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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Am I talking to a human or a machine?
Answer my question
Anybody else I can help you with?
Are ya havin' fun?
Are you people that hard up for a good laugh?
Can I ask you something?
Do not call this number again or I will call the police
For harassing calls, we'll see you in court in a week or two baby
Hello 1
Hello 2
I can't hear you
I want to know why I'm on your speakerphone
I'll tell you things you've never heard about Jesus
I'm gonna bust you, Anthony! (background chatter)
If you want to talk to somebody, then talk to somebody
It's difficult to hear me on speakerphone
May I have your name, please?
May I help you with something?
May I help you?
No, do you think this is funny?
No, you have me on speaker, I can hear it!
Nobody called you
Now are you happy about that?
Okay 1
Okay 2
Okay 3
Our phone rang here (rant)
Our phone rang here!
Religious rant
Somebody connected us for some bizarre reason
There ain't no Frank Garrett here
This is my landline
This is not a cell phone, this is a home phone
This is not a construction place
This is not a man
What has got to stop?
What is going on?
What is the sad joke?
What was that noise?
When we picked it up, somebody started mouthing off
Who are you and why do you have this number?
Who are you?
Why am I on speakerphone 1?
Why am I on speakerphone 2?
Why am I on your speakerphone 1?
Why am I on your speakerphone 2?
Why don't you get the mush out of your mouth?
You don't get it
You don't wanna go there with me
You don't want to know how well I know Jesus
You may not know this (trace rant)
You need to back down
You need to get off the speakerphone
You're an ignorant boob!
You're going to lose your landline and be prosecuted (rant)
Your phone is messed up or something