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Am I laughing? No.
And women have a very different mentality to money than men. If you show a woman how to make $1000 in an hour, she'll think I only have I only have to work an hour a week. Whereas if you show a man...
Breathe air.
Friend, on the other hand, can betray you, and betrayal is much worse than an attack from an enemy for two reasons one. It catches you by surprise. That's the first thing. And the second thing is, ...
Fucking stupid. It didn't cross your mind at some point that permanently suck it on this vape was gonna damage you in some way you deserve what happens to your dumb ass. Breathe air. Have you ever ...
I am too brilliant a man, too perfect in every single metric. Too big, too strong, too smart. I can fight too well. I'm caramel. I'm beautiful. It would be a shame for me to not service these femal...
I called this virus a hoax from the start and everyone called me crazy people.
I know a lot of broke people who are very arrogant. They'll come along, go. I think that's a scam. Ohh. Do you brokey Ohh. Brokey thinks it's a scam. Ohh. Tell me again about how my online educatio...
I really. I decided to get rich. Rich.
I think that every single person should be aiming to. I know this is a very animalistic answer, but we're here to reproduce and I think the most important thing anyone can do in their life is have ...
I walk into hell and the devil's like, ohh, I'm gonna burn you. How you gonna do shit?
I would walk into your bedroom and beat the living fuck out of you.
James Ball is a pimp. He sleeps with a girl to get information. He doesn't care about her. He is absolutely not really a pimp. He doesn't hit her. He makes her love him. She does what he wants. He ...
Look. Shut up, bitch.
So I'm sitting there researching money for days and days and days, and then I get more mad because I'm like, whoa, whoa, monkey's trash. And I don't have any now. I'm really now. I'm really annoyed.
The virus isn't real. There is a virus? Yes. Is it deadly? No. It's shutting down the economy and appropriate response. Absolutely not. Clown world.
To give over. No more. Sir. Sir. Gonna do. Every Tuesday 4. Nebula. Still missing.
Well, I'm gonna come along, Mr. Nice Guy, and I'm gonna undo the laws of the universe.
Why were we on the planet? We're on the planet to to reproduce and and I think we all have lessons to learn and and teach our children and I think that's the most important thing we can.
Yeah, I had a mixed reviews on the color. Some people said they like it, some people said they don't like it. And I said, well what color is your brigade? Ohh, fuck off then.
Yeah, you're middle brain, bro. We're fucking this. Most stupid people in the world and the smartest people in the world, people in the middle are all like doom. I'm smart. I read books. I fucking ...
You are poor. You are weak. You are stupid. You are ugly and you are short. You are none of the things I am. Well, I have an opinion. Well, yeah, take the things this. But I think nobody cares what...
You can say my life is less fun, but I still don't drink. That's fine, I accept that. But to sit there and say, oh, I don't need to drink, I have fun without drinking, then you're a fucking liar.
You're going to build enemies of people who don't like you or they hate you. That's fine, because you can deal with that very easily by basically ignoring them.