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A policeman.
All right. Plane, plane, plane, plane.
All troops are forbidden to travel
And both of you were...
And gave up their lives...
And have only a few anti tank missiles left.
And I want some interrogations made,
And they lost, Ernesto.
Are you working?
But l'm alive... and l'm staying here.
Cambodia, Angola, and Mexico.
Come on, buddies, come and get 'em!
Come on, let's go!
Consider it done.
Cuban bunker, Russian bunker, munitions dump, troop tents.
Cubans, mostly
Cut the pipeline, came across Canada
Daddy'll be here soon, Matty.
Do you hear me?
Do you want blindfolds?
Don't talk, don't say anything. Let me look at you.
Get down! Get down!
Get in!
Good as can be.
Great play, by Matt!
Guerrillas, mostly children,
He told them where we were!
Here was a great peasant uprising
His blood is yours. My dad said that, once you do that,
Hold it back!
It all seems so far away.
Jed, what about your family?
Keep the men in the secured areas.
L ain't gonna be around to pick you up when you fall now.
L couldn't stand her at first, but... once it took...
L don't know
L don't know.
L got this off a dead Russian major.
L know.
L second the motion! We can't stay here. We need stuff and...
L think that's pretty simple.
L went by the station, it was empty.
L'll go find your dad. l know right where he is.
L'll look around for him, too, son.
Let's go! Get on your horses!
Let's go! Go! Go!
Ln time this war, like every other war, ended.
Lt's a lot of talk until then
Machine gun bunkers here, here, here, and here.
Maybe somebody just forgot what it was like.
Me, too, man.
Morale is crucial right now
Mr. Mason.
No, wait! Stop!
No, you see, Daryl... he's more of a politician... [laughs] like his father.
Now, when this killing started
Of course
Oh, Matty... lt's OK, Matty.
Oh, no, you come down here!
OK, listen.
Re education camps, they call it.
Run! This way!
Said they didn't have food enough to feed 'em through the winter.
Sent three whole army groups across the Bering Strait into Alaska.
Shoot straight... for once...
Six toothbrushes, please.
So tired.
So, tell me, dork, where do you suppose hamburgers come from?
Stay down!
That simple?
The chair is against the wall. The chair is against the wall.
There were.
They got... caught behind the lines down in Texas.
They killed him, son. Made him an example.
They're gonna drop in some Special Forces in the spring to help you out.
This is stupid.
Though no one else does.
Was he scared of us?
Washington, Kansas City
Watch those claymores in the trees.
We can't afford to be crying anymore now.
We held them at the Rockies and at the Mississippi.
We killed him!
We'll go into town.
Well, now.
What else are we gonna do?
What was it like?
Where's my dad, Mr. Eckert?
Yeah, well, what's the capital of Texas?
You gotta do it, Robert. lt's the spirit of the deer.
You laugh or you cry.
You made a new friend.
You would hunt the fox.
Your daddy's dead, Robert.
[gasps] [men screaming]
[gunfire] [man shouts in Russian]
[gunfire] Oh, my God!
[Robert] l'm coming up there! [gunfire]
♪ America... [gunfire]
Do you really wanna know this stuff? Yeah!
Get down! Get down! Get down!
l'll do it. [Matt] Shut up, Robert!
Let's get outta here! Move it! Come on!
Like what? Oh, like Omaha,
Oh! Oh, Jed! Hi, how's your sister?
What is this thing? What is it?
What's she like? Old, like me.
You got practice today? After that, we're on double time. they can be little again.
[Andy] He sure is.
[bell dings]
[bird calling]
[boy 2] Plenty of Kleenex! Somebody get some lanterns!
[boy 2] They look pretty cool, though, man.
[continues beeping]
[distant gunfire]
[helicopter approaching]
[indistinct chatter, shouting]
[Jed whispers] Go, Toni!
[man coughs]
[man speaking Russian]
[sobbing] What happened to Mom, Dad? Where is she?
[speaking foreign language]
[speaking Russian] Comrade Colonel.
[speaking Russian] Oh, how beautiful.
[speaking Russian] Take gasoline
[speaking Russian] They're attacking the station!
[speaking Russian] Watch out! She has a weapon.
[speaking Spanish] Are you all right?
[speaking Spanish] From now on
[teacher] l would say they were way off course.