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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A cell phone is something we gotta talk about, you know, as a family
Adrian. It's just Adrian.
Afternoon, ladies.
Albert Einstein did support it.
All manner of government vehicle are converging on subjects
All right, you're free.
All stations, prepare for impact.
All these people out there, sir...
And a father..
And a noble one.
And I think...
And my coach, his name was also Yuri.
And these surface cracks have nothing to do with shifting fault lines
And we will be visible from the Milky Way...
And, by tomorrow, all of mankind
Anybody who tried to talk..
As a mother, I'm begging you.
Because I'm reading it.
Boarding of Ark Number 3 will be delayed due to technical difficulties.
Boss. Boss
Break it down.
But it ain't the end of the world
But this happened two days ago
But you said that you'd be...
Caesar. Lilly, take him.
Call Mommy and tell her we're gonna be 5 minutes late.
Captain, we have a visual!
Cheap bastard.
Climb! Don't look down! Climb! Go!
Come on, baby. Lift your big ass for Sasha!
Come on, boys. Go, go, go!
Come on, Tony. You should at least go see him.
Come on.
Come to Mommy
Daddy, what was that?
Daddy, where are we going?
Did you ever meet my wife, Dorothy?
Do you remember where you were when it stopped being fun for you?
Do you usually go digging with machine guns?
Doesn't look much of a lake to me.
Don't look back. Just look at me. Look at me
Don't look! Get on the ground.
Don't stop. Keep pressing.
Don't worry about it. You're doing a great job, son
Don't worry, I'll take care of that.
Dr. Helmsley to the bridge.
Dr. Silberman.
Easy, gringo. I know what I doing.
Engage the support mechanisms.
Engine failure. Two of the six are down.
Excuse me
Excuse me.
Found a hat.
Get away from the glass!
Get in!
Give me a moment with Adrian.
Go get the guys.
Go on now.
Go to the lower deck. Let's go.
Good job, Lilly. Good job.
Good luck.
Gordon and I will do the rwst.
Gordon! Gordon!
Grandpa threw up the whole way.
Hang on! Hang onto the pole!
He has no experience
He was my friend.
He was one of my most avid listeners...
He's not in the car. He's on a mountain waiting for fireworks.
He's not your husband?
Hello. I'm sorry
Help me! Help!
Hey, hey, watch out. Watch out.
Hey! Hey!
Higher, higher!
Hold my hand. Stay close to me
Hold on! Hold on!
How do you work in this heat?
How many cars does your family have?
How much fuel do we have left?
Hundreds of thousands are marching towards 10 Downing Street...
I don't understand
I don't wanna know where you and Mom had sex.
I find that very hard to believe
I found us a plane, an Antonov.
I guess she'll be safe now, tucked away..
I have also just learned that the vice president's chopper..
I have green card.
I hope so.
I love him enough.
I meant no disrespect.
I read a quote two days ago.
I searched all over India for this thing
I think you need to see this.
I wanna rent it. I'll give you anything.
I was wrong.
I wish we were wrong...
I wish you could be here with me!
I'd get an ice cream cone for every book I read...
I'd get before and after.
I'll be fine. I have to touch this baby down.
I'll be the last president of the United States of America.
I'm a deputy geologist at the Office of Science and Technology Policy.
I'm gonna get that spray tomorrow.
I'm gonna go check this out.
I'm gonna shoot for that glacier. it's gonna get rocky.
Impact warning.
Initiate security procedures.
It is not just California.
It looks like the neutrinos coming from the Sun..
It's a brave new world you're heading to.
It's a place where your mom and I used to hang out a lot.
It's actually dedicated to my mom.
It's called Earth Crust Displacement Theory.
It's like being in a swimming pool, only it's got more cool stuff.
It's them.
It's them. It's them
Jackson, run!
Jackson, you're sealed off
Just think about the beautiful Buddha statues they blew up in Afghanistan.
Kate, you gotta just trust me on this, okay?
Kevin, I want a double.
Kill the bastard, Zultan.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain Michaels speaking
Let's go.
Let's see a simulation, Scotty
Life, and how short it is.
Lilly, go sit with your brother.
Listen, yourjob is to figure out when this is all gonna fall apart.
Look, let's get Satnam on the communications link.
Looks like their checkbooks got them onboard
Major, I'll take care of this. Thank you.
May God bless that poor bastard's soul.
Mom, where's Tamara?
Move your ass! Move!
Mr. Anheuser, the Russian president's on the line, sir
Mr. President
Mr. President
My God
My God.
My mom's boyfriend has a Porsche
No disrespect, but we simply do not have time.
No more Pull Ups.
No way.
No, Daddy!
No, no, no. We gotta find Charlie because he's got a map.
No, no.
No, sir. I didn't have that honor.
No, that's all right, Kevin. I got it.
No, we gotta land here.
No, we lost him. We're gonna die. We're gonna die
No. We're not going anywhere
Noah, hand me the phone again.
Noah, please.
Nonetheless, we're ticking off an increase of almost 0.5 percent.
Not in the time we had
Now, hold on, baby. Hold on tight.
Now, you lookie here
Oh, baby.
Oh, jeez. It's our pilot.
Oh, my God.
Oh, no.
Okay, when I say go, you push all this down at once, okay?
Okay. We're good!
Okay. You stay here and guard the ship...
One thousand five hundrwd and seventy eight to be exact
Only a dozen people in this administration..
Only infrared analysis would reveal the difference
Per hour.
Please accept my condolences for your father
Please, follow me.
Please! Can you hear me?
Rise and shine.
Sally, come help them out, okay?
Satnam, where are you?
She was in and out of it towards the end.
Sir, is there another way to the hydraulics chamber?
Sir, those plans were drawn up two years ago
Sit down!
Six months ago..
Slow down!
Sorry, man. I'm really busy right now.
Stop scratching. You're gonna get it all infected
Stop! Stop!
Subjects have now entered hot zone.
Take over? What do you mean, take over?
Target elevation, 29,035 feet.
Tenzin wait!
Thank you, son.
That canyon? That wasn't there this morning.
That feels very good.
That is an order
That plane has multiple engines.
That was last week
The ash cloud will reach Washington in roughly seven hours.
The authorities in L.A. say there's nothing to worry about.
The data also shows the Earth's poles have reversed their magnetic fields
The death toll is expected to be well over 2 million people
The entire African continent has risen
The Genesis...
The most important schedule in the history of mankind.
The Party and country will assist in your relocation.
The same reason you sent for your family.
The United Kingdom, Spain, France, Canada, Germany..
The whole Pacific plate is destabilizing.
There. Through the hydraulic chamber.
There'd be no way to get any air
These are their new positions.
They made me feel safe
They show the true nature of us Californians.
They're building spaceships, man.
This is one flight he shouldn't have been late for
This water tank goes down another 6000 feet.
Those little bastards are called neutrinos.
Twenty meters.
Unfortunately, I am, Harry.
Unstable. They said unstable?
Used to be a lake here
We are learning more about this deadly car explosion.