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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A black singer with the daughter of a marquess in a Yorkshire town?
A sweet and a gentle soul.
After dinner I could take you all to hear the new band at the Lotus Club.
After last night. Look, Edna,
All I want is for you not to lose control of your life.
Although I'm surprised it's you.
And flirted with her from the moment he arrived.
And he wanted to catch the half past nine.
And I must have something to remember.
And I only answered what a million women would answer.
And is it right that it should grow up Swiss?
And it'll reassure the staff to know you belong to the human race.
And, anyway, you've told me you're engaged to be married.
Anna, did you know about this?
Anna, you're upset. You're unhappy and I don't know why.
Are the pigs a good idea, Mr Blake?
Are we going out tonight?
Are you ready?
Are you trying to get rid of me? Where's Ivy? She ought to see it.
As long as he is a doctor.
Because I've just done something which I have a sneaking fear I may regret...
Because there is no child.
Because you made his life a misery with your unkindness
But I don't know what you've got to go on.
But I don't...
But I weighed it against the power to do good that all employment brings.
But if they can't afford to go on?
But suppose I'm pregnant
But they don't involve peeling potatoes.
But we just saw him in London. Well, he's come back.
But what was so urgent?
But what's changed?
But, if he is, I won't say a thing
By the time we got back, we looked as if we'd been wrestling in mud.
Can't you help her to, Mr Molesley?
Did he used to be Tony Foyle? That's right. Why?
Do you think she's sweet on him?
Do you want me to answer truthfully or like a lady's maid?
Don't get to like him better than me.
Don't tease her. It's much more serious than that.
Er, milk but no sugar.
Even though you'd be dragging a debt behind you for 20 years? I don't care.
Everyone's gone to bed,
Goodbye, Mary.
Have you ever met him? Once. At the wedding.
He asked if he could stay the night. I'm sure I told you.
He never does anything else.
He was. But he's dead and I'm alive.
He wasn't to know they'd kick it over.
He's coming this tea time!
His firm's already done all that to no avail.
His lordship is going to America
Honestly. If it hadn't have been for Mr Ross...
How can I answer that when I don't know what it is.
How can she put me in this position? It's not fair!
How could it?
How did you find it?
How terrible it is to hear that.
How was the funeral? Was well attended.
How's Mabel?
I agree, although I'm rather surprised to hear you say it.
I believe in you. I'm not so sure about her
I can stay all evening. Perhaps we can play cards.
I can stay for as long as you want.
I can't leave Anna, Mrs Hughes. Not now.
I do worry about your life away from the estate. Is there any?
I do.
I don't believe that.
I don't deserve such attention. You certainly do
I don't know if it's much of a favour.
I don't know what I think,
I don't know why you must be so hard on Mr Bates.
I even think that I could come to love her
I found this for the shoes, m'lord
I have. I was on the Spey.
I hope so.
I kept dropping and breaking things.
I must try and find an example to rebut that.
I refuse to be shocked!
I sent a note yesterday.
I shall wait with bated breath (!)
I should point out... We must get going or we'll be late
I thought Mary was doing that. Yes, but I wanted to speak to her.
I thought we were all about to be dancing to your tune.
I took your advice. I talked it over and I'm off the hook.
I understand. And I won't press you.
I want to take on the tenancy.
I wanted to study medicine myself, but my father didn't really...
I was a fool to think we could leave it behind. I'm the failure here, not you.
I was jolly pleased anyone wanted to rescue me and so would you have been.
I...I don't know much now. But I'm a grafter.
I'd say you better be nice to me,
I'll lock you in this room and when he's arrived
I'm a trained valet, Mr Car I'm a trained butler!
I'm fine.
I'm neither cold nor ashamed. But, as I say,
I'm not sure what I am,
I'm Rose MacClare.
I'm so grateful for your advice and wisdom.
I'm sorry to see them go. Not as sorry as Mary.
I'm sorry. When's the funeral?
I'm still not very keen on him. Why?
I've never had a go on one of those. It's not your sort of thing
I've said I'm sorry Yes, you're sorry. I know.
I've things to do.
If you thought a man was involved in a crime, or an incident,
If you're sure about it. I don't want to marry Alfred.
If you've made up your mind...
In honour of Monsieur Escoffier.
In other words, no.
Into a...more modest channel without loss of dignity.
Is coming to speak in Ripon tomorrow at the Town Hall.
Is she furious that I missed dinner?
Is that more of the cauliflower cheese?
Is that the result?
Is there anything I can do to keep things running whilst you're in Munich?
It makes no sense, even to me.
It seems so unlikely. What's it about?
It was His Lordship who was determined you should stay.
It will give you some authority over my affairs.
It won't take long. She's coming now.
It's a bit theoretical for an opinion.
It's a shame.
It's a skill all women must learn.
It's not that, m'lady.
It's not true. Anna loves you very, very much.
John's got a marvellous idea for later on, haven't you?
Judging by what Mrs Patmore has to say on the subject.
Just for a few candidates. How much will it cost? Nothing.
Lady Grantham. Cora. Mama.
Lady Mary has to go to London.
Leave her alone, Mr Barrow.
Let me give you some tea.
Let's go. What do you say?
Let's move on
Lord Gillingham?
M'lady, I...
Me too, but... But what?
Mess it up and it's back to kindergarten.
Morning, Ivy.
My being there won't make a difference.
My childhood wasn't anything like Sybbie's.
My dad's gone and mother's moving to Crewe to be nearer my sister,
My life is perfect and then, in the space of one day, it is nothing.
My maid saw you come in. Aren't you going to tell me what kept you out until six in the morning?
No one. He's got that wrong
Not all but it is partly your fault. There's no point in denying that
Not all of us, I imagine.
Not as surprised as I am.
Not even a hint? I've said what I can.
Not for ever, I don't think.
Not like today. You were lucky if you got to walk them to the corner.
Not until you walk down the aisle with another man,
Nothing beyond his favourite food.
Nothing's over and done with, Mrs Hughes.
Now I've got nothing but.
Now Lady Grantham's a little better, it's time you had a break.
Now, will you give her the message, please?
Oh, dear. Alfred's relit the taper.
Oh, God, is she? I didn't realise.
Oh, I'd have come, if I'd known.
Oh, I'm sure that's not true. It is true. Too true.
Oh? What do you have against them?
Once you'd agreed she would have got pregnant.
Only you've been very quiet.
Ooh, that's the next thing to look forward to. I don't dislike him.
Or Lady Mary?
People are looking at us. Good. Let them see how it's done.
People never talk about.
Please begin.
Really? Absolutely.
Rosamund told me
Rose, Anna needs to use your curling irons. All right. Mine are broken.
She always minimises things. I'm sure I don't know anything you don't know.
She sounds rather fine.
She was. Very pretty.
Since 1910....
So his heart's broken properly this time. Are you satisfied now?
So it can't be a repetition.
So people can come early for treatment.
So please remember what made you indignant
So we have nothing in common.
So well. So very well.
So, did you get everything done?
So, how are you enjoying it? What?
So, I'd be welcome in your drawing room, would I?
So, I'm not aloof now? Not a bit.
So, what did you do?
Sounds to me as if the needle's got stuck.
Suppose you talk?
Surely, that's got to mean something.
Sybbie says there's going to be a hurricane any moment now
Tell me, do you think she loves you?
Thank you.
Thank you.
That was rather unkind
That's it.
That's not me at all.
That's the real danger.
That's true... I've booked you a room at the pub.
That's why it's a good sign.
The luggage is loaded, m'lord.
The place isn't the same without you, is it, Daisy?
The question is whether or not Lord Grantham and Lady Mary
The truth is we were mad as hatters to let her back in the house.
Then un arrange them. Why should I?
Then you're a manipulative little witch,
Then, can we talk about it, My Lord?
There is nothing but regret in me.
There won't be much fun for them after the election.
There you are.
There's a family who's been at Downton for years. Very reckless.
There's quite a lot you ought to know about London, dear.
They could if they'd take a new approach to their inheritance,
They have two examinations a year. You could do that, Daisy.
They say she had some troubles at home.
They've kicked it over.
This is Mr Ross. He rescued me from deep humiliation.
This morning in Thirsk, I saw Rose meeting a man.
This one's almost dead. Why?
Though in your case it was unmarried love, wasn't it, dear?
To react in such a jealous and selfish way.
Try not to let those Yankees drive you mad.
Uphill. I'm so bored with Mr Blake's cold shoulder.
Very eloquent. I'd stay to argue, but I'm late.
Very good. Well done, ladies
We both know I must marry.