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Windtalkers (2002) Soundboard

Windtalkers (2002) Soundboard

Windtalkers is a gripping war film released in 2002 that takes place during World War II. Directed by John Woo, the movie tells a fictionalized version of events, inspired by true stories, about the Navajo code talkers who played a crucial role in the Pacific Theater. The film explores the extraordinary efforts made by these Native American soldiers and sheds light on their little-known contribution to the war. With an exceptional cast and a captivating storyline, Windtalkers immerses viewers in the intense and harrowing realities faced by these code talkers.

The cast of Windtalkers features some of Hollywood's most talented actors. Nicolas Cage stars as Sergeant Joe Enders, a Marine assigned to protect one of the Navajo code talkers, Private Ben Yahzee, played by Adam Beach. Cage's portrayal of Enders convincingly depicts the physical and psychological toll of war on a soldier. Adam Beach, on the other hand, gives a moving performance as Yahzee, capturing the struggles faced by a Native American caught between his duty as a Marine and his loyalty to his own heritage.

The movie also boasts an impressive supporting cast, including Peter Stormare as Gunnery Sergeant Hjelmstad, a strict but fair Marine, and Christian Slater as Sergeant Peter Henderson, a compassionate and resourceful soldier. Additionally, Noah Emmerich portrays Corporal Charles 'Pappy' Merrimette, Enders' close friend and loyal fellow Marine. A standout performance is delivered by Roger Willie, a Navajo actor who brilliantly plays Private Enders' assigned code talker, Private Charley Whitehorse. Willie effortlessly conveys the resilience and bravery of Native American soldiers during wartime.

John Woo's direction amplifies the film's intense and gritty atmosphere, skillfully blending action sequences with emotional depth. With his distinct visual style and expertise in choreographing thrilling combat scenes, Woo captures the chaos and claustrophobia of war, bringing the audience closer to the battlefield. The cinematography by Jeffrey L. Kimball gives the film a realistic and immersive quality, making viewers feel as though they are standing right beside the soldiers as they fight for their lives.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Windtalkers is its authentic portrayal of Navajo code talkers, whose ability to transmit messages in their native language became an unbreakable code for the American forces. The film sheds light on the cultural and linguistic barriers faced by the code talkers, emphasizing the power of their language and the vital role they played in the war effort. As a result, Windtalkers not only entertains but also educates, bringing recognition to these unsung heroes and their invaluable contribution to World War II.

For those interested in immersing themselves further in the sounds and atmosphere of Windtalkers, the movie's soundtrack is available for download. Composed by James Horner, the score perfectly captures the film's emotional depth and honors the sacrifices made by the Navajo code talkers. Ranging from soaring orchestral arrangements to haunting Native American chants, the soundtrack adds another layer of authenticity to the movie's portrayal of the code talkers' culture and experiences.

Whether you are a fan of war films or interested in delving into stories from World War II, Windtalkers is a must-watch movie that offers a unique perspective on the contributions made by Native American soldiers during the war. With its stellar cast, skillful direction, and powerful storytelling, this film not only entertains but also educates and pays tribute to the brave men who risked their lives to protect their country in a way that few would truly understand. Experience the gripping tale of Windtalkers and gain a profound appreciation for the sacrifices made by the unsung heroes of the Navajo code talkers.

A good marine.
Ah, Santorini, my friends that's living.
Ain't a democracy, Sergeant. It's the marines.
All right.
All right. Got no problem with point, Gunny
And call me in the morning.
And I remember...
And I'm roastin' human beings.
Arizona! Arizona!
Ben? Shit
Bowie White, this is Carson Red, Arizona.
But it might be worth it. You know, you could meet my son.
Captain needs to code a message back to command post
Charlie and I, we both lost it on the boat ride from San Diego.
Chick... Stay with him
Chindis that's what we call evil spirits. Demons.
Command don't want postmarks going to the reservation.
Congratulations, Enders.
Cover me! I'm going!
Cut me in.
Damn it! We got a unit under fire!
Don't thank me till you've tried it.
George Washington Yahzee
Get down!
Get on the radio!
Get up, marine! Hold the goddamn position!
Goddamn you, Joe Enders.
Harrigan, light it up!
Harrigan! Make her run!
He's just a kid! You killed your own!
Helmet goes on your head! Corpsman!
Help! Help!
Hey! Look at that. A trio of nines. Pretty
Hey! You hear me?
Horyo da!
Horyo da.
Horyo da.
Horyo da.
How the fucking hell should I know?
How you're doing.
I ain't that drunk, Yahzee. You cut that horseshit out.
I been hearing next week for a month.
I can't let 'em take us.
I check the mail every day, knowing there's going to be an answer.
I do look like a Nip.
I don't know. It's a pretty long drive to Arizona
I don't know. They've been doin' it since sundown.
I don't wanna die in this shithole.
I got you, mac!
I was following orders, Ben.
I was raised Catholic too.
I was thinkin' about when they confirmed me.
I'm getting better every day
I'm gonna get that radio. Cover me.
I'm runnin' out of ammo here, Joe.
It won't bring your friends back
It's Jap for prisoner.
It's oil
Jap Ha Go
Let's go!
Lieutenant was killed the night before and...
Like he was talkin' about gophers or somethin'.
Maybe we all did.
Men who trusted me..
Move, Greek.
My hand!
My whole family's been in the Corps.
Navajo believe, until a body's given a proper burial, the spirits stay near it.
No, Rita. He's a mess
No... No!
Nobody else is gonna die
Not baby sitting some Indian.
Not one of them made it.
Not that you'd ever admit it, but if it starts aching, take a couple of those
Now you put that ring back on. You're goin' home.
Now, there's a war goin' on worldwide,
Oh, no! No!
Put a hand on this.
Redirect fire. Add 325, fire for effect.
Report I read claims you went above and beyond.
Right 200!
Right 700
Set up defense positions.
She walks straight up to me and asks me if I'm hungry...
Shit. Goddamn Nipponese touchdown!
So, your duty with JASCO have anything to do with these Navajo radiomen?
Some minor problems in boot.
Son of a bitch.
Sounds like you're dying.
Sounds nice. What about you, Zee?
Take it off! It burns!
Tear him open.
The 8th is moving out already and we need to be ahead of 'em.
The Corps has developed a new code based on their language.
The newspapers say our boys are doing great.
They don't use holy water to confirm. They use oil.
They told us to hold the position!
Tojo would like nothing more than to catch a live one.
Tortoise. Good.
Used to call me the Pied Piper of the Pigs.
Watch this.
We are proud to claim the title
We got nothin', Enders! We're out of ammo!
We got orders!
Well... to war.
What do they call this crap anyway?
What I'm about to tell you, Corporal, cannot leave this room.
What the hell are they doin'?
What the hell are you talking about?
What the hell is wrong with you?
What the hell's wrong with you?
Who begged me to pull back...
Yeah, I did, didn't I?
Yeah, me and Molly, oh boy.
Yeah, we're good.
Yeah. You've been saving a lot of marines.
You are a whiny son of a bitch right now, aren't you?
You know, Whitehorse... he saved my bacon.
You mean what am I doing in this uniform?
You missed mail call.
You saved a lot of marines.
You should read the letter.
You're not gonna die.
You're not hit. Just shut up. You're not hit
You're OK. You're good, you're good.
You've been recommended for commendation.
Bill! I'm out.
Help him up! Gunny!
How am I doin'? You're good.
I'm hit! Yahzee!
No problem here, Gunny. That's good.
Yahzee. Let him go.
8th's caught out in the open. We gotta call in the flyboys