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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Always OK that you just worry about feeling better as long as he's here you can't die
Hey he's the law outside this house just like i'm along inside this house and your body scotto painted focus oh look at you big man can't even afford to buy an air conditioner area family bitch
Honey i'm glad you discovered the feminine side but I didn't want you to forget about mine remember this remember oh my god that reminds me I gotta get myself a breast exam
How was your shower I tell you brian all the rumors about dropping the soap a true really yeah you can't hold on I think I save your life slipping all over the place guys will evan hey there's a gu...
I feel so naughty horse what are you doing either of us is drunk
I guess this is goodbye made you're the man of the family now be strong I guess i'm not gonna be here to see it become a man yes I think we all knew well that's going to be like
I remember you had an irish coffee the day we went to see philadelphia
It seems today that all you see is violence and movies and sex on TV
Make yourself at all death some going out for a little while hey wait wait you can't tell anyone i'm here for if humanity discovers i'm no longer lurking in the shadows consequences will be dire
Mister griffin on gloria iron box I represent one of your coworkers sarah bennett she saw in you and the company for sexual harrassment shara shara an ocean only videotape taken a dump
Mom can I turn the heat up all don't touch the thermostat meg 's father gets effect come on this thing up to ninety
Mom dad I found cigarettes and great jacket smoking cigarettes when is lying there's no doubt about that greg i'm afraid your punishment will be four hours in the snippet and that'll give you some ...
Nice finish your pancakes press elbows off your father restaurant thirty seven beers are you setting a great example for the kids data from roger
Oh my god you got spiders quite quite the machine how do you know about the machine that don't worry center father still gonna put food on this table just not as much so I might get a little compet...
OK OK how many dirty stinking eggs does it take to screw in a light bulb
Pina westrans I love you see home or so normally those two hands back I don't have any hands for poker shirts on I need an adult I need to go here
Please brian like I don't know I mean I don't even know where my papers are right you get the money some other way but we haven't trying that's why I went on a game show
Promise me peter was honey I promise not to grow about tall is going to touch these lips tonight hey who wants to play prince the beers right here you win I win
Right now I want you boys to scream real loud at my ass
Smoking has a boy like that so wrong
Something smells good homemade cinnamon buns fresh from the tube messages I love you like something from what the hell are you doing you crazy said these are cheer brian up cinnamon buns are his fa...
That was the one who said that i'm starving I wanna sandwich
The couple has written their own vows which they will now recite to each other I ain't the only reason I got myself arrested was to find out what happened to my sister excuse me ladies it's laundry...
This doesn't look very good oh this doesn't look very good at all my my nephew drew my portrait it doesn't look anything like me look at the nose it's all about peter kay OK mister griffin all your...
Yeah listen don't help her anything i'm totally fine damn irish
You said guy who's gonna date me the father son dan listen i've had a good life and you can always be proud of your father and all of his accomplishments what accomplishments go to your room
You see theater I hangover is nature 's way of telling you I was right I mean you