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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And I mean this, this ****** ******
At what the **** you better do?
Banana boat
Boy you wanna suck somebody's dick
Call my ******* house again, ***** I'ma tell you this.
Call my ******* house with no ******** You get ****** **
Call my ******* house.
Call my banana boat.
Call my father banana boats again ***** I'ma tell you this.
Don't call my ******* house no more.
Don't call my banana boat with no ******** You get ****** **
Don't call my banana boats in the more.
Dont call me i'm a man mofo
Faggot mothafucka
Faggot mothafucka 2
Good Buddy ****** ******
I gotta wait till tomorrow morning what you do at the night ****** ****** Tell me weather coming. I come over there and you, you get your opportunity to do it tonight.
I tell you what, ****** ******
I thought you wanna **** ** that come out good if you wanna put no ****** ******* lie down to sleep.
I'll kick your mothafuckin ass
Kiss my mothafuckin ass bitch
Kiss some mothafuckin ass
Mf f you dont know me
Mom on ****** ****** Answer. ****** ******
Mothafucka you dont know me
Mother **** you.
No ****** ******* I have to get locked up quick fast in the heartbeat.
No kiss my ******* black banana, but that's what the **** you do.
Oh, not to ******* hold up this year old.
Son of my bitch
Stupid mothafucka
This i'ma tell you this.
Well, you all suck somebody, but now that you called him ******
What else you got to go get the **** back on the banana boat?
What's wrong ******
Who is there?
Who the fuck you talkin to mofo
You kiss my fuckin black ass
You know who you talking about?
You know you ******* talking to.
You must be one of that you wanna tired ****** ******* get your gun and put it to your head and pull the trigger.
You suck my banana
You suck my mofo ass
You'll get fucked up
Your gona come up missin in action