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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Ah, so, let's take this cleaver...
All at the same time
All right, stop! Just everybody take a time out!
And 10% of your tiltties are my titties.
And a little more "freaknik" Lisa.
And a ugly ass face, just like his momma
And author of you can have it all.
And I had forgotten that.
And I might be willing to spill this tea on your little site.
And I'm gonna put it on this over utilized sausage.
And look what I brought you
And thank you for bringing the flossy posse back together.
And that is a lovely blouse you have on. Why, thank you.
And this choice is diminishing you
And you can see, there are a lot of different peppers and colors..
And you know what? You are one of the most loyal,
Appreciate that, nothing but water under the bridge
Are you serious? 'Cause, you know what, I know you're broke!
Authentic hurricanes! Two for $25!
Because nobody's gonna love you like your babies.
Because we have convinced ourselves
Because when I was leaving Terrence,
Because with the pocket squares...
Bitch, I'm about to fuck you up!
Bottom line is that you two give people hope.
But I will see you and the flossy posse in New Orleans
But the essence folks just called and..
But we are not pressing charges, okay?
By the name of Simone, no last name given
Bye, mama! Oh, my goodness!
Catch me!
Come here, baby! Aww!
Come on
Come on, for real
Come on, ry
Come on, y'all!
Come on! What you sayin'?
Cops! Cops! Come on, it's the cops!
Cute, Sasha, not helpful.
Damn, this shit gonna be happening all weekend?
Damn! How much did she drink?
Dang it
Despite being the sexy party girl, she was a natural nurturer.
Did you hear what I just said?
Didn't you say you have an appearance or something?
Dina, come on
Dina, don't
Dina, I haven't even finished this one yet.
Dina, put your shirt on!
Do that shit, Dina. What!
Do you get that from squats or is that injections?
Does he know?
Doesn't mean that you have to be rude!
Doing whatever the fuck she wants
Don't be a bugger! Pip pip, cheerio!
Don't let me go! Don't let me go!
Don't look at me with them eyes.
Every group of friends has that one experience
Every group of friends has that one song
Feel me, yeah..
Fiercest, most honest friend we have
Fine. You just keep handling your business.
Five, four,
Flossy posse!
For once, I agree with Dina and her foul mouth
For real, though! Mmm.
Fucking foggy peephole.
Get in those! Get in those! Yeah!
Get it, get it, get it!
Go! You got it!
Green fairy.
Grind it up, throw it back.
Has altered the molecular structure of your brain.
Has led me to the decision that
Hello. Oh, my goodness!
Hey, hey, hey. What's going on here?
Hey, when I said "let loose," I didn't mean it literally!
Hey! Ls this the flossy posse suite?
Hmm? Good night.
I ain't never known you to back down from a challenge.
I always do what?
I am sorry, I'd like to apologize for my friends.
I can see why you're not married
I can't believe Bethany just saw me like this.
I didn't do this! Simone must have!
I don't find this funny at all.
I forgot that years before I was Stewart's wife,
I got g****fruitjuice in the peepee hole. I need a first aid kit.
I got Muslim oils, Christian oils! I got poodle oils!
I got something for the kids!
I had both my kids, right?
I have four.
I just wanna make that my wallpaper
I love my mother
I love you!
I miss you, too.
I still have to work tomorrow, I really should get to bed.
I truly am sorry
I was gone for three minutes!
I was terrified
I was there last year! Swear to god, I was up in there last year.
I would die for every last one of you
I'll do it
I'm a huge fan, Stewart. Thank you
I'm every woman it's all in me
I'm gonna say this out of love. Preach, girl.
I'm gonna take care of everybody in first class because...
I'm good, I don't have a gag reflex.
I'm so sorry! Sasha: You kissing the air, girl
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry. Um...
I'm taking fun pictures with celebrities
I'm talking to celebrities and everything.
I'm the bitch in these streets!
Icannotbeheve I'm looking at half of the flossy posse!
If your arms ain't tired, you ain't been cooking!
Is this a care bear? Don't touch my things!
Isn't that right, stew?
It may not be pulitzer prize winning..
It's a bootyhole.
It's a disaster! It's just a shitshow
It's Bethany, she..
Ithoughtyoulooked great in that thong.
Jesus loves me, too
Just a little breather, and just take a moment
Just like everybody else
Ladies and gentlemen, hall of fame candidate, Stewart Pierce
Lam strong, I'm powerful, I'm beautiful..
Lesson learned
Let's go. We're gonna hoof this one
Lfeel fine!
Like, I can't... I can't even...
Lisa! See that, bitch?
Listen, how about this?
Little pound puppies
Liz davelli.
Look at that right there.
Look, I gotta pay bills, and, for the record...
Ma, can you hear me?
Make some noise!
Milk dud head...
Mmm hmm.
More appropriate and effective..
More the merrier.
Morris Chestnut!
My dick is on fire, Lisa! Okay, just calm down.
My husband and I remain in a loving, faithful marriage
No matter who else steps in the picture,
No, Dina, come on. Obviously, I was very upset,
No, Dina, don't do that.
No, I need you to bring me something I can use,
No, I'm just saying that it would be
No, there's no water and no bridge. You're fired
No... Who only has time for his music?
Of Ryan Pierce's husband, Stewart,
Of Sasha's secrets?
Oh, I can just feel my heart filling up with joy now,
Oh, I'm doing just fine, but you know what?
Oh, my god! Are you guys friends with Ryan?
Oh, my god.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, no, no, no! That's my car!
Oh, no, this bitch didn't
Oh, oh!
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit! You coming to get me, god?
Oh, slow down, baby. Slow down, baby
Oh, this heifer.
Oh, yes, we are. Thank you, sir. Thank you
Oh, yes. Yep.
Oh! Wait, come on, y'all
Oh. Oh. Okay
Okay, we gotta tell Ryan.
Okay, we're leaving. I'm gonna leave.
Okay. All right.
Once a week going to some fabulous event.
Ooh! Damn!
Ooh! Now, Sasha, that's not fair and you know it
Ooh! Now, take it easy, lis.
Ooh! Yeah! Yes!
Or is it just too much ass to pass up?
Or some strange affliction
Or we're done
Party in the vip!
Please beat her ass.
Please don't do it!
Please go. Bye!
Please! I see you and stew pop up on my feed
Quiet as a cat. Ryan, we gotta go right now.
Right here, come on, baby! Me?
Right here.
Ryan, I don't even know what to say.
Ryan! It's good to see you!
Ryan. What?
Sasha! Let's go!
Seems like they're getting along.
She baddie!
She's gonna be fine. I don't even know why...
She's nobody. I've never seen her before.
She's so funny!
Sir, faster, faster, faster! We need to get there
Sista, sista, it's $50 a pop. $50 a pop.
So they not fucking in Guatemala?
So we have the most amazing suite at the monteleone,
So, come, missy,
So, um, how many baby mamas you got?
Squeeze it!
Successful author..
Talk to me, yes. I got one you could do a lot with!
Thank you, Julian. You're welcome.
Thank you!
Thank you!
That ass is really cute.
That fuck lnstagram bitches!
That is not gonna turn out well for you.
That no matter where you are