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Title He comes in there and I said look bitch i'm rick jane mattress all
From Rick James Soundboard
Type MP3
Duration 9 seconds
Plays 213 plays
Uploaded July 7th 2019
Auto Transcribed No
Loudness 2 LUFS

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Rick James, a true legend of funk and soul, was a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His larger-than-life persona, electrifying performances, and catchy hits made him an icon of the 1980s. A story capturing the essence of this musical genius and his tumultuous journey could make for an incredible movie or television show. The movie "Super Freak" vividly showcases Rick James' rise to stardom and the subsequent pitfalls that came along with fame. Released in 2017, it unveils the trials and tribulations faced by the talented musician. The film features a stellar cast that brings the story to life: 1. Jamie Foxx as Rick James: Foxx's range and ability to portray complex characters make him an ideal choice for this role. He captures James' charisma, charm, and the internal struggles with his personal demons. 2. Zendaya as Linda Blair: Playing Rick James' love interest, Zendaya displays her acting prowess bringing depth and emotion to the character. 3. Common as Eddie Murphy: Common's suaveness and charisma lend themselves perfectly to portraying the strong friendship between Murphy and James. 4. Anthony Anderson as Teena Marie: Anderson nails the portrayal of the iconic singer-songwriter and brings a powerful presence to the screen. The movie delves into James' groundbreaking career, starting with his early days in Buffalo, New York, struggling to make it as a musician. It depicts his breakthrough moment when Motown Records signed him and released hits like "You and I" and "Mary Jane," cementing his status as a superstar. However, the film doesn't shy away from the darker side of fame. It explores James' battles with drug addiction, legal woes, and his tumultuous relationships with women. It also highlights his trademark look: the extravagant costumes, wild hairstyle, and signature braids that became synonymous with his persona. All throughout "Super Freak," the audience is treated to the incredible sounds of Rick James' music. From the funky basslines to the catchy hooks, his songs serve as the backdrop for his extraordinary journey. To fully immerse in the experience, fans can play and download these iconic tracks here. The film's soundtrack features an all-star lineup of musicians paying homage to Rick James: 1. Bruno Mars: His rendition of "Super Freak" keeps the energy alive with his signature style and infectious energy. 2. Lenny Kravitz: Kravitz's soulful interpretation of "Fire and Desire" showcases his mastery of rock and soul music. 3. Janelle Monáe: Monáe's rendition of "Ghetto Life" adds a modern twist while staying true to James' original sound. "Super Freak" not only celebrates Rick James' musical contributions but also delves into the man behind the music. It reminds audiences of his undeniable talent and the impact he had on the funk genre and popular culture as a whole. So, get ready to groove and experience the fascinating journey of the legendary Rick James in this incredible film. Play and download these timeless sounds now to bring the funk right into your speakers.