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Jane the Virgin (2014) - Season 1

Jane the Virgin (2014) - Season 1

Jane the Virgin is not a movie or a song; it is a critically acclaimed television series that first premiered in 2014. The show follows the dramatic life of Jane Villanueva, played by Gina Rodriguez, a young woman whose world turns upside down when she is accidentally artificially inseminated during a routine check-up.

The cast of Jane the Virgin is incredibly talented, bringing life to the vibrant characters that make this show so captivating. Alongside Gina Rodriguez, the series features Justin Baldoni as Rafael Solano, Jane's accidental pregnancy's biological father. Ivonne Coll portrays Alba Villanueva, Jane's deeply religious grandmother, while Andrea Navedo takes on the role of Xiomara Villanueva, Jane's vivacious mother. Jaime Camil brilliantly portrays Rogelio de la Vega, Jane's biological father and a popular telenovela star.

In addition to the main cast, the show boasts a talented ensemble of supporting actors. Yael Grobglas captivates viewers as Petra Solano, Rafael's scheming ex-wife. Brett Dier plays the sweet and supportive Michael Cordero, Jane's ex-boyfriend and a detective investigating a crime lord with connections to Rafae. The show also features recurring and guest appearances by some famous faces, such as Anthony Mendez as the show's narrator and Jane's son Mateo, played by various actors as he ages throughout the series.

Jane the Virgin is known for its unique storytelling style, blending elements of drama, romance, and comedy with the melodramatic tropes often found in telenovelas. The show cleverly pays homage to the exaggerated plotlines and cliffhangers typically associated with telenovelas, while still grounding its characters in relatable emotions and experiences. The combination of humor, heartwarming moments, and unexpected twists keeps audiences hooked throughout each season.

The first season of Jane the Virgin introduces viewers to the complex web of relationships and secrets that surround Jane. As she navigates her unexpected pregnancy and deals with the ensuing complications, the show explores themes of family, love, and self-discovery. Jane's journey includes balancing her aspirations of becoming a writer with her responsibilities as a mother-to-be, all while dealing with the unexpected arrival of Rafael's sister, Luisa, who happens to be a doctor with a complicated love life of her own.

The soundtrack of Jane the Virgin enhances the show's storytelling, featuring a mix of Latin-infused tracks, contemporary hits, and emotional ballads that perfectly complement the show's tone and dramatic moments. While you can't download or play the actual episodes here, you can find and enjoy the show's official soundtrack on various streaming platforms or purchase it to support the talented artists who contributed to it.

Jane the Virgin, with its exceptional cast, compelling storylines, and clever blend of genres, quickly became a fan-favorite and received critical acclaim, earning numerous awards and nominations. The show's first season sets the stage for the thrilling journey that Jane and her loved ones embark on, offering a mix of laughter, tears, and surprises that will keep viewers coming back for more.

A $10 million bomb on him.
A beautiful boy.
A big problem.
A boy?
A boy. (crying)
A dozen plumbers that night. I mean...
A fact Jane did not know
A few months. Yeah.
A friendship he would very much like.
A gentle discussion on areas of improvement."
A girl needs her matka.
A life!
A lot has happened.
A lot of names on that list, though.
A medical procedure to turn the baby.
A moment of honesty.
A parting gift.
A penchant for overthinking resulted in:
A playboy past, have I not?
A real baby?
A real one.
A reminder: we're better off apart.
A rite of passage, if you will.
A second chance...
A sign?
A song that my grandchild will hear at bedtime.
A spring break destination.
A super intense conversation last night.
A thousand times yes.
A virgin is not who I am.
A weird amount, just admit it.
A woman, older.
A wonderful online community called the Milky Madres.
Aaron tells me he's leaving to go back
Aaron. Hi.
Aaron's coming clean.
Abort! Abort!
About an hour before the show, okay?
About any of that right now.
About compromise and meeting each other halfway, and...
About going back?
About how you can't turn off your phone
About me moving on and all, and...
About my dad and and...
About Rafael.
About that one small kiss?
About the new Peruvian place on Ocean?
About the time you spend at work,
Abuela, you have to tell me everything.
According to BuzzFeed, El Presidente's stabbing
Acting like you had no idea who she was.
Actor's dressing room
Actually, I said "I'd love to."
Actually, that's not what happens.
After a vigorous session of lovemaking...
After all.
After everything you've been through... a divorce,
After everything...
After she saw you and I broke up on Facebook.
After you babysit.
After you ended it.
After you've spent an emotionally
Afterwards, I'll take care of you
Against my Nemesis, Candy Crunch.
Against our partners, ladies.
Ah, a frame that says "Love."
Ah, a frame that says "Love."
Ah, Easter
Ah, so Rogelio loves hot chocolate.
Ah, we're good
Ah, yes, Jane.
Ah, yes, something along the lines of,
Ah, yes, writing.
Ah, yes.
Ah, yes.
Ah, yes. Calle Ocho
Ah, yes. Let's rewind a bit.
Ah! Ah!
Ah! Okay, I'll time them, I'm timing them.
Ah! You guys are the cutest couple ever.
Ah... A contraction?
Ah... Jane?
Ah... oh, man.
Aka the Holy Messiah, if I can't even manage a hydraulic lift?
Alas, since Jane went to a Catholic school,
Alba was confused about the accident.
Alba, you are just as I remembered.
Alex Mendez RSVP'd yes.
ALEXIS: Interesting. Jane,
ALEXIS: Ladies, what have we missed?
Alexis. Only one problem.
All Jane needed was for Rafael to say, "I'll pitch in."
All of it.
All of us.
All right, come on. I wear it more than you do.
All right, everyone.
All right, I should head home.
All right, let's hit it..
All right, okay. Okay, here's a guy
All right, so the bigger
All right!
All right? Just focus on dress rehearsal.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. (clears throat)
All right. Sorry. That was weird.
All righty, then!
All self righteous and acting out?
All that remains is an EGO.
All the child care.
All this time, huh?
All those years of you pretending
All three of them,
All three times were epic disasters.
Already tweeted her.
Also dramatic,
Also full of regrets: Petra.
Also heartbroken... Jane's mother.
Also in for a surprise... our Jane.
Although Jane doesn't know that yet.
Although your ideas of that might be different.
Although... (scoffs) Look at her.
Am getting there with you, as well.
Am I right?
Amanda kissed me! You kissed Marco!
Amanda kissed me.
Amanda, I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression,
Amanda: A few years ago,
An apology letter. I write good apology letters.
An executive producer credit, of course.
And "Getting there" was enough for you to move in with me?
And a lot of angry guys who were cut out
And a relationship,
And a super sexy scene where El Presidente emerges
And across town, Rafael was married to Petra.
And acting is mine.
And after he found out,
And after high school, Jane was living very well indeed.
And again, Jane chose to believe that...
And Alba?
And all those people as possible.
And also a perm.
And also Petra.
And an accidental pregnancy later,
And And I feel like I should apologize
And and I just wanted to say, about the other day...
And and I were the one confessing to you,
And and I've replayed it, like, a million times in my head,
And and it did happen, and I, I want you to get out!
And and you can read all the books you want.
And apparently, you have a window.
And are apparently still stalking me.
And are now business partners.
And are there other things I should know?
And as promised,
And as Rafael focused more on work,
And as young Jane watched the dancers,
And because of my screwup, his hotel might go under.
And began working on a new one with his rival, Esteban.
And between you and me, I would like to declare myself
And broke up with Jane...
And crumple it up.
And decided that it's about time
And drink a glass of water, they'll subside.
And dropped a bomb.
And dumped Jane,
And even if her grandmother is confused,
And even though he wasn't sure at all,
And even though he wasn't sure at all,
And financially draining hour dissecting your relationship?
And focused on the good.
And for the love of God,
And for the past two weeks, she sat down
And force former hostages to lie on your behalf.
And freeze it in time.
And from that very first moment,
And from there, a love story bloomed.
And get pumped.
And get things back to the way they were before.
And guess what? They fell in love.
And he came back into her life...
And he cut off the hotel's resources to our room,
And he is growing closer to Petra.
And he knew it had been two weeks since Jane quit
And he told me not to bother him.
And he told me that our profits
And he turned them all down.
And he was interested in the lead.
And heavy.
And his crazy ex wife has a murderous mother.
And his hotel was failing,
And his hotel was failing,
And how badly I wanted a family.