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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A hole in the guardian both
All I want is internet and basic TV
All over the god damn price
Alright I can hear you can you hear maine
Are you an idiot
Bad guy get a time you answer the phone
Been on come down and slap you on your ass
Better better better better than my baby I love you baby
Brown brown brown
But that god damn elevator music
But that's all I got and I want to buy your car
But would you guys have break bad gone
But you are a dumbass
Calling anybody you work oh god he might help you out
Can I speak jesus
Can I speak johns brown
Can I speak to Kyle M Jones
Can I speed traps
Charlie green
Cuz we caught in a trap, we cant walk out
Da da da da da
Damn that's a lot of money for that
Did do I do all my work do I look stupid to you
Do we have a deal or not
Do you suck my dick
Dodge ram crew cab
Don't you fucking understand
Don't you understand
Eight hundred dollars
Eight hundred dollars for guardian doing thousand dollar car
Fourty two hundred
Fuck are you fuck are you mother fucker
Fuck you
Fuck you fuck you
Get me a price
Give me a price
Go go hello you go be dead oh yo-yo go go
Good god
Hello hello
Holy mother fucking shit
How about suck my dick?
How did you give out fat ass bitch
How good
How many miles
How much you asking for it
How to run
How you doing
How you doing
Hundred eyes there without
Hurry the fuck up
I ain't got no check
I do you cat you know what caches american currency american currency is green shit
I don't give a damn who you are bitch
I don't want no goddamn bills
I done nothing
I got a thousand dollars in my pocket can we walk
I got thousand dollars cash in your mother fucking pocket if you take the deal
I got to find a car somewhere
I live in south carolina
I need a car
I need a car don't you understand
I need a new client
I saw your ad in the paper
I think you're a piece of garbage
I want something I can just drive and fuck off
I want to buy a car without now we gotta deal with that
I'll come out by now where you at i'll come down there
I'll show you calm down
I'm a what
I'm at i'm serious this god damn sushi here
I'm calling you about your car you got on craigslist
I'm fucking tired I want you
I'm gonna blow you out the fucking water
I'm gonna get you
I'm serious
I'm talking to you like this you piece of shit you got him charlatan
I'm trying to buy a car
I'm trying to buy a car and you trust so joke
Is it all banged up
It is a joke right
John brown
Kyle in june
Let me tell you I got you
Look at condition it
Man fuck you man come into carbon thousand dollars W car show me the car for thousand dollars
My name is charlie green
My name is jesus
My name is john C brown
My name is kyle M jones
My name is travis
My name is wilson
Never changed up bitch
New york
Ninety three honda accord
No my thumb drive didn't call
No no you get about now
Number water doormat who the fuck I am
Oh god condition is in
Oh how are built over thousand dollars
Oh my god fucking porn
Oh yes how you doing
OK can you understand me I talk english
Or go to hell you bastard
Play gold by adam
Pull up love you hang up
Ruins Thanksgiving Dinner #turkey #thanksgiving is over #thanksgiving is done #argument #fight #politics #family
Should I go willie
Shut the fuck up
Shut up
Shut up i'm talking
So bye
South carolina
Thank you
Thank you goodbye
That after a two thousand one focus
That's a two thousand ten
That's what i've got I am
The brake pads are out
They'll indicate you want they may you are you are no good piece of garbage
To do your god damn idiot birthday boo
Transmission going out
Two hundred ninety six thousand miles
Two thousand
Two thousand ten chevy crew
Two thousand two
Up there would you do have something to the junkyard and work blah
Values flowers
Well god damn would expect
What do you mean high miles how high miles
What is your name
What part of dumb ass don't you understand the dome of the ass
What's your name
Where are you from
Where is my money
Why do you need my card
Why you got it on craigslist
Why you gotta put me on a video
Yeah give me your fucking manager
Yeah I got money in my pocket so you want to talk or what
Yeah i'm done you can talk to me
Yeah why do you telling people have butt head
Yeah you like to fuck me 'cause you can't get a woman you god damn piece of shit
You are retarded motherfucker
You don't know how you talking to buddy you did how you talking to
You don't know who the fuck is there don't you even got you at work
You don't need my bank information to give me a fucking price
You don't you don't like a mother fucker to try to just tell steal from me
You got a car on craigslist
You got the ford ranger
You just put that in there to be funny didn't you
You know grandpa to come down and beat your ass
You know what joke is right ju
You sound like God Damn charlatan to me!
You sound like you can india somewhere
You still talking
You sure you didn't run the speedometer bat
You think I didn't get all the god damn put out about
You trying to take advantage of an old man
Your and you're asking a twenty nine hundred four right