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King Richard

King Richard

Title: King Richard: Unveiling the Human Spirit of Royalty

Year: 2021

Genre: Biographical Drama


Will Smith as Richard Williams
Aunjanue Ellis as Oracene Price
Jon Bernthal as Rick Macci
Saniyya Sidney as Venus Williams
Demi Singleton as Serena Williams
Tony Goldwyn as Paul Cohen
Susie Abromeit as Robin Finn
Jesse Williams as Kevin Kregel
Dylan McDermott as Petr Korda
Keith David as Earl Woods


"King Richard" is a compelling biographical drama film that takes viewers on an inspiring journey into the life of Richard Williams, the father and mentor behind tennis superstars Serena and Venus Williams. Released in 2021, the film delves into the extraordinary story of an ambitious and resilient man who overcomes numerous obstacles to help his daughters rise to tennis greatness.

"King Richard" depicts the early years of Richard Williams, played by the remarkable Will Smith, as he navigates challenges in Compton, California, to instill discipline, strong values, and unwavering faith in his daughters. The film shares the remarkable tale of how Richard, with his unwavering determination, passion, and unconventional coaching methods, propelled Serena and Venus towards their monumental tennis achievements.

Through heartfelt and powerful performances, Aunjanue Ellis portrays Oracene Price, Richard's ex-wife and mother to Serena and Venus. Together, they provide a steadfast support system for their daughters, displaying their fierce determination to protect and nurture their dreams.

Jon Bernthal portrays Rick Macci, the renowned tennis coach who recognizes the extraordinary potential in Serena and Venus. His encounter with Richard sets them off on a transformative journey, highlighting the family's relentless pursuit of excellence and recognition in the tennis world.

Saniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton deliver captivating performances as young Venus and Serena Williams, skillfully portraying their remarkable athletic talents, resilience, and the intense sibling bond that has shaped their journey.

Tony Goldwyn takes on the role of Paul Cohen, a powerful sports agent who assists the family in navigating the complexities of the tennis industry. Susie Abromeit plays Robin Finn, a former professional tennis player who plays a pivotal role in mentoring the young sisters and encouraging their development on the court.

Jesse Williams embodies Kevin Kregel, an influential sports reporter who chronicles the Williams sisters' endeavors while also playing a part in exposing Richard's unconventional coaching style to a wider audience.

Dylan McDermott portrays Petr Korda, a well-established tennis coach who insists on more traditional methods. Keith David resonates as Earl Woods, the father and mentor to golfing legend Tiger Woods, who recognizes Richard's approach as pioneering and unconventional.

With its powerful narrative and outstanding performances, "King Richard" invites audiences to be captivated by the story behind the Williams sisters' enduring legacy. A tale of perseverance, family bond, and the pursuit of greatness against all odds, the film celebrates the triumph of the human spirit and invites viewers to witness the indomitable spirit of King Richard.

Sounds from the movie "King Richard" can be played and downloaded here (insert link). The film's soundtrack, composed by (insert name of composer/band members), consists of captivating melodies that excellently complement the emotional depth and triumphant tone of the movie.

Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the extraordinary journey of King Richard in this awe-inspiring biographical drama that will leave you cheering for the untold stories of determination, family, and the pursuit of greatness.

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A basketball hoop.
A genius? A huckster? Tomorrow, we will finally see.
A L B U Q...
A little adversity. That's okay.
A little bit today.
A lot of people are excited to see
A lot of people get that wrong.
A lot of people say Nick the best.
A million dollars. Number one. The greatest of all time.
A three time Grand Slam champion,
A worry even her outspoken father...
About as dumb as the rest, but...
About how they walked three miles home.
About the time they met the two of you.
About what other folks is doing anyway.
After police showed up at her Coral Gables hotel room
Again. Go take a break.
Again. Sharp. Let's go. One, two, right there.
Against veteran players after so long away from competition.
Ah, finally.
Ah, you gotta be...
Ain't nobody making no fool outta you.
Ain't nothing she can't do."
All day long to get back to the middle,
All hoping to take home the $400,000 purse.
All of this for free, Richard,
All right, all right, all right, all right.
All right, all right, all right.
All right, all right. Hold on. Hold on.
All right, girls, let's go. Warm up slow.
All right, girls, meet at the net.
All right, good, 'cause I'm hungry.
All right, great job, girls.
All right, hold it right there.
All right, it's spoke.
All right, keep working. Cuz, it's on you.
All right, Paul, one second.
All right, Serena, why don't you start at forehand?
All right, V.
All right, Venus, serve it up.
All right, Venus, you're running a little late.
All right, well, just do that then.
All right, y'all can go ahead with yourself.
All right, you girls go pick 'em up.
All right?
All right?
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. All right.
All right. I got to get to work.
All right. I'll get you something to drink.
All right. Y'all wrote in your journals?
All the food here is for free.
All the hard work she done did for the last 10 years
All the talking and the interviews
All the way up to the sky.
All we need is a club for training,
All your other kids.
Also, my friend Patrick, he's from Nike,
Among them, 14 year old Venus Williams,
And accept the first offer that come through the door.
And all this is exciting,
And all you had to say was,
And available to you guys.
And break your back while you're at it?
And clinics, the whole deal.
And doing drugs and things.
And even if there were,
And get a chance to see some real good tennis players.
And guess what she just did?
And guess what? I'm scared.
And he start beating on me.
And he took off running.
And how to smoke a bitch ****a, too.
And I accidently touched his hand.
And I ain't had no daddy to stand in their way.
And I can't do that if you keep telling her to hit open.
And I carried you, too.
And I coach McEnroe.
And I don't even mind you saying we hard on these kids,
And I don't think he could beat her at all.
And I fixed Serena's serve because you messed that up.
And I just never wanted you to look up...
And I know I'm not supposed to say this,
And I look up and I see my father in the crowd,
And I seen them get this girl, uh, Virginia Ruzici,
And I think you're a pretty good coach.
And I'm not fooling with you. Go ahead. Go to your room.
And I'm not gonna hear no more about it now.
And I'm not gonna let you down.
And I'm sorry if you don't like that.
And introduce you to sponsors.
And it just got a lot better today.
And just her second professional match,
And kicking him as other officers look on.
And most of the time,
And not playing with you with your busted up feet.
And now everybody seem to know better than me.
And pick the balls and everything up?
And pretty much, they gonna be kids.
And reigning U.S. Open champion,
And right now, they need to just do what they're doing.
And run a train on her.
And see your daddy running away.
And she out here to work.
And she wanted to meet Venus, so, yeah.
And she, you know, she need to be playing matches,
And since I knew I had only made $52,000 all year,
And somebody has gotta, as hard as you're working 'em.
And spotlight of the professional tour
And stop all that bragging.
And suspected crack cocaine possession.
And that she deserves to be heard.
And that she deserves to be seen,
And that we were being rough with the girls,
And that's what I did with tennis, with the girls.
And the first African Americans
And the first day that I took Venus and Serena
And the nonsense.
And the number one seed,
And the whole world know it.
And then all your other kids showing up after that.
And then we can watch it together.
And then when the time is right,
And then, we only hit the net, like, twice.
And they gonna need to
And they needed to look.
And this child gonna be playing
And Venus don't wanna be poor, you know.
And Venus still whupped her anyway.
And Venus Williams,
And wants to talk to you about representation.
And we ask you to please,
And we believe that Venus can be bigger than both.
And we gonna compete.
And we think you'd be great.
And we wanna help you build it, starting today.
And we will no longer
And we'd like to help her do it.
And we'll help you carry that burden.
And we're still looking for a coach.
And we've been viewing it.
And welcome back to Oakland on a beautiful night
And what does that mean to you?
And when exactly is that gonna be, Richard?
And when I say she's not playing,
And when we pop it, we pop with extra butter, right?
And whether you wanna see it or not, I've done mine.
And without thinking, I said, "Just say no."
And you better be glad
And you did it with grace.
And you don't need to be worrying
And you don't think that that was a decision
And you gonna be the one gotta through that gate.
And you gonna buy as many beds as you want.
And you know what? You think they might be right.
And you're not concerned all that's holding them back?
And your experiences.
And, Serena, stop saying everything Venus say.
And, uh, a job for me on your staff.
And, uh, finally you get there like today and you find out,
And, uh, we have your tape, Tennis Our Way,
And, uh, you can see
And... And if you didn't grow up with the game, then...
Another dumb ****a.
Any of these old hills.
Appreciate it.
Arantxa Sanchez Vicario,
Arantxa Sanchez Vicario,
Arantxa Sanchez Vicario!
Are we a team?
Are we a team? We a... We a family.
Are you eating that?
Are you going after her?
As a chessboard made up of 228 shots.
As many times as anyone's ever won it.
As you notice, Vic,
Asking questions, things, and the such.
At all.
At least one hand on that wheel. Something.
At least they got them on tape this time.
At the club.
Attagirl, go!
Attagirl, V.
Back in them days,
Back. Centre. And back.
Bad sportsmanship.
Be requiring your services any more.
Beating a suspect with nightsticks
Because I am trying to get an A.
Because I believe it.
Because if I was staying here for you,
Because if you don't trust her to do that,
Because the way that you just played,
Because you're a killing machine.
Before a sold out crowd tonight.
Before she played a single pro match.
Before they was even born.
Before we came in.
Being number one is great, but fighting for
Best French fries in Florida.
Best of luck to you.
Best of three sets. Tiebreaks at six all.
Between the reigning French and U.S. Open champion,
Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills,
Big one, Venus. Little one, Serena.
Black folks weren't allowed to touch White peoples.
Boom, that's major league. Let's go. Fast feet.
Boom! Boom!
Boom! I like it. How about that?
Boy, did she wax me."
Brave? Explain how you mean.