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Tiger King - Season 1

Tiger King - Season 1

"Tiger King" is not a movie or a song, but rather a captivating documentary series that was released on Netflix in 2020. This binge-worthy show delves into the weird and wild world of big cat owners in the United States, focusing primarily on the life and controversies surrounding Joe Exotic, also known as the Tiger King.

The first season of "Tiger King" introduces us to an eccentric cast of characters that could easily be mistaken for fictional creations. Joe Exotic, played by himself, is the flamboyant owner of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma. With his signature blonde mullet, flashy outfits, and a complex web of personal and legal issues, Joe Exotic quickly becomes the center of attention.

Another prominent figure in the series is Carole Baskin, played by herself. Carole is the owner of Big Cat Rescue, an animal sanctuary in Florida. Throughout the show, she becomes Joe Exotic's arch-nemesis as their bitter feud escalates, pitting them against each other in a battle for control over the exotic animal industry.

The rest of the cast is just as colorful and peculiar. Bhagavan "Doc" Antle, owner of Myrtle Beach Safari, is a self-proclaimed guru who attracts young women to work with him and his big cats. Jeff Lowe, a smooth-talking businessman, takes over Joe Exotic's zoo, only to find himself embroiled in his own legal troubles. Various other characters, such as Joe Exotic's husbands, park employees, and animal welfare activists, also contribute to the chaotic and captivating narrative.

"Tiger King" is not just about the outlandish personalities; it also delves into serious issues within the big cat industry. The show explores animal cruelty, illegal wildlife trafficking, and the lack of regulations surrounding private animal ownership, all of which add depth and substance to the series. As the episodes progress, the audience is constantly exposed to the darker side of this "zoo culture," leaving viewers both fascinated and disturbed.

The popularity of "Tiger King" skyrocketed shortly after its release, capturing the attention of millions worldwide. Fans and critics alike were drawn to the bizarre world depicted in the series, where every episode seemed to introduce a new twist or revelation. Memes and discussions about the show flooded social media platforms, making "Tiger King" an undeniable cultural phenomenon.

If you're curious about the sounds and music featured in "Tiger King," you can easily play and download them on various streaming platforms. The catchy theme song, "I Saw a Tiger," sung by none other than Joe Exotic himself, has become a viral sensation. The soundtrack also includes original songs performed by Joe Exotic and others that further immerse viewers into the show's peculiar universe.

In conclusion, "Tiger King" is a gripping and often shocking documentary series that takes viewers on a wild ride through the eccentric world of big cat owners. With its unforgettable cast of characters and exploration of serious issues, the show has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on popular culture. So, if you're looking for a captivating and unconventional glimpse into the world of animal enthusiasts, "Tiger King" is an absolute must-watch.

A complete and total publicity stunt.
A couple of days that van sat there.
A court date has not yet been set.
A cross country, traveling, high end hit man...
A derelict, rundown, backyard collection of 12 cats,
A good and noble fight to stop cub selling, cub petting,
A great guy. I called him when we moved here,
A green thumb for money,
A guy who worked for me shot him,
A hardcore predator.
A heavy minute.
A human being could experience.
A hundred dollars a week.
A hundred dollars a week.
A jacket for the date.
A judge has just declared Lewis dead
A little pussy gets you a lot of pussy. There you go...
A lot of documents, like legal documents and permits...
A lot of people don't believe that it's right
A lot of things happened during those five years.
A lot of things were moved around.
A million dollars from Joe was not real high,
A normal person would put "Upon my death," you know.
A regular baby tiger...
A scenario was thrown at me:
A week before the studio burned to the ground,
About 20 years ago.
About an hour ago, we had an incident
About his family, about anything.
About losing her arm,
About one mile behind the WinStar casino.
About taking out Carole Baskin
About two years  of reconstructive surgery."
About whether or not...
About wildlife trafficking in the United States,
Absolute joy of life.
Absolutely could not stand Don.
Acclimate them to social life with people...
According to them, it was like his Shaktipat.
Actually bought me, like, four or five different trucks.
After 30 years.
After I posted it, she paid five dollars for the person that took this photo,
After it was mauled by a tiger.
After that last crash.
After that,
After the kids came back
After they've been here for, like, five years or so,
Again, it's clearly an arson fire.
Ain't gonna work with me, so you need to find a new job.
Ain't nobody help me. Nobody.
Ain't nothin' wrong with it, man. I like my shit medium rare.
All he cared about was that he find a companion,
All he had to do was convince one juror.
All I did constantly was:
All I knew
All of your other hopes, wants, dreams and desires.
All right, I got 15 minutes, so we gotta get them cats loaded,
All right, I'll call you later.
All right, keep rolling, keep rolling.
All right.
All right.
All righty. I love you.
All the cats they bought, all the kittens they bred,
All the circumstantial evidence, somebody did something to Don.
All the text messages were given to the government.
All this was true, and frankly,
All through school, I was dating girls.
All went under his will, didn't it?
Alleged that Jeff Lowe not only knew about the plot to kill Carole Baskin,
Allen Glover, he's an old time employee of Jeff. Jeff knows him real well.
Allen wanted to take Joe out. He hated him that much.
Allen, Jeff Lowe's right hand man, he's a felon.
Also known as Joe Exotic,
Always wanted to say that.
Among a bunch of other bad things.
Among those that they are casting votes for,
An arsonist poured enough accelerant in there
And 24 before I left my husband.
And a couple t bone steaks,
And a few people got some karma coming.
And a limp, and he's bald,
And a look alike Carole walking along with him
And a tiger tore her arm off.
And actually, literally, raise them in your own house?
And all I did is like Jeff told me to do
And all of that,
And all that stuff incriminates him.
And all these people hated one another six months ago
And all you could see is the barrel of the gun.
And also, I got to sleep for a few days...
And amazingly, she held no bitter, ill feelings.
And any time anyone attacks her,
And apparently, they got their way.
And are going through the same rough time.
And as soon as he got the zoo in his name,
And at 19 years old, man,
And at the time, it sounded like a good idea.
And because he obviously knew about it,
And believe it or not,  them padlocks there on the side,
And burned the building down to the ground.
And by the idea of losing everything,
And by the time we did that,
And by the way, that is a penis. A horse penis.
And Carole could be,
And Carole was there.
And certainly that he did not give any money
And could last about two weeks.
And could take what I saw and witnessed and... and harm him with it.
And demanding the whole sum of money
And did I encourage him from time to time?
And did multiple interviews down in Costa Rica.
And did not answer it,
And did not answer it,
And didn't make it there.
And dig up that septic tank,
And do what he wants to do,
And Don Lewis stopped to see if he could help her
And Don started to tell me something.
And drive me out into a swamp,
And drive on.
And end their abuse of animals, we don't stop.
And even had an inkling
And even help feed the cats.
And every time he was in Costa Rica,
And every two weeks it's going up by thousands of dollars.
And everybody's trying to do this and that.
And everything he earned by himself and brought into this marriage by himself.
And fancy cars,
And fed him to the tigers and... crazy bitch out there
And feed him to the tigers so there's no evidence?
And found the skulls.
And fraudulent transfer to his mother,
And get him out of this business.
And get the money. Let's get the money.
And gets him into a position
And goes and spends all this money
And got a copy of one of the deeds, and I said,
And got in a plane and crashed it somewhere.
And had all this money... Blah, blah.
And had Joe
And had our area code and number that forwarded to him.
And had really damaged himself in one of them,
And handed them out, correct?
And have their picture made, then when I come in there
And he asks me if I would get in the car, and I told him no.
And he brought me a piece of paper.
And he came up the hill and goes, "Goddamn, Erik,
And he can't take it anymore.
And he decided that, as the king, he would protect the kingdom at all costs.
And he did a lot of things for me when I came out of prison.
And he did mention to me that he felt his life was in danger.
And he didn't have anything to lose, you know?
And he didn't like her spending his money.
And he does this all the time, he's probably in
And he filed counter claims to drag this out.
And he goes, "Pretty straight."
And he had signs up on the gift shop, he was gonna run for president in 2020.
And he has just recently retired.
And he left with a phone call, and he left out.
And he looked at it more as a business.
And he said, "Aww, man, this is a Ruger.
And he said, "Because God put me here  to make you smile, and that's my job."
And he said, "Look, they asked me to bring Joe a hit man,"
And he said, "Yeah, might as well go on home."
And he said, "You can hold this gun on me,
And he says, "Can you get me immunity?" I said, "I can't."
And he says, "I'll find somebody."
And he says, "I'm special agent Matt Brown, US Fish and Wildlife."
And he says, "They want to."
And he says, "Well, obviously you want  to watch the guy with the big one."
And he shipped out quite a few.
And he thought that, "Here’s my next victim."
And he took it.
And he was He would do anything I asked him to.
And he was all into that.
And he was drinking a lot, doing a lot of cocaine.
And he was hiding from everybody.
And he was like,  "You know, I don't need you.
And he was not satisfied until then.
And he was so devastated, and...
And he was trying to gather up anything he could get ahold of to sell.
And he would have "Carole" written on a name tag on it,
And he would take a dildo and be shoving it in her mouth.
And he...
And he'd come in and buy bullets, you know, like, every day damn near.
And he's footing the bill.
And he's gonna be 11 and a half feet tall.
And he's got to pay everybody to have sex with him.
And he's hurt bad.
And he's like, "Oh Okay! I like that!"
And he's like, "You can sit right here and then shoot her while she's riding."
And he's not even going to get fucking probation or nothing.
And he's the only man I've ever loved.
And help us rebuild the voice of you, the people,
And here is what he started using.
And his chain's not been cleaned properly,
And how are they gonna even go
And how big will this cat get?
And how many died because they didn't have any clue
And how should we set this thing up then, knowing our poor angles...
And how they used, like, principles of yoga to train animals.
And hundreds of animals.
And I actually like the way it turned out they did it.
And I already knew he was bat shit crazy from our conversations at Walmart.
And I am tall, tan, and beautiful.
And I convinced my dad to drive me down.
And I couldn't leave him, because of course I wanted to leave.
And I did not use the circular saw  on his neck. It was somebody else."
And I didn't like that at all.
And I don't know that happened, but...
And I don't know, but I would have hoped
And I don't think he was ever completely right
And I ended up spending the night with him.
And I find out later, John Finlay came out and said,
And I got the evidence,