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A beats one called that you cannot you possibly the best in bonzela beats and water
Anyways hope you get this man hit me back just to chat through your biggest fan this is stan
But anyways what not man how's your daughter no problem this every day but only biggest fan
But i'm here and i'm breaking containment
But this isn't the last we see it steven because he's got a few rhymes of his own about the judges he wants to share probably
But you're not talented at all are performing you should find something else that you enjoy doing well level how do you think he did
Electric bad
Free booze entra awesome
He was trying to be like an eminem thing but he got a really bad faith and he'd really bad actions I just got it all all wrong
Hello how are you steven
I went in full of confidence now comfort in africa for windows phone
I would uh looked at the hip hop lifestyle yeah beotch osier pincel rides here bling
I've got the only count to stem I got a room full of cell pics man
I've got the xbox which is what the X factor is lots personal air and the character talent and talent
Lewis wharf you down where slide there OK but you're not you don't know about music
My persona is MCS the MC steve is cocker argun it'll matter what anymore fins and it just goes for it and he loves rapper
One hour for when I thought he still got the confidence looks personality talent note
Or different I problem is on speechless
Shadys back tell a friend
Sharon osbourne 's daughter kelly she's got more talent than a piece it on my shoe
Shut up I think i'm the best rapper in south lucia
Simon cow if it sees it is nothing but a soul
Six dollars and if you will not be a sincere street deer as one is being featured forge a beaker forger
So I say my best lines to slay the judge but they're great time trusting trainer heroes this interested put more season downtown statements
Steven I mean just awful really just awful yeah honestly
Throwing spear quiet here had an interest
Up in demonstrator processor digest pickets and from
Up until different I hear happy told my heart people
Well people conflict compared to eminem and bus great because eminem 's will not biggest idols and I wish I could be broken
When I went out of the room and I was really angry sort of slam door open I walked sort when kate fourth and we're trying to gold and ask him what the setting on that and I did a rap for them