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James Bond: For Your Eyes Only (1981) Soundboard

James Bond: For Your Eyes Only (1981) Soundboard

For Your Eyes Only, released in 1981, is the twelfth film in the James Bond series. As a fan-favorite installment, this action-packed spy thriller showcases the iconic British super-spy, James Bond, played by the charismatic Roger Moore. Once again, Bond finds himself facing perilous missions, stunning locations, and a touch of romance.

Directed by John Glen, For Your Eyes Only takes viewers on a thrilling journey filled with danger and suspense. The story revolves around a powerful device called the ATAC (Automatic Targeting Attack Communicator), which is capable of controlling British military submarines. When the device falls into the wrong hands, Bond is assigned to retrieve it before it compromises national security.

Joining Roger Moore as the suave MI6 agent, the film boasts a talented ensemble cast. Carole Bouquet delivers a captivating performance as Melina Havelock, a determined and vengeful woman seeking revenge for her parents' murder. Topol portrays Milos Columbo, a Greek smuggler who becomes Bond's ally in his quest to locate the ATAC. Lynn-Holly Johnson adds charm and innocence as Bibi Dahl, an aspiring figure skater who catches the attention of Bond. Completing the cast are Julian Glover, Cassandra Harris, and Desmond Llewelyn, among others.

The film's plot takes Bond across various breathtaking locations, including the vibrant city of London, breathtaking Corfu in Greece, and snowy peaks in the Italian Dolomites. The expertly choreographed action sequences will leave you on the edge of your seat, especially the thrilling car chase through the picturesque streets of Spain. Additionally, the stunning underwater scenes add an element of both danger and beauty to the film.

For Your Eyes Only is accompanied by a memorable and melodic soundtrack by composer Bill Conti. The title song, performed by Sheena Easton, perfectly captures the allure and mystique of the Bond franchise. With its catchy chorus and Bond-style lyrics, it became one of the most successful Bond theme songs.

Now, you can relive the excitement of For Your Eyes Only and experience the iconic sounds of the film. Whether you're a die-hard Bond enthusiast or a newcomer to the franchise, these sounds will transport you into the thrilling world of international espionage. You can play and download the original soundtrack, including the renowned title song, right here.

Don't miss out on this classic James Bond film that captivated audiences upon its release in 1981. Join Roger Moore as he battles enemies, overcomes obstacles, and saves the day in true Bond style. Remember, you can enjoy the soundtrack of For Your Eyes Only and immerse yourself in the world of 007 by playing and downloading the sounds right here. Let the adventure begin!

Ah, Mr. Bond...
Ah, there you are, 007
An enforcer in the Brussels underworld
An official operation was out of the question
And Greek women, like Electra..
Are a credit to the nation.
Are you aware of our ATAC system, 007?
ATAC, sir? Automatic Targeting Attack Communicator
Because I know you're mine
Bibi, here are some new admirers for you
But if it comes on the market, we should not lose...
By using a British agent to do his dirty work for him...
Cover the windows.
Cut wires in following procedure.
During the fighting in Crete, he was a double agent.
Excuse me
For your eyes only
For your eyes only
Go on.
Good bye, Mr. Bond.
Good luck.
Good. Are you through to Number 10?
Have I ever.
He told you about himself
He used a special kind. Only I could decipher it.
He's all right. Leave him.
How did you get in here?
Hurry, unless you want me to go without you.
I never felt till I looked at you
I never need to hide
I think the world will soon be seeing a great deal of your skating too
I was looking forward to breakfast.
I'd be delighted. I'm staying at the Miramonti
I'll be finished around 6:00. Meet me here
I'll be with you
I'll do my best, sir
I'll go back and wait, but not for long
I'll ring my office in Milano. They may have more on him.
If you play the odds.
If you play the odds.
If you'll forgive me, that's a little too scented for my palate
It won't be, I swear.
Knows everything going on
Kristatos is still alive.
Kristatos knows them all.
Like a load of bricks.
Moneypenny, a feast for my eyes
My friend, I've been studying this place...
My name is Bond, James Bond
Now, get in
Oh, of course, comrade. There will be no direct involvement..
Oh, you want to get off?
Oil exploration. Kristatos.
One of Kristatos' killers.
One of my less useful people
Only for you
Only for you
Should have brought more people.
Spends a few months a year here at his chalet
Steel rimmed.
Thank you. I'll take it. Deliver it to the Hotel Cristalo
That should be the command cabin.
That's all I need to know
That's why I'll get the gold medal... breath control.
The British gave him the King's Medal for resistance fighting during the war
The day he was killed.
The East German champion?
The Greek police were able to identify Gonzales..
The odds favor standing pat.
The wild, abandoned side of me
Then you will have to make towards the shed on the left...
To bypass trembler switch...
Under lever right of ATAC housing, dualled...
We asked Sir Timothy Havelock..
We can do a deal!
We'll never get him.
We'll split here, huh?
Where are my men?
Whoever you are, you've outstayed your welcome. Come on
Why you want to know about Locque, Columbo's man
Wouldn't the crew have destroyed the transmitter?
Yes, I know. But other people died for it
Yes, I'm continuing his work, but this business is still unfinished
Yes, well, you get your clothes on, and I'll buy you an ice cream.
You better stay here.
You can see so much in me
You must have a sponsor.
You really know me
Your government might give him another medal.
Cheers. Bottoms up.
Give us a kiss. What's his name?
Huh? The opposite sex won't survive it.
Kristatos. Ari Kristatos. Bond. James Bond
Parted in the middle. Wait a minute.
This may be an opportunity. This may be a trap.
What's he doing in Cortina? He..
Who are you? He killed my parents
Yes, sir. And 007, try not to muck it up again