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Diff'rent Strokes (1978) - Season 5

Diff'rent Strokes (1978) - Season 5

Play and download sound clips from Diff'rent Strokes (1978) - Season 5.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
After I have gone out and gotten an arm load of cartoons
And he said Mr. Ramsey gave it to him.
And I don't blame you.
And I'll pretend like I'm really trying to throw you there.
And I'm not gonna punish you.
And the guy gets off scot free.
And then discuss the problem presented,
And video games.
And we found some very incriminating pictures.
And whipped cream
Are you all right?
As a matter of fact, I'm not over mine yet.
Because he's here to help us.
Because if I'd gone done and confronted Horton by myself,
Before anything really terrible happened to him.
Before the police could even get there.
Boy, I sure feel goofy
But I gave him my hard sell.
But you do have to be careful.
Come on Arnold.
Come on, man, let's go to my room.
Compliments of the house?
Concluding half of a special two part show
Dad, look at this.
Do I still get a bicycle for my birthday?
Don't get shut out!
Down the lanes, across the little ridges,
Either I'm gaining weight or the laundry
Especially if you've got nothing to be ashamed of.
Exactly what happened before we came in.
For giving you guys all these little treats after school.
For what happened.
For you and me.
For you guys to watch this afternoon on television?
Great day for ducks, Arnold.
He seemed like such a nice man.
He tried to
He would have been able to get rid of all the photographs
He's acting very strange lately.
He's got parents who are loving and understanding.
He's got this back room with toys and trains
Here ye, here ye, buy a bicycle
Hey, listen, what game we gonna play now?
How's he doing?
I don't see why you shouldn't.
I haven't hugged my kid today.
I know you guys got some heavy talking to do.
I love you.
I mean it's like you just died and went
I mean they're everywhere.
I mean you're lean and thin
I think I got all the details right here,
I think you're very generous, Mr. Horton.
I was gonna ride my new bicycle today.
I'd give you this handle bar radio for your bicycle.
I'd wear a red hat, red sweater, red socks.
I'm gonna be 12 next month.
I'm not a kid anymore.
I've got mixed emotions about this.
If I blink my eyes, people'll think I'm a stop light.
If more kids knew the facts,
In fact it's 1/3 off.
In good shape, Mr. Horton
In just 13 years, I can run for Congress.
In little boys or little girls, not adults.
In the garage.
In their own strange way, they actually love children.
Including there was a cherry
Innocence of children.
Is shrinking my shorts.
It's a show time and pie time.
Just kidding
Last week on Diff'rent Strokes,
Less of these things would happen.
Man if it wasn't raining outside,
Next week at school.
Now you don't.
Of running around and everybody staring at my bare butt.
Oh, and by the way, Arnold,
Okay, Arnold, you can have it for your birthday.
On a very sensitive and important subject.
On the banana split he gave you.
Only he does it with low fat milk.
Should I be hearing all of this?
Some people heard me sing.
Thank you.
Thanks to your father calling us,
Thanks, Mr. Horton.
That it was a good thing that we called him,
That just means that there's more Boston Cream Pie
That's wonderful, that was a lot of fun
The majority of them would never intentionally harm a child.
The one in the magazine didn't even have
The sad part is, they can emotionally scar a child for life.
The stupendous, the incredible, the mysterious
Then I had a little bad luck.
Then Mr. Horton,
They're not gay, they're only interested
To ride in the park and as far as strange people go,
To that big Disneyland in the sky.
Tonight on Diff'rent Strokes, we're showing the
Um, I'm getting too old for that mush.
Unfortunately, child molesters prey on the
We appreciate your help.
We urge families, children and parents alike,
We were able to surprise him,
We'll have cigars and brandy in the study.
We'll play Neptune, King of the Sea.
We're in the bicycle business together, let's celebrate.
We're just simply trying to keep me out of trouble
We've got one living in our apartment.
We've known Mr. Horton for a year,
What did he want?
What do you say, Dad?
What happened to you guys yesterday?
What's going on with Arnold?
Where are you going, wait a minute.
Which is of deep concern to all of us.
With your clothes off.
Would you settle for a handshake?
You don't think I'm gonna let them kids
You know I gotta get the word out
You know I started out to be a great singing star
You know, some parents actually blame the children
You know, that's a common fallacy about child molesters.
You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours?
You think we should look at this one?
You're sneaky.
And it's 1/3 off.
Another great entrance, Mr. Horton
Aw man, you're a real pal, Arnold.
Aw, Dad, please, give me a bike, please, please.
Because Mr. Horton and I loaded up on banana splits.
Boy, I really spilled my guts.
Boy, they ought to give you a diagram with these things.
But remember we can get in trouble too.
Come on Arnold, stick around.
Dad, I'd really be safe on it
Did I mention the chopped nuts?
Do I have to?
Don't worry, the way I eat it,
Give, as in hand over, no strings,
Go ahead, it's all right.
Good enough, bye kids.
Good, keep hangin'.
Guys, don't worry about it, will ya?
He sounds like he has a big a greedy gut as you, Arnold.
Hello, I'm Conrad Bain.
Hey Curly, I think you got a customer.
Hi Dudley. Hi Mr. Horton.
Hi, Arnold, did you ask...
I definitely think you should have a bicycle
I didn't notice anything.
I didn't want Dad to know I was down
I don't know.
I don't think this Tarzan could wrestle a grasshopper
I got a terrific idea.
I'm not and I'm almost twice your age.
If you ask me, there are too many uptight
It sure is a beauty.
It's not your fault, son.
It's only wine.
Listen Dudley
Listen my friend Arnold here tells me
Look, I'm only 11 years old,
Man, I never would have guessed that Mr. Horton was,
Me neither.
Nice to see you home from work, Dad.
No way, I want to see how that mouse makes out.
Oh boy.
Oh he's doing me a favor too, you know.
Oh I just love taking your money this wage weekly, Mr. D
Oh I'm hanging in there.
Oh it's fine with me,
Oh that's all right Dudley.
Oh this is my friend Dudley that I was telling you about.
Oh, my pleasure, Mr. Drummond, believe me.
Oh, you know, it takes a lot of water,
Okay guys, here it is.
Okay guys, let's see how our pizza's going over.
See, Detective Simpson said
Sorry we had to leave without saying goodbye, Curly.
Thanks very much, Detective Simpson.
Thanks, Dad, I understand.
Thanks, maybe after dinner
That is dreadful, that is the worst thing you could do.
The back door!
Uh, Dad?
Uh, maybe it's just a macho stage I'm going through.
Wait a minute, hold the phone
Wait a minute, man, you can't go back there!
Well at first, Dad, I was having a lot of fun.
Well Daddy, I guess he could keep his bike downstairs
Well for instance there's skinny dipping
Well I don't know, Arnold.
Well if you can pass out those flyers like Arnold does,
Well maybe he's going through a mid puberty crisis.
Well, he's not, Willis.
Well, he's still a little shaken up.
Well, I think we got a darn good case against him, Willis.
Well, thank goodness you got to Dudley
Well, that's better than nothing.
Well, that's the contradiction with child molesters.
What a drag.
What is this world coming to?
What special occasion?
What'd you shush me for?
What's gonna happen to Mr. Horton?
Which is more than I can say for myself
Why not?
Worse than the mice?
Wow, man, do I?
Yeah a quack, quack.
Yeah but he sure knows how to treat a kid.
Yeah, he didn't wanna go for it at first,
Yeah, he's a lucky boy.
Yeah, I guess so.
Yeah, I smell it too
Yeah, it's a beauty all right.
Yeah, that too.
Yeah? Yeah!
You got it, that is, if it's all right with your dad.
You know something Arnold, I really like you.
You know, I feel funny about all this sneaking around.
♪ 'Cause it takes Diff'rent Strokes to move the world
♪ A man is born, he's a man of means
♪ And I'll have mine
♪ And together we'll be fine
♪ But they got Diff'rent Strokes
♪ Everybody's got a special kind of story
♪ Hey you make me happy when skies are grey
♪ It takes Diff'rent Strokes
♪ It takes Diff'rent Strokes to move the world