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Title L've only been driving an hour.
From Twins (1988) Soundboard
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Uploaded October 1st 2023
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Twins (1988), directed by Ivan Reitman, is a heartwarming comedy film that brings together two opposites - the physically perfect Julius Benedict and his long-lost twin brother Vincent Benedict. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in the lead roles, the film takes the audience on an adventurous and humorous journey. Set in sunny Los Angeles, the story begins with Julius being raised on an isolated island by a scientist who used genes from six different fathers to create the perfect human being. In contrast, Vincent grows up in an orphanage and becomes a small-time hustler. Fate brings them together when Julius learns about his twin brother's existence and embarks on a mission to find him. Eager to meet his long-lost sibling, Julius leaves the island for the first time in his life and heads to the big city. Upon their first encounter, Julius is instantly charmed by his newfound brother, while Vincent is initially skeptical. DeVito's portrayal of the street-smart and wisecracking Vincent adds a delightful layer to the storyline, as the siblings couldn't be more different. Along their journey, they encounter a series of hilarious situations and challenges, navigating their way through their contrasting backgrounds. As Julius and Vincent team up to find their birth mother, the film showcases their contrasting personalities and the comedic chemistry between Schwarzenegger and DeVito. While Julius is a giant of a man, with a kind and naive personality, Vincent is short, scruffy, and always up to his neck in trouble. These differences provide countless comedic moments and create a strong bond as they learn to appreciate each other's strengths. Together, the Benedict brothers discover that their mother is Mary Ann Benedict, played by Bonnie Bartlett. However, they also uncover a shocking secret - she is running for governor, and her corrupt advisor, played by the talented Chloe Webb, is trying to hide the existence of Vincent. The brothers must race against time to reveal the truth to their mother and save her campaign from scandal. Twins is packed with hilarious scenes and memorable one-liners that amuse the audience from start to finish. From Vincent teaching Julius to hustle on the streets to Julius helping Vincent navigate the world of love and relationships, the film offers a perfect blend of humor and heart. The supporting cast, including Kelly Preston as Marnie Mason, Vincent's love interest, and David Caruso as Al Greco, Mary Ann's campaign manager, deliver exceptional performances that enhance the overall viewing experience. The exceptional chemistry among the cast members further elevates the film, creating a delightful and entertaining atmosphere. The theme song of Twins, "The Perfect Mix," captures the essence of the film, with its catchy melody and lyrics celebrating the unique dynamics between the two brothers. As you dive into the world of Twins (1988), you can immerse yourself in the sounds of this fantastic film. You can easily play and download these sounds here, allowing you to relive the joy and laughter of this classic comedy at your leisure. With its heartwarming message and unforgettable characters, Twins (1988) has remained a beloved film among audiences for over three decades. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito's stellar performances, backed by an exceptional supporting cast, create a truly unforgettable movie experience. So, take a moment to indulge in the world of Twins (1988), and enjoy the laughter and entertainment it brings.