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Childrens Hospital (2008) - Season 3

Childrens Hospital (2008) - Season 3

Childrens Hospital is a satirical television show that first aired in 2008 and has since gained a devoted following for its absurd and hilarious portrayal of life in a fictional hospital. In its third season, the show continued to push boundaries and entertain audiences with its unique brand of comedy. This season featured a talented ensemble cast, including Rob Corddry, Malin Akerman, Lake Bell, Megan Mullally, Ken Marino, Erinn Hayes, and Henry Winkler.

Set in the medical setting of the Childrens Hospital, this show is far from your typical hospital drama. Instead, it takes a comedic approach, parodying the conventions of medical television shows and embracing the ridiculousness that ensues. The humor ranges from witty wordplay to bizarre scenarios and outrageous characters, resulting in an incredibly entertaining viewing experience.

Season 3 of Childrens Hospital introduced viewers to a whole new set of comedic storylines and exaggerated medical situations. The show utilized its talented ensemble cast to weave together multiple plotlines over the course of each episode, resulting in a fast-paced and dynamic viewing experience.

One memorable episode from this season is "Ladies Night", which centers around the female doctors of the hospital. This episode highlights the struggles faced by women in the medical profession, from dealing with gender biases to balancing work and personal life. It delves into these serious issues with a comedic twist, offering a thought-provoking yet hilarious commentary on gender dynamics.

Another standout episode is "A Year in the Life", which takes a unique narrative approach. In this episode, each minute represents an entire year of the characters' lives. It condenses the passage of time in a surreal and comedic manner, resulting in a fast-paced and absurd storyline that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Throughout the season, the cast of Childrens Hospital showcases their comedic prowess, effortlessly delivering the show's clever and sometimes offbeat humor. Rob Corddry shines as the self-absorbed and often clueless hospital director, Dr. Blake Downs, while Malin Akerman brings charm and wit to her role as the confident and ambitious Dr. Valerie Flame. Lake Bell is hilarious as the deadpan Dr. Cat Black, and Megan Mullally adds her trademark comedic flair to the character of Chief. The chemistry between the cast members is palpable, bringing each episode to life with their dynamic performances.

The soundtrack of Childrens Hospital is another notable aspect of the show. The quirky and often upbeat music perfectly complements the comedic tone, enhancing the overall viewing experience. From the catchy theme song to the background music, the soundtrack adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the show.

For fans of Childrens Hospital, the good news is that you can easily play or download the sounds from this season and enjoy them anytime you want. The show's popularity has led to the availability of its soundtrack online, ensuring that fans can relive the comedic moments and memorable tunes whenever they please.

Overall, Childrens Hospital (2008) - Season 3 is a hilarious and irreverent television show that offers a fresh take on the medical genre. Its unique blend of satire, absurdity, and clever writing make it a standout series that has garnered a dedicated fanbase. With its talented cast and memorable episodes, this season continues to entertain audiences with its comedic brilliance. So sit back, relax, and prepare to laugh as you delve into the absurd world of Childrens Hospital.

A Bar Mitzvah is the passage to manhood.
A black doctor.
A friend taught me that.
A little bit to the side, to stop him.
A little too quick for most folks, but that's just how the Tugger pulls.
A magazine that's been thumbed through more times than my cousin Samantha.
A mother suffering from acute postpartum depression
A nice twilled docker, for instance.
A paramedic make one and you're jealous?
A presence I haven't smelled in a long, long time.
A reason for murder and even less of an excuse when the victim was such a good man.
A sexy handicapped doctor...
A vinyl copy of Rolling Stones' "Tattoo You."
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Aah! Clowns!
Aah! Stop doing that!
Aar! Aar!
About having sex.
About two dozen kids got some bad salmon at the Spiegelman Bar Mitzvah.
Actually, I wanted to ask you a question.
Adults never go into Ward 8 because they don't come out.
Afraid of doors. There he goes.
Ah, I learnt how to make 'em back in 'Nam.
Ah, I'm just playing with you.
All of them.
All of you are gonna make twice as much money as you did last week.
All of you!
All of you!
All right, I'll take a chapstick.
All right, Mr. and Mrs. Dunn, I'm gonna
All right, six weeks.
All right, team, I've asked you all to join me here to
All right, you screw heads! That's a wrap!
All right.
All right.
All right. All right.
All right. Can we get started quickly?
All right. Everybody got their **** whistles?
All right. I was born without a bladder.
All that and Andy Kaufman, tonight on Newsreaders.
All this and more on this week's "Childrens Hospital."
Almost doesn't seem worth it, you know.
Alone again.
Always keep them with you, especially at discount movie theaters.
Am I right?
And also, I wish that, one day, when you're actually dying,
And as for me, well... I have a wish.
And beavers.
And black gays? Forget about it. Look at Will Smith.
And by "delight," I mean I cripple bang you in a tub built for safety.
And by "moves," I mean I will be putting my fantastic penis in them.
And Chief never did end up fulfilling her dream of a three way with
And children all over the world
And dick belt replacements.
And didn't is a dick.
And enter the exciting and exotic world of the mole people.
And for the former cast of Childrens Hospital,
And gives it to people just sitting on their butts.
And God bless my doctors, and let your angels watch over them.
And goodbye, Childrens Hospital.
And he eats all his meals under the kitchen table.
And he's even better than gooder with the ladies.
And here are the young lovers, Owen and Lola.
And hopefully she'll take the bait and sleep with Tug.
And hopefully, that's the person you were meant to be all along.
And I could make you feel so good if you'd just give me the chance.
And I found a perfect way to use that space.
And I have some ecstasy in my sock.
And I have to pretend like everything's cool.
And I might also be dangerous.
And I might also be dangerous.
And I might also be dangerous.
And I really got into this Vietnamese band called "The Doors",
And I said I would fix our baby's wounds at home.
And I say bravo to you, sir.
And I see her here every day.
And I shove stuff in my mouth...
And I want a lude, yes. I do want one of those.
And I will never, ever return.
And I would really like to go out with you.
And I'd like to take this opportunity to invite myself
And I'll shove stuff into my mouth.
And I'm happy to put our past behind us, Glenn,
And I'm sure we'll all pop in from time to time just to say hello.
And if everything goes well with
And if I give the word,
And if I'm right, that would indicate that there
And if you want to see any
And in service of expatriate Americans.
And it makes them a hell of a lot better than you. You got it?
And it never will be.
And it was our report that sold the cow to buy the magic beans.
And it's all my fault.
And just to make sure that you know that I'm serious, I'm gonna punch you in the gut.
And last but not least...
And let me introduce you all to the night...
And let the flames lick my face like puppies dog.
And manatees
And my days of romance are long gone.
And my meatball sub tasted a little off today.
And my Motorola clamshell.
And not all people can be helped.
And now it's my turn to make a wish.
And on the home front, the Childrens Hospital producers
And our cameras were there as it was saved
And preside over your special day and,
And remember to feed the dog.
And she doesn't believe I'm a doctor.
And she's a little girl.
And she's here.
And so I would like to take this chance to say..
And so the cast returned to the mother ship
And sometimes we want to call them names back,
And that Cat finally finds peace.
And that explains my boner.
And that is why I am all about the death penalty.
And that leaves an extra room in our apartment.
And that leaves an extra room in our apartment.
And that was pretty much it.
And that, my friends, is the dug dug on smug Tug.
And that... is how I would have sex with you.
And that's it.
And that's why I'm leaving Childrens Hospital.
And the next thing you know, they're taking away our hospital issued Escalades.
And the obvious, of course.
And then boom, nine months later, I was fat.
And then I was reminded that I had my own spinoff two years ago.
And then my parents got divorced, and they canceled my Bar Mitzvah,
And then put it in our mouths, like you could put in yours
And then the government comes along, taxes the hell out of it,
And then we'll bite down on it a bunch of times like this.
And then we'll bite down on it a bunch of times like this.
And then you add to that they were a collection of
And there's a mind sweeper,
And there's no comfy place to put your chap stick.
And they exist completely in an alternate reality, and they're extremely
And they just waxed the floor, plus some kid spilled
And things move a little slower here.
And this guy's like, "Hey, I'm confident."
And this is symbolic of our acceptance.
And this is the truth. This is the truth of my face.
And this kid's career is blowing up right now.
And this one goes out to them...
And to bring him to her.
And to the girl I love, who put this all together, Valerie...
And we can lift three times our body weight.
And we will give you your own Corolla.
And when they do, I'll slice out his black heart and bring it to you.
And when you fail to see others, you become the
And when you're up there on that bimah, I want you to wear this.
And with that, I welcome Childrens Hospital's new doctor
And you
And you don't even have to tie the tie.
And you have warts.
And you know what?
And you're afraid of offending me...
And you're afraid of offending me...
And you're all invited!
And you're in a real jam
And your presence is blocking my peace of mind.
And, later in the program, gray whales
And, McJew Jew, I kind of trusted you.
And, where is he?
Another severed arm.
Answer is somehow linked to my boner that won't go away.
Answering machines are a new invention.
Any advice for an up and coming adult?
Any comment on the current hot dog crisis?
Anything they want.
Anyway, keep the change.
Anyway, there's a special sink for you in the corner,
Anyway, we're moving in together into my room.
Anyway, we're moving in together into my room.
Apparently, this food poisoning thing has taken out more than one Bar Mitzvah.
Are we clear?
Are you a little brown like me?
Are you drunk?
Are you experiencing any other symptoms?
Are you kidding?! Blankets are delicious!
Are you stupid for a living?!
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Are you?
Aren't you a sight for sore eyebrow?
Aren't you supposed to be dying?
Arrest him.