 p.m., but check me if I'm wrong
...for a dollar ninety five. the window, people don't suddenly... sure to be a very big TV show.
...secretly I wished it.
...the show that talks to wonderful people who bring in their weird things
...what if I kept my mouth shut and gave you a one way ticket out of town?
'Cause I constantly pray I'll get outta here
'Cause I'm mean and green
♫ Better wait a minute
♫ Come on, come on
♫ Da doo
♫ Feed me, Seymour
♫ Hold your hat ♫ And hang on to your soul
♫ If you want a rationale It isn't very hard to see
♫ It's suppertime
♫ You can do it
♫ Skid Row radio
♫ Subsequent to the events ♫ You have just witnessed
♫ When I was younger, just a bad little kid