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Hung (2009) - Season 1

Hung (2009) - Season 1

"Hung" is a tantalizing American comedy-drama television series that aired its first season in 2009. Set in economically challenged Detroit, this provocative show delves into the life of Ray Drecker, a high school basketball coach turned male escort who quickly finds himself navigating a world he never imagined.

The lead role of Ray Drecker is brilliantly played by the talented and versatile actor, Thomas Jane. Jane seamlessly brings forth the complexities of Ray's character, effortlessly transitioning from an ordinary, downtrodden man to a confident and sought-after gigolo. Jane's portrayal of Ray's internal battles and emotional vulnerability is a standout performance.

Jane is joined by an exceptional ensemble cast that elevates the series to another level. Jane Adams portrays Tanya Skagle, a struggling poet and Ray's mentor in the escort business. Adams captures the essence of Tanya's quirky personality and serves as the perfect counterbalance to Ray's stoicism. The on-screen chemistry between Jane and Adams adds depth and authenticity to their complicated relationship.

Anne Heche steps into the role of Jessica Haxon, Ray's ex-wife, who is financially prosperous but emotionally unfulfilled. Heche masterfully portrays Jessica's conflicting emotions, showcasing vulnerability and strength simultaneously. Her character provides an intriguing dynamic as she oscillates between wanting to support Ray and keeping her own affairs in order.

Eddie Jemison portrays the hilarious and endearing character of Ronnie Haxon, Jessica's new husband. Jemison's comedic timing and delivery provide a light-hearted touch to the series, offering some much-needed comic relief. Furthermore, Sianoa Smit-McPhee stands out as Darby Drecker, Ray's teenage daughter. Smit-McPhee brings a refreshing vitality and authenticity to the character, adding depth to the family dynamics and exploring the challenges of adolescence.

The writing and storytelling in "Hung" are thought-provoking and explore themes of identity, desire, and human connection. The creators, Colette Burson and Dmitry Lipkin, skillfully navigate the complexities of sex work and its implications, relentlessly examining societal norms and breaking down stereotypes. Through Ray's journey, they delve into the male psyche and address issues of masculinity, vulnerability, and societal pressures.

The cinematography of "Hung" captures the gritty setting of Detroit, providing a backdrop that adds depth and authenticity to the narrative. The bleak and dilapidated landscapes effectively mirror the struggles faced by the characters, creating a visual metaphor for their inner turmoil.

The soundtrack of "Hung" is both captivating and diverse, seamlessly blending various genres to reflect the show's eclectic themes. From soulful ballads to pulsating beats, the music adds another layer of emotion to the series. If you want to immerse yourself in the world of "Hung," you can easily play and download these sounds.

Overall, the first season of "Hung" offers a fresh and unconventional take on the comedy-drama genre, providing a unique exploration of societal expectations and sexuality. The outstanding performances, engaging writing, and compelling storytelling make it a captivating and thought-provoking series.

If you're ready to embark on a journey that challenges societal norms and delves deep into the human desire for connection, "Hung" is the perfect choice. Join Ray Drecker as he reinvents himself and discovers the unexpected realities of life as a male escort. Playing and downloading the sounds of "Hung" will immerse you in this captivating world, where questions of identity and vulnerability are at the forefront.

So, grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions as you dive into the captivating universe of "Hung" – an unmissable television series that will leave you craving for more.

A "professional" professional?
A burned out house is a prime target for thieves and vandals.
A croissant folded around Maya Angelou's "Phenomenal Woman," for example.
A dick and a dream.
A grand slam.
A home run, Tanya.
A homecoming, cheerleading, stupid ass beauty queen.
A jock, a student leader...
A long time ago.
A lot of times, frankly. Will you pass the mustard, please?
A major league guy playing...
A million isn't what it used to be, huh? Let's kick it up a notch.
A normal person sitting across the table.
A part of me would love to, but I have a fiancé.
A real punch in the face.
A roof... By yourself?
A service I think some of your clients might be very interested in.
A sex therapist.
A Stearns & Foster. Why?
A structural beam to enjoy for many years to come.
A very nice woman named Molly wants to see you tomorrow afternoon.
About their wallets. You know, they get hysterical when they lose stuff.
About two years.
Absolutely not.
Actually, I did bring some words for you to choke on.
After attending University of Central Florida on a prestigious baseball scholarship...
All of my possessions did not get burned up. None of my stuff was even here.
All right, all we gotta do is we gotta make more shots.
All right, as it so happens, Ray, I have an in.
All right, but let's call it what it really is.
All right, call me later.
All right, come on, come on. Let's hustle, let's hustle.
All right, forget I asked. Just forget it.
All right, guys, one, two, three.
All right, hold it, hold it, hold it.
All right, I do not like drama.
All right, I got eyes on them.
All right, I haven't had sex with him.
All right, I think we need to be alone right now.
All right, I'll try him. And if I like him, I'll recommend him.
All right, I'm sorry.
All right, just calm down, Darby. I hear you.
All right, let me get this straight, you didn't get detention.
All right, let's huddle up.
All right, maybe you're right.
All right, Mike, I got this.
All right, well, then I'm gonna be honest with you, Ray.
All right, what you might be sensing, Tanya...
All right, whatever. You guys decide.
All right, yeah.
All right, yes, I am a little shallow.
All right, you're telling people I did coke and heroin?
All right?
All right? By the way, what are your dos and don'ts?
All right? I don't have a pen nearby.
All right? I'll try to be back by fourth quarter.
All right? I've been pleasing women for decades now.
All right? So what's that make this?
All right? That's for tomorrow.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. I circled the ones I think are good.
All sales are final because of the discount.
All she cares about is her fat ass boyfriend.
All this here gotta be gutted to the bones.
Am I a turnoff right now?
Am I making you feel too dirty?
Am I paying to argue with you?
Am I the problem? Is it me?
An advisor? I'm willing to be that advisor.
An arm that's now got its hand around my throat.
An enthusiastic, fucking fantastic fucker.
An enthusiastic, fucking fantastic fucker.
An ugly man...
And actually, I made a New Year's resolution...
And anonymous sex ads, they're a turnoff...
And as you can see, I'm a woman just like you.
And by sex therapist I mean someone who will fuck you...
And clearly, I made the obvious choice.
And do you have a career or a job?
And even though our class is officially ending...
And every fucking Friday, she has a fucking potluck.
And frankly, you need to add a photo.
And he decided that Happiness Consultants should be run by the three of us.
And he's got the quality to start. He was a JV powerhouse.
And how's the salts?
And hung.
And I almost had the whole place ready to get rewired.
And I am only shallow because I choose to be!
And I don't like corporate chain restaurants.
And I gotta say, it's either Lenore...
And I paid the extra fee to include a photo In the online edition.
And I respectfully don't care.
And I said, "As long as you respect our rules."
And I think I could make you happy
And I think maybe your friend might have stole my stuff.
And I wanted to win.
And I wanted to win...
And I...
And I'm gonna do it with whatever cash comes my way.
And I'm missing a game during a losing season...
And if you can't, just make something up. I'm not gonna know the difference.
And if you get rehired you'll keep your former salary.
And it all starts right here in Detroit..
And it's what you need.
And my inspiration was to put a little piece of psalm inside each one.
And my tent.
And now I just... I'm afraid you're gonna disappear on me too.
And now look, I do skin, you do feet.
And on the other hand, Doris is dead.
And one of those rules is you do not contact or pay a client directly.
And open the love window. Those are the eyes.
And press its face against mine. Breathe into me.
And quite frankly, neither am I.
And Ray brings a big dick.
And she changed her mind.
And she says, "Doctor, my sister thinks I should try Accutane."
And sometimes a coach has to plant seeds that are gonna be harvested at a later date.
And thanks for the cookies.
And that is how Ray Drecker, teenage sports star...
And that's the half.
And that's what I try to teach my kids too.
And the final score is the Wolves scoring 56 points...
And the least expensive thing.
And the lily, how passionately It needs some wild darling!
And their husbands are either too old or too busy to get erections.
And then he started putting me down with little comments, you know?
And then she came.
And then she'll keep coming back for more.
And then suddenly I felt it.
And then the Happiness Consultant meets you...
And then this prick lawyer moved in next door.
And then we can discuss.
And then you can get into a situation...
And then you got me here again.
And then, like...
And then, somehow, all that enviable accomplishment...
And then...
And this losing streak...
And this might be your first time...
And we did a brave thing.
And we will go over and invite ourselves to her little party...
And when I do, I expect you to cheer the hell up. Okay?
And when I texted him about it, he didn't write back.
And with a discount, of course.
And you are about to become a millionaire.
And you bought all this?
And you know this because?
And you're going to have to file notice.
And your mother and I give you an allowance, you know.
Any guy named Hammer is not a good idea at midnight. And your curfew is 10.
Any man in his right mind would die to have dinner with you.
Any subject, any time. I mean, these people were available.
Anybody here take Latin?
Anybody here take Latin?
Anybody know what this is?
Anybody seen my daughter?
Anymore, anyway.
Anyone home?
Anyway, don't worry about the wallet. How was it?
Anyway, how serious are you about quitting?
Anyway, I'll fix it before we move you guys back in.
Anyway, I'm still trying.
Anyway, looks like some cash fell out of your purse.
Anyway, Maya saw him with some skinny girl.
Are we doing crow's feet?
Are we rich or are we poor? I can't tell.
Are you a...? Do you...? Do you go to the games?
Are you crazy? We could go to jail for this.
Are you delusional?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Are you fucking kidding me? Tanya, I'm a highly respected educator.
Are you gonna be okay?
Are you gonna get fired?
Are you gonna get to these changes soon? Not everybody is quitting tomorrow.
Are you gonna make another inappropriate pass at me?
Are you in the hospital?
Are you kidding? Please tell me this isn't you.
Are you mad about the solo?
Are you Molly?
Are you on Facebook?
Are you referring to my student, Tanya Skagle?
Are you Richard?
Are you sure he wasn't just flirting?
Are you the property owner, sir?
Are you there?
Are you thinking about it?
Are you urinating in the lake?
Are you wearing lipstick?
As it so happens, I was house sitting for a client.
As peaceful as a baby.
As Yogi Berra used to say:
Ask any musician or hairdresser.
At first I thought it was a horrible idea. Then I came around to it.
At least on some level?
At least Ray was honest.
At night, I open the window And ask the moon to come
Away from the light
Basketball is more important than art.
Be normal.
Be reasonable, T Brain.
Because I do, and I actually feel like you're about to start a brushfire.
Because I don't know what you think you've heard, Rhonda...
Because I find that most of the good Iooking guys are all jerks.
Because I'm not very good with vintage cars, all right?
Because it's expensive, but you really want it.
Because it's fucking comfortable, that's why.
Because it's fucking comfortable, that's why.