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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A friend of the family?
Ain't no telling what the hell they'll have you do in the joint.
Alexander found in Derek his shining prince
All right
All right?
All right.
And l'm not telling you what to do.
As a matter of fact, the only sheets l get mad at? l'll tell you.
Aw, what?
Because l control the underwear.
Been trying to pin something to him, but it doesn't work.
Boys, this is what we gonna do.
But it doesn't matter if l don't, does it?
But we're just so damned glad you're back, Derek.
C Block! Back at the chow! Don't be late today, you piece of shit!
Come on, let's go. Let's go.
Come on, Seth
Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Does he have a record?
Don't fucking eyeball me, boy, or l'll fucking skull fuck you!
Don't get sick from cold, you get sick from germs.
Easy, Derek. Hey. Hey.
Essentially, he used Derek to recruit a slew of insecure...
Fifty fucking pounds, man. Jesus, look at this hair. Holy shit.
Five, four, three..
Fuck that! Fuck that!
Fuck y'all
Get a towel! Hold him. Hold him.
Get down on your knees right now!
Get some of that in there.
Get the fuck out of my house!
Glory, glory hallelujah
Go turn that paper in
God bless Jesus Christ, man.
Good boy.
Good night, Mom.
Good. l hate this hip hop...
He said it would make it too hard for him...
He's not proud
He's on the phone.
He's pretty clean
Hey, Danny! Come on.
Hey. Hey, Vinyard!
Hey. Look at me.
Honey, they don't teach Tom Clancy at school.
How you doing?
Jesus, don't sound so worried, all right?
Just don't swallow everything he feeds you whole.
Keep your head up. Things are gonna be fine.
L don't know if l've ever done that.
L don't know. l'll work it out. Hey.
L don't want you in trouble in school, trying to impress me...
L get back, she's laying on her back. She likes the wine bottle thing, right?
L know about this place. l know about the place you are in.
L know l ain't the one getting mad at them damn sheets, though.
L know. l know.
L need to talk to you now.
L said, get in here
L understand how you feel. You've just done some hard time
L understand you just got out...
L'll go as far away as l can get.
L'll see you at home.
L'm ashamed that you came out of my body!
L'm more important to him now than you'll ever be.
L'm so sorry, Doris.
L'm sure he's fine.
Leave with me.
Let's go.
Let's go. Let's go, yo. Let's go
Let's go. We're out of here. Everybody out. Let's go. Now. Now!
Listen, too...
Lt's 5:40 a.m...
Lt's all right.
Lt's bullshit.
Lt's gonna be fine
Lt's okay. l'm proud of you, baby.
Lucky the bell rung. l would have clocked that white boy
Mommy, are you okay?
My cousin Derek is in the pen right now...
No green card, no fucking work, comprendes?
No white gangs in Venice Beach..
No, l'm not. l'm lucky.
No, no, no. l'm not kidding
No, you didn't get six years for stealing a TV.
Now say good night.
Now turn around!
Oh, God
Oh, Jesus
Oh, that's just politics, man. Favors, you know.
Over the years, though, it's just gone to hell
Pass the ball, baby. Pass the ball.
Promise me you'll stay away from that party.
Put your fucking mouth on the curb
Read the book, ace the guy's test.
Right away.
Save the rhetorical bullshit, Hillary Rodham Clinton..
See you later.
Should we visit them?
So l was right back where l started.
That was so fucked up.
That's bullshit, man. Somebody should say something to him.
That's the best shit l've heard come out of your mouth.
The day you quit smoking.
They're not any good anymore because Mr. Two Ph.D.s says they aren't?
This affirmative blaction.
This is a mistake. Forget it.
This is not a fucking country club where you can waltz in and out of here
Totally out of control.
Trust me. He's behind all of it.
Venice Beach didn't always look like this
Wait a second. Wait a second.
Wait for me right outside.
We gonna hate some goddamn ******s. That's all we'll do, is hate ******s all day.
We got a whole file on skinheads
We gotta get out of here
We were kind of hoping that maybe you'd talk to your old crew.
We won't let a bunch of spooks kick us out of here.
We're gonna treat you like one.
We're having a discussion.
Well, excuse me, but fuck you, Derek.
Well, it looks like they're gonna live.
What are you gonna do?
What are you talking to Sweeney for?
What is it, Black History Month?
What the fuck's your problem, you asshole?
What would you like to wear? l wanna wear my blue dress today.
What's up?
Who would like some dessert?
Why would you wanna leave? They worship you. You're like a god to them.
Yeah, l'm clear.
Yeah, walk out.
Yo, what's all that bullshit you pulled in the mess hall, man?
You don't have to watch your ass around here.
You don't think l see what you're doing?
You know that. l'd do anything for you.
You think you're here all alone?
You think you're the only one doing time, Derek?
You think? Nobody in here got away with anything.
You're goddamn right we are.
Your anger is shutting down the brain God gave you.
Father Vinyard? How's it going? l'm Jason, this is Chris.
Go wait outside. Come on, l'm not doing anything.
l doubt it. Yeah, well...
l wonder how bad they got fucked up. l don't know.
l'll give it to you, Dr. Sweeney. All right? Yeah, okay.
Look, would you do something with me? Anything.
Remember that. You know what? l don't fucking give a shit.
Stay right here and be quiet. Jesus.
Take my job. You donkey bitch!
That's enough. l'm sorry
This is my house. Fuck you, bitch
We're friends with your brother. You are a fucking god, man!
You gotta watch out for that. Yeah, l get what you're saying. l will
You have a big fucking mouth, Seth. l can take this niglet down.
You have to ask the right questions. Like what?
You knew l was gonna come. Let the kid alone, Derek.
You know what l'm saying? Whatever. Come on. What did you do?
You mean that shit about your mother? You wanna get fucking beaten, Danny?
...and in about one minute, l'm gonna watch the sun come up.
...and now fucking Murray turned me in...
...and the large with the large.
...concerning life in contemporary America
...grabbing any excuse they can find to go and loot a store.'s wrong, Dan.
...on the preaching bullshit, okay? We're getting a little tired of that shit. the frustrated ones
...two.... Shut the door
...Venice was a nice, quiet place to grow up.
...without a father.