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Ah gay
Alright buddy hey are you Alfred Hitchcock yeah like that one dick hurts sorry I'm already drunk
Are you crazy?
As beautiful as an HBO minority fairy tale
At what was going on
Aw crap
Bam bam bam and then she saw oh yeah oh yeah bam bam bam
Calm down
Easy now
Everything I say is a lie except at
Ha ha ha.
Ha ha ha.
Hey hey hey stop it
Hey it's peter which going at buddy
Hi i'm peter griffin
Hi i'm peter griffin
I am now peter griffin certified CPR
I don't I can't
I don't want to talk to you about something
I haven't brushed my teeth in three days and no one has said nothing
I just thought you might want some extra semen on your air on your poop deck
I shun
I walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table I looked with a grimace at the questionable meal lois had placed in front of me of course i'd never tell her how disgusted I was with her cooking...
Idea peter griffin my friends call me peter for short
If by read you mean imagine the naked lady then yes
Let's mac and I are heritage is your ******* get good with money i'm irish I drink and I ban homosexuals for marching in my parade
Like gary the no trash cougar says give a lovage throw out your garbage spread away
Love you
Maybe it's because I can recite all fifty states in a quarter of a second
My name is peter and i'll be your nipple
My wife 's got a headache dish big it's like from the commercial dis big only it's my junk
No I quit drinking I think I might be in alcohol
No no no well yeah they they they yeah yeah then then
No problem
O'shea salesman
Oh no go ahead and cook anyway lawson will throw it out and I want to give russkie
Oh oh what was the point of all that all it does is shoot here it doesn't make breakfast at all AH
Pam pam pam pam pam
Pete peter my name is peter
Peter Griffin From Family Guy Sounds Sound
Peter Griffin From Family Guy Sounds Sound
Peter Griffin From Family Guy Sounds Sound
Pluto 's bag
The mouse got printer we can't feel feelings anymore
This is what god would come up he had to stop doing blow
Wait a minute
We want a cleveland steamer
Welcome home you son of a bitch
Well sarah while I may not agree with what you say i'll defend to the death your right to say it
What the hell is wrong with you
Will be about as much fun as a lecture on ontological empiricism
Yeah yeah I know you're a feminist and I think that's adorable but this is grown up time and i'm the man
Yeah you're going to be OK
You bastard
You better watch your colon a child lois because if i'm a child and you know what that makes you a pedophile and i'll be damned if i'm gonna stand here and be lectured by a pervert
You filthy stinky prostitute
You got it
You know what really grinds my gears this lindsay lohan lindsay lohan with all his little outfits jumping around here on stage half naked would would be a little outfits you know european jumping a...
Your foul venereal disease carrying streetwalking whore